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The Ultimate Digestion Support Supplement for Dogs

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Improves Stool Quality & Firmness

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Enhances Immune System & Overall Health

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Reduces Gas, Stool Odor & Bad Breath

Health Starts in The Gut

Every dog parent wants the best for their dog. For many, that starts with a high quality food. But, a dog’s ability to take in nutrients is dependent on a healthy digestive system. That’s why we say, “Health Starts in the Gut.”

A healthy, balanced gut microbiome is so important for dogs. Without it, your dog may be more susceptible to disease, infection or other health risks.

Many products try to help with gut health. We wanted (and needed) the best for our boy, who was having some unpleasant challenges.

We found that the best solution required more than one product. Each supplement targeted a different part of Bernie’s problem. Mixing and serving these to him was difficult. Some were powders, others would stick to the food dish. Also, he often didn’t like one or more of the flavors. Things were not working out so well.

That’s how our journey started, and why we now offer Bernie’s Perfect Poop. We worked with research teams to develop a unique formula for our 4-in-1 gut health supplement. It’s easy to serve, only requires one product, and it works.

We know what you are going through with your dog (we’ve been there). That’s why we hope you’ll try Perfect Poop risk free, using our 100% money-back guarantee.

Perfect Poop is all-natural and the ultimate digestion support for dogs. Maximize your dog’s gut health with a few scoops in each meal. Seriously, Bernie doesn’t know it’s good for him. He just knows it tastes good and he feels his best.

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Loved by Dogs & Their Parents

Complete 4-in-1 Formula

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What Makes Perfect Poop Better?

High-Quality Ingredients

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Grain Free

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Gluten Free

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Made in the USA

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Made in the USA

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Easy To Use, Very Efficient

  • Stop buying separate supplements; save time and money by buying one formula that combines them all.
  • Solid grass bits mix in well with your dog’s food or can be served as a topper.
  • No more powders stuck at the bottom of the bowl or floating in the air.
  • Serving size varied based on weight – One bag will last a 50lb dog a little over a month.
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Dogs Love The Taste

  • Let’s be honest – fiber isn’t normally tasty to dogs or humans, but dogs love the natural cheddar or chicken flavor of Bernie’s.
  • If your pet doesn’t love it, send back the bag and we’ll refund your purchase; We stand behind our product.
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Bernie's High-Fiber Formula is Comprehensive, Unique & Effective

Bernie's Perfect Poop is unique because it combines all four necessary digestion ingredient types (fiber, prebiotics, probiotics & enzymes) into a single high-fiber formulation. A properly functioning digestive system needs all four of these ingredients to thrive. Most other products lack the full combination in the necessary amount.

Plus, Bernie's uses all-natural Miscanthus fiber which is proven to be highly beneficial for dogs and is great for the environment.

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Miscanthus Grass is an all natural nutritional fiber specifically grown for pets. It is highly beneficial for gut health, sustainable and grown in the United States.

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We are the only product with a "grass bit" formulation. Grass bits mix in well with your dogs current food, but are still big enough that your dogs will eat them. No more messy powders stuck at the bottom of the bowl.

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Our hardy spore-forming probiotics actually survive your dogs strong stomach acid to reach your dog's gut. They also survive while on the shelf whereas many commonly used strains die off.

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100% Natural Miscanthus Grass is the Ultimate Fiber for Dogs

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Grain & Gluten Free


Purposely grown without herbicides or pesticides


High in dietary and insoluble fiber with natural prebiotics


Grown by small Midwestern farms in the USA


Carbon Negative – Captures CO2 in the soil!

Feeding Instructions

Bernie’s Perfect Poop is designed to be added to every meal.

1. Start slow.

Looks can be deceiving – Bernie’s Perfect Poop is extremely potent!

Slowly introduce to your dog’s current diet over a week.

Start with 1/4 the recommended serving size and gradually build up from there.

The healthy ingredients may take your dog time to adjust to and can take days to weeks to show benefits.

Also remember to split equally between every meal (don’t skip meals) and avoid any other dietary changes until after the adjustment process.

2. Potential temporary side effects.

Probiotics are beneficial live microorganisms that can populate and alter your dog’s microbiome in favor of a healthier gut flora. With this change it’s possible your dog may experience temporary side effects including gas, diarrhea, rash, vomiting or even loose stools. These symptoms will subside as your dog’s microbiome becomes accustomed to a new and healthier gut flora.

While rare, if you experience any of these temporary side effects, we recommend cutting the amount you are serving to just a few grass bits per meal and slowly building up from there. As long as your dog is doing well, you can increase the dosage each day.

3. Stick with it.

Once adjusted, we are confident that your dog will feel healthier and happier than before with a regular and consistent stool. 

Dogs who experience temporary side effects are those that often need Perfect Poop the most.

Serving Size

Infographic: Serving sizes.

Also Remember

  • Mix in or on top of your pets standard food
  • Always provide a clean fresh source of water
  • Split serving size equally between meals
  • Use daily or as needed
  • For healthy non-pregnant adult dogs. Stop usages if any adverse reactions and consult your veterinarian
  • This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Store in a Cool, Dry Place
  • Use Within 90 Days of Opening

Bernie’s Real!

He’s a Real Bernese Mountain Dog from Austin, Texas

We created Perfect Poop to help Bernie stay healthy (and also to make our lives easier).

Over time we realized that various supplements made Bernie healthier, but we got sick of the cost and hassle of buying four separate supplements and opening four bottles every meal.

Plus, some of the supplements came in powder form that was messy and wasteful – much of it would stick to the bowl and not get eaten.

Perfect Poop solves all these problems into a cost effective solution.

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