Is Your Dog’s Rear Running? How Do I Firm Up My Dog’s Stool?

Dec 13, 2021

RUH-ROH! Your dog’s bum is leaking! Dog diarrhea is not just gross, it’s a sign that something isn’t right in your best friend’s gut. If you’re asking, “How do I firm up my dog’s stool?” you are in the right place! We have all the tips you need to help dog diarrhea disappear and solid, perfect dog poop to take its place!

Soft and gooey, oh so ewwwwwwy! Why does dog diarrhea happen?

No one likes it when their dog has soft stool. It’s ooey and gooey and a mess for both you and your dog. Imagine picking up your dog’s poop on the street…

What is it that makes our dogs pass soft stools? Why do we have to look at how to firm up dog poop?

To answer this, we need to know what exactly happens in your dog’s gut as he digests his food.

From his first bite, your dog’s teeth tear and crush his food. He starts to produce digestive enzymes that will later break down his food, and his salivary enzymes will work on killing any bacteria it comes across and then it goes down his esophagus.

As it goes down, it’s in chunks and pieces, and your dog’s stomach acids are waiting to break those chunks and pieces into smaller pieces so the nutrients can be absorbed.  A dog’s stomach acids are about three times as strong as a human’s, and so they’re pretty good at breaking down even food that is wholly intact.

As it’s digested and broken down and nutrients are absorbed by your dog, the waste and leftover continues through the digestive system on its way to his rectum. The waste (or poop) takes its final trip through and pops out when your dog takes a squat.

If optimal digestion has occurred, and your pup’s gut is healthy, that looks like those fun little swirls of poop we all giggle at.

But if that’s not the case, your dog can struggle from gastro issues like constipation and ugh–diarrhea.

Dog diarrhea: What causes loose stool in dogs?

If your dog has diarrhea, there are many things that can be causing it. Maybe they got into the garbage or ate some  spoiled food or dead animals. Vets actually call this “Garbage Toxicosis” or “Garbage Gut.”

Maybe they’re eating different dog foods and their gut is adapting to it. That’s the reason many dog food manufacturers recommend changing your pet’s diet gradually and slowly to help guts acclimate properly.

Maybe they have been eating too much fatty foods recently.

Maybe they’ve got a food intolerance or an allergy or even a weak immune system that has a hard time allowing their digestive system to work properly.

Maybe he’s been on a course of medicine that’s killing his gut flora and preventing the good bacteria from doing its job in dog’s digestive system.

Whatever it is, though, it’s usually a sign that the gut is unhealthy.  Sure, your dog may have diarrhea because he’s suffering from things like inflammatory bowel disease, kidney and liver disease, or dealing with parasites, viruses, or bacterial infections that cause him to be sick, or even dealing with cancer, and you’ll want to rule those out if diarrhea continues and you continue having a hard time firming up dog stool.

Likely, though…it’s an unhealthy gut and you need to help him balance it ASAP.

I’ve gotta know now! How to firm up dog’s stool?

When your dog has loose stool, the best way to start helping firm up dog poop is to make sure he’s getting enough fiber. And we mean good, quality fiber. Fiber intake will help bulk his poop up because one of its main jobs as it goes through the digestive tract is to absorb excess liquid…this is what causes the runs in dogs. You want to make sure your dog has both insoluble and soluble fiber because he needs to have food go through his system at just the right speed (soluble fiber does this) and just the right consistency (insoluble fiber helps this) for optimal nutrient absorption.

The next step in making sure your dog’s gut is healthy is ensuring he has the right balance of beneficial bacteria in his gut. Probiotics are the helpful bacteria in your dog’s gut, and when there are plenty of them, and they’re fed well by the addition of prebiotics, they’ll get rid of bad bacteria that can cause leaky gut, colitis and diarrhea.

You also want to be sure that your dog has a sufficient amount of enzymes that aid digestion to break his food down as well as it can be. The more it’s broken down into smaller pieces, the better it is for nutrient absorption. This helps your dog’s gut be healthier and that prevents fewer diarrhea bouts.

High quality, meat-based diet that contains sufficient digestible protein can also help your dog to have normal bowel movements and decrease passing loose stools.

Bernie’s Perfect Poop: The most delicious way to firm up your dog’s poop

The best news there is when it comes to helping your dog form a solid stool is that Bernie’s Perfect Poop adds ALL of those necessary elements into one delicious combination of grass bits.

Perfect Poop combines Miscanthus grass, pumpkin and flaxseed so that your dog gets the perfect amount of insoluble and soluble fiber supplements he needs to bulk up his stool and perfect his poop. That soluble to insoluble ratio of premium fiber also helps your dog’s microbiome be more balanced, which is key for firming up dog poop.

Additionally, as we said, pre- and probiotics are key to helping your dog’s intestinal flora / digestive tract and microbiome be balanced.  Bernie’s Perfect Poop has Inulin which is a fertilizer to feed all the helpful bacteria and ensure they thrive. It also has Xylooligosaccharides (say that 3 times fast!), or XOS. This XOS is clinically shown to improve gut health  and keeps your best friend’s gut in the healthy, balanced state it should be.

The digestive enzymes in Bernie’s Perfect Poop are what round it out, and ensure that your dog’s food is broken down to the size it needs to be for maximum nutrient absorption. This means there’s less waste, and that includes the ooey, gooey diarrhea no one wants to deal with.

Good dog gut health: The key to firm dog poop

The key to firm dog stool starts with your dog’s gut health. A healthy gut typically proves itself with a healthy butt (and the things that come from it). If you’re looking for how to firm up your dog’s stool, give them Bernie’s Perfect Poop! Thousands of dog parents just like you have found relief for their dogs (and themselves) and you can too!

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