Dog Slow Digestion

Bernie’s Perfect Poop helps battle slow digestion in dogs

When your dog suffers from slow digestion, their digestive system is not functioning properly. How can Bernie’s Perfect Poop help?

  • Good dog gut health is important for your dog’s nutrient absorption and overall health. If your dog suffers from slow digestion, she’s not getting all the important from the food you’re feeding her. Slow digestion can lead to painful constipation, vomiting, diarrhea and more in your dog. Bernie’s helps get the digestive system moving again.
  • A good, healthy dog gut moves food at the right rate and this helps prevent constipation and slow digestion in your dog. The perfect combination of Miscanthus grass, pumpkin and flaxseed in Bernie’s gives your dog the fiber they need to balance the movement of food through their digestive tract.
  • Bernie’s Perfect Poop also combines prebiotics and probiotics to balance your dog’s gut microbiome. If your dog’s gut is imbalanced, they can suffer from things like Crohn’s Disease, fecal impaction, medication side effects and more. That can lead to dog slow digestion. The prebiotics and probiotics in Bernie’s battle for optimal dog gut health.
  • Every cell of your dog’s body needs nutrients. The combination of enzymes in Bernie’s breaks your dog’s food down and helps the digestive system get nutrition to all your dog’s organs. This helps prevent illness and slow digestion in your dog.
  • Bernie’s Perfect Poop is a 4-in-1 combination of fiber, prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes. Good dog gut health is the key to a happier, healthier life for your dog. Bernie’s helps balance the digestive tract and provide a better gut microbiome. Most illness starts or stems from the gut, and Bernie’s can help ward off illness and problems like dog slow digestion.

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What other pet parents say

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Bernie’s has helped my Cavaliers regulate their digestion so much better than any other product we have used. It is the perfect addition to home cooking for dogs. Read the advice and go slow! You will not be disappointed. – HyD.

My dog has several health issues that affected her digestion and this has worked wonders! I’ve also noticed an increase in her energy levels and over all health improvement. She’s better able to degest her food and her medication stays down when before she sometimes threw it up. –Amaz C. 

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What is dog slow digestion?

Slow digestion in dogs is when there is a feeling that something is stuck in the stomach, or when food or foreign objects are stuck in the stomach and the digestive system can’t help the stomach empty like it should.

If one part of your dog’s digestive system is not working correctly, a whole host of other issues with other organs involved in the digestion process pop up. One of these dysfunctions of the digestive tract can cause back-up in your dog, and lead to the feeling or condition of dog slow digestion or stuck stomach.

Symptoms may include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Feelings of fullness
  • Bloating
  • Burping
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Exhaustion
  • Diarrhea

Common causes of slow digestion

When your dog eats, their food starts a long journey through the digestive tract. As in humans, the digestive tract of your dog is not a direct line from their mouth to their anus. Twists and turns along the way, many of which involve more than one organ playing crucial roles for digestion, can sometimes lend themselves to a back-up.

Possible causes of dog slow digestion Can Perfect Poop help?
Gastroparesis (intestinal muscles don’t function as they should) Yes
Conditions of the small intestines: foreign bodies, Crohn’s disease, cancer, etc. Yes
Medications: anesthetics, narcotics, anti-mobility drugs (used to control diarrhea) Yes
Hital Hernia
Foreign body stuck in the stomach (common in young dogs curious to eat everything)
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If you suspect that your dog has slow digestion or you are witnessing any or a combination of the symptoms above, please consult with your veterinarian. If something is lodged in the stomach or obstructing the stomach from emptying, it could be extremely dangerous for your dog. Sometimes the stomach itself can be strangulated and not able to empty properly. The symptoms may seem fairly basic at first, but if left untreated, they’ll become more severe and more dangerous for your dog.

More information about slow digestion in dogs

There’s no doubt about it; good dog gut health means that you have a healthier digestive tract. The healthier your dog’s digestive tract is, the healthier their body is. Dogs with balanced dog guts may have better long-term health and less risk for disease or illness that may cause things like slow digestion.

Fiber may help with dog slow digestion.

Depending on what is causing dog slow digestion, fiber may be very beneficial. Fiber aids in keeping the digestive tract functioning properly and moving things through your dog’s digestive system. The right combination of soluble and insoluble fiber may prevent things like constipation, diarrhea, and the like. When your dog suffers from slow digestion because of a fecal impaction or fecal blockage, fiber can be a great way to aid in moving things along and eliminating that impaction, or at the very least, preventing an impaction. Fiber bulks up the stool and allows it to move through the digestive tract at a regular rate and help reduce slow digestive opportunities.

Prebiotics and probiotics may help with dog slow digestion.

Prebiotics and probiotics are wonderful supplements that aid in helping create good dog gut health. They balance out the digestive tract’s bacteria and microbiome. Inulin is the prebiotic in Bernie’s Perfect Poop, and it acts as a fertilizer to feed the good bacteria in the lower digestive tract. When the good bacteria get the proper nutrition, they thrive. When they thrive, the gut becomes more balanced and functions properly. Probiotics are the good bacteria in the gut. When we add good bacteria through supplementation, we help achieve good dog gut health with thriving , healthy bacteria that pushes bad bacteria out. When the gut is balanced, your dog’s food is able to travel through the digestive tract unobstructed because. This is because the gut isn’t inflamed and stool moves through at the appropriate speed.

Enzymes may help with dog slow digestion.

Enzymes help the digestive tract break down the foods that your dog eats. Your dog’s digestive system is detailed and involves several organs. The healthier that system, the better your dog’s nutrient absorption will be. This will be because food is broken down well enough for nutrients to be absorbed and not contribute to stool blockages or illnesses that may cause slow digestion.

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Other ways to help

  • Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise
  • Feed smaller meals many times a day
  • Prevent your dog from digesting unsafe items: rocks, sticks, toxic foods
  • Limit ‘table treats’
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