Our Family’s Story

Why we started Bernie’s Best

Photo of Bernie, Lady and the kids.

Bernie’s Best was founded by Jim & Christie Finnigan to address the need for a safe, comprehensive and healthy digestion support supplement for dogs that also makes life better for dog parents. The company’s namesake and motivation is Bernie, their 3-year-old Bernese Mountain dog. After experiencing the benefits of probiotics themselves, Jim and Christie began to serve Bernie a probiotic for his general health. Over time they also added fiber and enzymes supplements to help solve specific digestions issues Bernie was having. Bernie was feeling great, but Jim & Christie became frustrated with the cost, hassle and mess of having to buy and mix multiple single-ingredient digestive supplements. That’s when Jim and Christie decided to create their own comprehensive product that addresses the full spectrum of dog digestions needs into one, easy to use product.

Their journey began with hours of research and development in the family kitchen and was fueled by the guidance of Ph.D. veterinary science researchers, formulation gurus and ingredient experts. The result is an optimal combination natural fibers, prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes that promote healthy digestion, the foundation of a healthier dog.

“We set out to create the best supplement possible that addresses the common needs of our dog Bernie and the problems we as pet parents had with existing products.“ said Jim Finnigan. “We’ve sourced the highest quality ingredients from tested and trusted suppliers to create a digestion support product our customers can be 100% confident in. Our primary ingredient (sun cured miscanthus fiber) is relatively new to the market, but has shown amazing results in university studies. It’s also extremely high in insoluble fiber, environmentally friendly, naturally processed, and grown by local Midwest farmers. We’re confident that our formulation offers the ultimate digestion support for dogs.”

Jim and Christie are proud of their unique product and look forward to helping dogs all over the world live healthier and happier lives.

Bernie’s Best is headquartered in Austin, TX and works with accredited suppliers throughout the US to produce the very best in ultimate digestion support products for dogs. Member APPA.

Bernie’s story

It was embarrassing when my parents had to wipe watery poop off my fluffy butt. Gross! This ended when they added fiber, prebiotic, probiotic and enzyme supplements to my meals. Plus, I started to feel great and stopped passing gas around the house!

After my parents got tired of mixing up a concoction of expensive and messy powders for every meal they combined all the good stuff into Bernie’s Perfect Poop. I love it since it tastes like cheddar cheese and my gut is so healthy that I can drink lake water and not get the runs

Take it from me – you and your dog will love it!

Bernie F.

Illustration: Bernie says,