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Bernie & Science Medal illustration.

The Best For Bernie

Our first priority is making all our products the best for our real dog Bernie.

Icon for Unique & Better.

Unique & Better

Each product is intentionally designed to be unique & better in some way: form factor, novel ingredients, and additional benefits.

Icon for Support Lifelong Vitality.

Support Lifelong Vitality

All our products are intentionally designed with secondary benefits to support lifelong vitality and overall health.

Icon for Tasty.

Simple, Tasty & Easy-To-Serve

Designed to make life easy for you and fun for your dog.  We use these products with Bernie.  He needs to like it and we have to enjoy using it.

We Sweat the Science

We dive deep into the science and only put the best in Bernie’s.

Icon for Science Based.

Science-Based Ingredients

We only include the most effective ingredients we’ve researched that address your dog’s specific health needs.

Icon for Caring People.

Made by Dog-Obsessed Pet Parents

Our team cares about dogs, sometimes as much or more than people. We want every dog to live their best and longest life.

Icon for Deep Science.

Deep Science Backgrounds

Bragging rights and credibility: from Animal Science, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, to Biology, we’re not afraid to break the mold. Other companies sell products based on what markets well, but these products are often based on outdated science. We base our product formulas on the latest veterinary research and innovative ingredients to provide cutting-edge health products that are effective in keeping your dog healthy and happy.

Illustration of Bernie holding a lab flask.
Illustration of Bernie examining ingredients.

Clean, Trusted & Safe

All-natural and free of toxic colorings means you can have confidence that you are giving your family the best.

The Best Ingredients

Icon for All Natural.

All Natural

Icon for Rooted in Science.

Rooted in Science

Icon for No Artificial Flavors.

No Artificial Flavors

Icon for No Artificial Colors.

No Artificial Colors

Grown & Made the Right Way

Icon for GMP Compliant Facility.

GMP Compliant Facility

Icon for SQF Facility.

SQF Certified Facility

Icon for Independent Lab Testing.

Independent Lab Quality Testing

Icon for Made in USA.

Made in USA

Something Worth Woofing About

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Illustration of Bernie flying an airplane.

Improve their Quality of Life
With Solutions That Work

Charming Chompers
Healthy Hips
Marvelous Mobility
Perfect Poop
Package of Charming Chompers.

Bernie's Charming Chompers

Our dental chew cleans teeth, freshens breath & boosts the oral-gut microbiome.

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Package of Healthy Hips.

Bernie's Healthy Hips

Hip and Joint Supplement+ for pain and mobility.

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Package of Marvelous Mobility.

Bernie's Marvelous Mobility

Maintains comfort & healthy activity.

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Package of Perfect Poop.

Bernie's Perfect Poop

Daily supplement with unique 4-in-1 formula for digestion support.

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Bernie driving a truck loaded with Bernie's Best products.
Collage of photos of dog parents and their dogs.
Illustration of a heart shape.

Loved By Dogs & Their Parents

Selection of photos of moms hanging out with their dogs.

Bernie’s Our Inspiration

We only give him the best. All our products are designed to keep him as healthy as possible.

We couldn’t find anything on the market that both addressed the problem in hand like runny poop and also contributed to lifelong vitality. We were sick of the cost and hassle of buying a bunch of separate supplements and opening so many bottles every meal. Plus, some of the supplements came in powder form that was messy and wasteful – much of it would stick to the bowl and not get eaten. The whole experience inspired us create something better for Bernie. We sought out the best natural ingredients with special super-powers, backed by research, and rooted in science. This approach became the foundation for all of our products.

Signature of Christie & Jim.
Photo of Bernie with his mom and dad.
Illustration of Bernie holding a megaphone.

Bernie’s Promise

Icon for Growl-Free Guarantee.

Growl-Free Guarantee

If your dog isn’t wagging it’s tail for some reason, let us know and we will give you your money back.

Icon for Woof-Worthy Service.

Woof-Worthy Service

US-Based Phone, Live Chat, Email Support. We’re here to help.

Icon for Flavor Swap.

Free Flavor Swap

Some dogs are pickier than others, we get it. If your dog isn’t a fan of flavor, we’ll send you a different flavor to try at no charge.

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