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Bernie’s Perfect Poop helps dogs improve their immunity

Photo of Bernie's Perfect Poop grass bits up close.Research continues to link good gut health with improved immunity, which is also the case for your dog. How can Bernie’s Perfect Poop improve immunity in your dog?

  • Good dog gut health is vital for your dog’s overall wellbeing. Food and diet play considerable roles in your dog’s immunity. If he’s not able to digest and absorb all the food you’re giving him, his immunity may suffer. Bernie’s helps your dog digest food better, have a balanced gut, and offers better overall immunity.
  • Sometimes food can be hard for your dog to digest. This means it goes slower through your dog’s digestive system, and as it does, it allows toxins to remain in your dog’s digestive tract. This affects your dog’s immune system. Quality fiber helps your dog digest his food and move it through efficiently and in the appropriate time. The perfect combination of Miscanthus grass, pumpkin and flaxseed in Bernie’s gives your dog the fiber they need to help move toxins through their body.
  • Bernie’s Perfect Poop also combines prebiotics and probiotics to balance your dog’s gut microbiome. Plain and simple, if your dog’s gut is imbalanced, harmful bacteria take over and your dog’s immune system suffers. The prebiotics and probiotics in Bernie’s encourage optimal dog gut health and keep your dog’s immune system the strongest it can be.
  • Every cell of your dog’s body needs nutrients to fuel the immune system. The combination of enzymes in Bernie’s breaks your dog’s food down more efficiently, allowing better nutrient absorption and better gut health. That means your dog’s immune system will be better too.
  • Bernie’s Perfect Poop is a 4-in-1 combination of fiber, prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes. Good dog gut health is the key to a happier, healthier life for your dog. More and more research links good dog gut health with strengthened immunity. Bernie’s helps balance the digestive tract and provide a better gut microbiome. Better dog gut health means better immunity and overall health for your dog.

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Just follow these guys’ directions, and this product will work wonders for your dog’s digestion! It worked for my 16-years old dog… he no longer strains to go, and he does number 2 like a healthy younger pup. He enjoys the taste, and he eats his food with Bernie’s in it like he’s been missing this product all along…it was just what he needed for a healthy colon and bowel movement. — Onyx86

He used to wake up in the middle of the night sometimes multiple times and have explosive diarrhea, since adding this to his diet, hasn’t happened once and all his poops are solid, which also used to be a rare occurrence. Love Bernie’s Best Poop, made by Berner a very happy and healthy boy! — Maria H.

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What is weak immunity in dogs?

Simply put, when your dog’s gut flora is out of balance, his immunity is not as strong as it can be. The term ‘probiotics’ originally comes from the Greek word that means ‘for life.’ That’s because when your dog’s microflora in their digestive tract is healthy, they are able to have stronger immunity to protect themselves from illness and disease.

Your dog’s largest immune barrier in their body is their gastrointestinal tract. Making sure the gut health is as balanced and full of healthy bacteria is the way to keep your dog’s immune system the strongest and healthiest it can be. Aiding their digestion and nutrient absorption boosts their overall health and immunity.

The symptoms of weak immunity in dogs include:

  • Slow wound healing
  • Frequent infections
  • Digestive troubles
  • Lack of appetite
  • Poor growth
  • Lethargy
  • Weight loss

Causes of poor immunity in dogs

Some dogs may have hereditary predispositions to autoimmune disorders and weak immunity. Generally speaking, though, poor immunity in dogs stems from their gut. When your dog is not digesting food properly, and not getting the nutrients their various body systems need to perform efficiently, their gut will suffer. They will not be able to properly feed and grow beneficial bacteria in their gut and yeast and harmful bacteria will run rampant. The excess harmful bacteria impairs their body’s ability to care for and repair itself, and leads to poor immunity. This will cause an imbalance of bacteria, and poor immunity.

Possible causes of poor immunity Can Perfect Poop help?
Poor digestion Yes
Poor nutrient absorption Yes
Lack of fiber Yes
Yeast overgrowth Yes
Gut bacteria imbalance Yes
Lymphadenopathy Yes
Irritable bowel disease Yes
Excessive antibiotic use Yes
Allergies Yes
Hereditary disorder
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If your dog has poor immunity, you’re probably taking him to the vet fairly often for one kind of infection or another. Maybe you’re just trying to figure out why he doesn’t have the energy to play as much, or can’t fully heal from wounds he seems to get all the time. You want to make sure your dog’s food is full of nutrition, and that he’s able to digest everything properly and he’s absorbing all the nutrients you’re feeding him. Ensuring he’s getting all he needs from what he’s fed is key to good immunity.

More information about dog immunity

Good dog gut health is vital to the overall health of your dog. When your dog’s immune system isn’t functioning properly, your dog is at risk of infection and disease like diabetes, arthritis and cancer. If your dog’s gut is healthy, their immune system will also be healthy, keeping them in your life for that much longer.

Fiber may help with poor immunity

Fiber helps battle a poor immune system because it aids your dog’s digestive system and keeps everything moving properly through the system. When your dog has the right fiber intake, their balanced microbiomes are capable of producing enough helpful bacteria to fight illness and disease. The right combination of insoluble and soluble fiber helps prevent upset stomach, lethargy and poor immunity, and it also keeps your dog’s gut ready to fight any offensive and overgrown yeast bacteria that attack your dog’s immune system.

Prebiotics and probiotics may help with a poor immune system in dogs

Prebiotics and probiotics are critical supplements to helping your dog’s gut health be at its best. Prebiotics and probiotics balance your dog’s digestive tract bacteria and microbiome and keep the perfect amount of illness-fighting bacteria in. The prebiotic in Bernie’s is Inulin, which acts as a fertilizer to feed the good bacteria in your dog’s lower digestive tract. When the good bacteria in your dog’s digestive tract gets the right nutrition, they thrive and keep your dog’s gut healthy and balanced. A balanced gut full of good bacteria is the most significant immunity builder you can offer your dog.

Probiotics are the good bacteria in your dog’s gut. Adding that good bacteria through supplementation helps achieve good dog gut health by pushing harmful bacteria out. When the good bacteria get the proper nutrition, they thrive. When we add good bacteria with Bernie’s, we help achieve good dog gut health and strengthened immunity with a thriving, healthy microbiome.

Enzymes may help with a weak immune system in dogs

Enzymes in Bernie’s Perfect Poop will help your dog’s digestive tract break food down better. Your dog’s digestive system is detailed and involves several organs. Each one is pivotal to the health and wellbeing of his immune system. The healthier that system, the better your dog’s digestion and immunity will be. This means fewer infections and better overall health for him.

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Other ways to help

  • Make sure your dog is well-hydrated
  • Feed quality foods
  • Ensure lots of exercise
  • Seek natural alternatives to antibiotics
  • Consider supplementing Vitamin D
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