Dog Diarrhea

Bernie’s perfect poop helps battle bad diarrhea in dogs

Photo of Bernie's Perfect Poop grass bits up close. When your dog suffers from diarrhea, it’s a mess for you and probably pretty awkward and uncomfortable for him. How can Bernie’s Perfect Poop help dog diarrhea?

  • Good dog gut health is important for your dog’s gastro health. Often times your dog suffers from bouts of diarrhea because of poor gut health. If your dog cannot process and digest the foods you give him well, his gut may be imbalanced, and that can result in runny stools. Bernie’s helps balance your dog’s gut and helps keep stools nice and firm.
  • Some foods are hard for dogs to digest and can lead to inflammation in your dog’s gut. When your dog’s large and small bowels are inflamed because of poor digestion, you may see dog diarrhea as a result. The perfect combination of pumpkin, flaxseed and Miscanthus grass in Bernie’s helps your dog’s diarrhea by bulking the stool up as it absorbs excess liquid in the poop. The soluble to insoluble fiber ratio in Bernie’s also helps balance your dog’s gut microbiome which contributes to good dog gut health and the perfect poop.
  • Bernie’s Perfect Poop also combines prebiotics and probiotics to balance your dog’s gut microbiome. Prebiotics and probiotics can begin to colonize your dog’s intestines just a few minutes after you’ve fed them Bernie’s. As they do, they start balancing the imbalance of bacteria that may be causing your dog’s diarrhea. The prebiotics and probiotics in Bernie’s also help your dog produce more short-chain fatty acids, and those acids keep icky pathogens like salmonella and E.coli at bay. This means your dog’s gut is healthier and less likely to produce diarrhea.
  • When your dog isn’t able to break the food you feed him down, he cannot access all the nutrients from his food. Bernie’s enzymes help break food down more efficiently and effectively, which means less irritation as it travels through your dog’s gut. It also means your dog is able to absorb all the nutrients he needs, and that can keep his tummy balanced. Bernie’s Perfect Poop is a 4-in-1 combination of fiber, prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes.
  • Good dog gut health is the key to a happier, healthier life for your dog and the key to perfect poop. So often, dog diarrhea stems from the gut. Bernie’s helps balance your dog’s digestive tract and contributes to a healthier gut microbiome. Better dog gut health means your dog’s rear won’t run like a faucet and you’ll both be happier when it is time for them to do their business.

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Our Golden has had many gastro issues since we got him. At least once or twice a week he’d have horribly liquid stools, but no other issues. We’ve done numerous food changes, probiotics, dehydrated carrots, pumpkin…..everything we or the vet could think of to try. It’s been a month since we tried this stuff and as they say……Perfect Poop! It’s been magic so far!  – Jeanine

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What is dog diarrhea and what are the symptoms/signs?

If your dog has diarrhea, you know it. It’s runny, watery poop that often reeks, and if you’re really lucky (not), it’ll even require you to clean his poor rear every time he goes potty. At a semi-technical level, it’s loose, unformed stool that needs to be wiped up versus picked up, and it’s not fun for you or your dog.

When your dog has diarrhea, you find that they need to poop more often, and they may seem like they’re in gastric distress with epic noises when they’re pooping.

  • Loose, runny stool
  • Runny bowel movements 3 or more times a day
  • Lethargy
  • Stomach pain
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Dry nose/gums/mouth
  • Panting

Causes of diarrhea in dogs

Typically, diarrhea in dogs is the result of a handful of things. If your dog eats something they shouldn’t or that they don’t digest well, and they ‘upset their stomach,’ what they’re really upsetting is their gut microbiome. Dietary intake is the most common reason for doggy diarrhea—switching foods, poorer quality foods, too much people food—even over or underfeeding them.

Sometimes dogs have allergies to the by-products and fillers in manufactured pet foods, and their stomachs revolt. It could also result from a viral, bacterial or fungal infection—all of which good dog gut health would fight effectively against.

Leaky gut is another common reason your dog may have diarrhea. If the cells in your dog’s gut lining become irritated because they don’t have enough good bacteria or nutrients to support them, they make the gut lining easier to cross. What that means is that bacteria, yeast, allergens and toxins that would usually stay in your dog’s gut and be battled with good dog gut bacteria instead can leak into his blood and make him ill. That leaking triggers his body’s immune response and chronic inflammation—and it’s like waving the start flag for diarrhea to flow.

While not all causes of dog diarrhea are related to an imbalance of their gut, most are, and Bernie’s may help because it helps brings your dog’s gut microbiome into balance.

Possible Causes of Dog Acid Reflux Can Perfect Poop Help?
Poor indigestion Yes
Diet Change Yes
Food allergies & intolerances Yes
Antibiotic & other medication use Yes
Colon inflammation
Irritable Bowel Yes
Fiber Deficient Diet Yes
Stress & Anxiety Yes
Viral or bacterial infections Yes
Poor Diet – unhealthy ingredients and/or byproducts in food
Kidney Disease
Liver disease
Drinking dirty water
Eating poisonous plants or other harmful substanceds
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Warning: If your dog has acid reflux

If your dog has acid reflux, you’ll want to make sure you help it resolve. Continued back and forth of stomach acids in your dog’s esophagus can not only cause discomfort, but can thin the lining of his esophagus and create more significant problems. It’s rare, but untreated acid reflux in dogs can lead to adenocarcinoma of the esophagus. If your dog has continued acid reflux regurgitation or symptoms, you’ll want to check with veterinary professionals to ensure there’s nothing additional underlying adding to your dog’s acid reflux.

More information about diarrhea in dog

Good dog gut health is pivotal to overall health in your dog. If your dog’s gut is healthy, odds are their what comes out of their butt will be nice and firm—we like to call it the perfect poop. Dogs who have balanced guts also are less at risk for diseases or illnesses that may cause later problems.

Fiber may help with diarrhea in dogs

Fiber is helpful when trying to help your dog’s diarrhea because it can bulk up his stool up and absorb excess liquid in the colon. This may prevent the onset of diarrhea in a couple of ways. The insoluble fiber in Bernie’s is what bulks the poop up and helps give it a firmer shape. The soluble fiber helps slow digestion of food down in your dog and this is important because it allows your dog to get the full benefit from the nutrients and vitamins you’re giving them. Not only does the right combination of insoluble and soluble fiber help prevent diarrhea, constipation and slow digestion, but it also lowers the pH level in your dog’s gut and stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria. Fiber fermentation in your dog’s gut produces beneficial fatty acids that supplies energy to every cell in your dog’s body, and is a frontrunner when it comes to stopping the runs.

Prebiotics and probiotics may help with doggy diarrhea

Prebiotics and probiotics are key supplements to helping your dog’s gut health be at its best. Prebiotics and probiotics balance out your dog’s digestive tract bacteria and microbiome. This means your dog is able to produce firmer, less stinky poop. The prebiotic in Bernie’s is Inulin, which acts as a fertilizer to feed the good bacteria in your dog’s lower digestive tract. Working with the power of fiber reducing your dog’s gut pH level, the Inulin helps offer good bacteria nutrition they need to thrive. When they thrive and keep your dog’s gut healthy and balanced, you may see the end of diarrhea.

Probiotics are the good bacteria in your dog’s gut. When you add good bacteria through supplementation, you’re helping your dog achieve good dog gut health by getting rid of the bad bacteria that causes colitis, leaky gut and diarrhea. With proper nutrition from probiotics, the good bacteria probiotics also flourish and may help keep your dog’s gut able to fight off virus, allergens, inflammation and poor nutrient absorption. , When we add good bacteria with Bernie’s, we help achieve good dog gut health, which lends itself to helping prevent diarrhea.

Enzymes may help your dog with the runs

Enzymes in Bernie’s Perfect Poop will help your dog’s digestive tract break food down better. Your dog’s digestive system is detailed and involves several organs. But, the most important reason you want to be sure your dog has good enzymes is that that’s what keeps the good bacteria in their gut fed well too. The healthier that system, the better your dog’s digestion will be and the better able he’ll be to create the perfect poop.

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Other ways to help

  • Feed smaller portions of a bland diet—boiled boneless/skinless chicken or boiled
  • beef with white rice
  • Give plenty of access to water
  • Consider feeding diluted (low-sodium) beef or chicken broth
  • Supplementing electrolytes
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