Information for Wholesalers

Want to Carry Perfect Poop in Your Store?

To carry Bernie’s Perfect Poop in your store, please send us an email by clicking the button shown below or by completing the online form.

NOTE: We do not allow resale on marketplaces such as, Ebay, Walmart, etc. You are more than welcome to sell on your own branded website or in a physical location.

Ordering Options

  • We can mix and match flavor/sizes in the same order
  • Contact us for the latest wholesale pricing and specials
  • We can accept credit cards online and are able to ship directly to your store
  • Samples Available Upon Request for Qualified Retailers
Size Flavor MSRP MAP
30.0 oz Cheddar 49.99 45.95
12.8 oz Cheddar 27.99 25.00
4.2 oz Cheddar 13.99 12.49
30.0 oz Chicken 49.9 45.95
12.8 oz Chicken 27.99 25.00
4.2 oz Chicken 13.99 12.49