Meet the Real Bernie

Bernie is a Bernese Mountain dog born in the spring of 2016 near Tampa, Florida. We believe Bernie gets his love for the outdoor from his father, Jasper, who was strictly an outdoor dog and could hop fences and hang out with farm animals like cows and llamas. Bernie loves the USA and has traveled to quite a few spots; as of fall 2018, he has been to Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Bernie thrives when he is off leash exploring new hiking trails and parks, beaches, lakes, rivers, streams, forests, desserts, swamps and loves to strut his fluff in big cities like San Francisco, Seattle and Denver. During the workday, Bernie is a full time nanny to his human baby brothers and sisters and he is a untrained therapy volunteer for our family, friends, neighbors and strangers by offering unlimited cuddles. Bernie’s favorite foods include his raw beef diet mixed with Bernie’s Perfect Poop, cheese, peanut butter and he looks forward to eating the figs off our backyard tree when they are in season. When Bernie is feeling naughty, he will run through mud pits and/or roll in leaves and then run inside the house. We love him so very much, and we are happy to share this product that has helped him become healthier with consistent poops.

In late 2018 Bernie Welcomed Lady into the family. Lady is a Great Pyrenees rescue and helps keep Bernie active.

Photo of Bernie resting on the beach.

Here's Bernie resting on the beach.

Photo of Bernie outdoors next to bags of Bernie's Perfect Poop.

Bernie feels his best with Bernie's Perfect Poop.

Photo of Bernie walking the shoreline of a lake.

Bernie loves the outdoors.