Inconsistent and Irregular Bowel Movements

Bernie’s Perfect Poop helps bowel movements be consistent and regular

Everybody poops. And they really should do it consistently and regularly. That goes for our dogs too. Bernie’s Perfect Poop helps your dog have consistent and regular bowel movements.

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  • If your dog’s gut health is in check, your dog is sure to have perfect poop. It’ll be just the right color, firm and easy for you to pick up. Better yet, it’ll be consistent and regular. Good gut health includes moving food through your dog’s body consistently and on a fairly regular schedule. That’s because with good gut health, as your dog digests, he’s absorbing nutrients, and the excrement can move through efficiently and effectively. Consistent stools = better dog gut health, and that’s better overall general health for your dog.
  • A high-quality fiber is pivotal for consistent and regular bowel movements. A premium fiber combination like that in Bernie’s Perfect Poop will make sure the consistency of your dog’s digested food is perfect as it goes through his digestive tract. The perfect combination of Miscanthus grass, pumpkin and flaxseed in Bernie’s absorbs water and bulks stool up as it moves food through the digestive process. This makes it easier for your dog to move food through efficiently and consistently, and give him bowel movements YOU can count on.
  • Bernie’s Perfect Poop also combines prebiotics and probiotics to balance your dog’s gut microbiome. When your dog’s gut health is as it should be, good bacteria (probiotics) prevent harmful bacteria from overgrowing. That harmful bacteria is what makes your dog’s poop the consistency it is. Whether it’s runny or rock hard, it’s up to the health of your dog’s gut. Bernie’s prebiotics and probiotics encourage optimal dog gut health to keep your dog’s gut in shape and digestive health strong, and strong digestive health means your dog will have regular bowel movements that clean his colon appropriately.
  • Every cell of your dog’s body needs nutrients. Nutrients are what makes your dog healthy and help with ongoing cellular regeneration. The enzymes in Bernie’s Perfect Poop help break food down more efficiently, which means your dog’s body can absorb more nutrition and have less waste that they need to poop. When your dog is absorbing all the nutrition he should from his food, this poop is the perfect consistency, and you can count on him to go regularly after meals.
  • Bernie’s Perfect Poop is a 4-in-1 combination of fiber, prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes. Good dog gut health is the key to a happier, healthier life. Regular and consistent bowel movements will let you know he’s his healthiest.

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My Boston Terrier like many of this brethren have some serious issues. I’ve tried multiple supplements, yogurt, pumpkin…. And I did see some improvements, but this product has it all! With Perfect Poop, he scarfed it down. This product seems to agree with him and has reduced the constipation / irregular poops.

-John D.


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What do inconsistent and irregular bowel movements in dogs look like?

We focus on finding the perfect poop because perfect poop tells us so much about our dog’s overall health. When your dog has consistent and regular bowel movements that are the right color and consistency, you can be pretty sure your dog’s gut is healthy and he’s healthier overall too. Dogs can poop anywhere between 1-5 times a day, and how much your dog poops really is dependent on your dog. A good rule of thumb is that your dog will poop as many times as he eats, and usually within 15-20 minutes or so after a meal. If your dog is pooping too much or too little compared to their regular schedule, it’s a good sign their gut is not happy.

Regular and consistent bowel movements of the right color and consistency are great for your vet to know how his overall health is. Good gut health means good overall health and perfect poop tells your vet his gut is in good shape and he’s absorbing all the nutrition he should be. If your dog’s poop is too watery or runny, their gut is most likely out of shape, and they may be suffering from intestinal disturbance. If their poop is hard or dry or little pellets, they may be suffering from dehydration or constipation. This can change their schedule drastically too.

Poop should be firm and easy to pick up—sort of like a play-doh or modeling clay consistency. It should look like the tell-tale log—think of the happy poop emoji. If it’s too big, your dog is probably not digesting as much as he should of his food, and if it’s too small, he may have a blockage or illness that needs to be addressed.

Better stool also has better coloring. The optimal color for the best stool quality in dogs is a nice milky chocolate color. If your dog’s poop is any other color, that may mean there are issues like internal bleeding, gallbladder problems, worms, constipation, poor nutrient absorption or a whole host of other issues you’ll want to address immediately to ensure they’re healthy.

And when it comes to smell? It’s not supposed to smell like your favorite perfume, BUT it shouldn’t bowl you over with funk, either. If it does, it could mean there’s a gut problem, and in turn, a health problem.

The symptoms of inconsistent and irregular bowel movements are:

  • Dry, hard stools
  • Mucus in poop
  • Diarrhea
  • Loose poop
  • Foul-smelling poop
  • Discolored poop
  • Too large a poop
  • Not enough poop compared to food intake

Causes of irregular and inconsistent bowel movements in dogs

One of the most common causes of irregular and inconsistent bowel movements in dogs is poor nutrition. Most likely, your dog is not absorbing enough nutrients from the food you feed. Nor is he getting enough fiber to ensure that his digested food goes through his colon efficiently and at the right speed. Fiber is what absorbs water from the colon as food passes through the digestive system. This bulks it up and makes it the perfect consistency for passing through your dog’s colon. It keeps your dog’s food moving through at the right speed for optimal digestive breakdown and nutrient absorption and is essentially the key regulator for the perfect poop.

If your dog cannot break food down appropriately, you will also see inconsistent or irregular poops. Sometimes there are metabolic issues that leave dogs with constipation or diarrhea, or they take medicines that prevent them from moving stool through their colon as it should.

Sometimes anxiety and poor mental health will cause them to leave logs in one potty break and Hershey Squirts in another. Sometimes they’ll just eat something that doesn’t settle with their stomach and you’ll see it when they poop.

Causes of Cushing’s Disease Can Perfect Poop help?
Lack of dietary fiber Yes
Poor digestion Yes
Poor nutrient absorption Yes
Picky eating Yes
Medication side effects Yes
Swollen anal sacs Yes
Anxiety Yes
Bowel obstruction
Internal bleeding
Grooming issues
Lack of exercise
Abscesses, tumors or other masses around rectum
Metabolic disease
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If your dog’s stool is constantly inconsistent or irregular, you should contact your vet. There could be parasites or metabolic diseases. Perfect poop is one of those things you should be able to count on. If your dog’s pooping pattern is irregular or inconsistent, your vet may want to do some additional testing.

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Good dog gut health means good overall health in your dog. Plain and simple. If your dog’s gut is healthy, their digestive tract will also be healthy. This means they’ll be able to absorb all they’re supposed to from their food, and pass the waste through their system with ease. It also means that they’ll poop regularly and with consistency they should be in good health. Dogs with regular and consistent bowel movements have balanced guts and are also less at risk for diseases or illnesses that may cause later problems.

Fiber will help your dog have regular and consistent bowel movements

Enough high-quality fiber is key for regular and consistent bowel movements. It’s a regulator that keeps food moving properly through your dog’s digestive system and keeps them pooping regularly and consistently.

High-quality fiber helps bulk up and solidify stool so that it moves through and is easier to pass from your dog’s digestive system. Fiber can help soak up water from outside of your dog’s colon to soften your dog’s stool for easier passing. When the consistency in his colon is nice and smooth, it makes it easier for him to have regular movements, typically soon after a meal.

High-quality fiber also helps your dog’s body absorb all it is supposed to from the food you offer, and helps fuel probiotics that balance their guts. If your dog is not getting enough premium fiber, their guts are imbalanced and this can disrupt the consistency and regularity of your dog’s poop. When your dog has the right fiber intake, their balanced microbiomes can ensure just the right consistency and nutritional absorption for optimal health. The right combination of insoluble and soluble fiber in Bernie’s helps ensure the perfect poop with regularity.

Not all fiber supplements for dogs are created equal, though. Bernie’s uses Miscanthus grass. It’s a healthier alternative to other cheap fiber fillers some supplements use, and is an all-natural, non-GMO, grain-free, gluten-free fiber that is sustainably grown. It’s grown without herbicides or pesticides and is good for the planet and for our dogs.

Prebiotics and probiotics may help your dog be more regular and consistent

Prebiotics and probiotics are the key elements to helping your dog’s gut health be at its best. Prebiotics and probiotics balance out your dog’s digestive tract bacteria and microbiome. This means they’re key to regular and consistent bowel movements. Think of them like They’re like tiny colon warriors, always ensuring your dog’s poop moves through just as it should, without problem or pain and right on time.

The prebiotic Bernie’s Perfect Poop uses is Inulin. Inulin acts as a fertilizer to feed the good bacteria in your dog’s lower digestive tract. With the proper supplementation, good bacteria thrive and keep your dog’s gut healthy and balanced. A balanced gut is key to regular and consistent bowel movements.

Probiotics are the good bacteria in your dog’s gut. Adding that good bacteria through supplementation limits the growth and effects of harmful bacteria. When the good bacteria in your dog’s gut get the proper nutrition, they multiply and create a healthy environment. This means your dog’s gut becomes more balanced, and that your dog’s digestive system functions at its best. Adding good bacteria with Bernie’s means you keep your dog’s digestive tract clean and moving along as it should, with the end product being just the right consistency and color.

Enzymes may help your dog have the perfect poop that’s consistent and regular

Enzymes in Bernie’s Perfect Poop will help your dog’s digestive tract break food down better. When it comes to the perfect poop being the right consistency and with regularity, this is vital. The food you give your dog is meant to be broken down so that their body can absorb the nutrition and get rid of waste. If your dog isn’t able to break their food down as they should, they can’t move waste through their systems with consistency and regularity. Without proper nutrient absorption, your dog’s waste will likely be of poor quality because the digestive system was disrupted. That will hold it up (or make it runny).The enzymes in Bernie’s help ensure your dog gets the most from the food you feed him, and helps your dog’s digestion. Better dog digestion means the best consistency and regularity.

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Other ways to help

  • Feed quality foods that include good fiber
  • Find a dog food recipe your dog likes
  • Feed smaller meals many times a day
  • Make sure your dog is hydrated
  • Give exercise to move things around in the colon
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