Dog Gas (Flatulence)

What is dog flatulence (gas)?Bernie’s Perfect Poop can naturally reduce gas in dogs

If your dog’s rear end is definitely NOT his best end because he has excessive dog gas, Bernie’s Perfect Poop can help!

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  • Excessive dog gas, or canine flatulence, is generally caused by the excess fermentation process in his large intestines. This is a breakdown of his food by bacteria, organisms or yeast. When his digestive tract is imbalanced, he’s likely to have more flatulence. Bernie’s Perfect Poop was specifically created to be a 4-in-1 digestive supplement that promotes not only a balanced digestive tract but better overall health, wellness, energy and vitality for dogs.
  • When your dog gets enough quality fiber, his stool moves through his digestive tract at just the right speed. When it’s not too fast and not too slow, there’s better nutrient absorption. That means there’s less fermentation that occurs and less of that stinky gas from our best friends! Bernie’s Perfect Poop is the perfect combination of Miscanthus grass, pumpkin and flaxseed. It helps move food through your dog’s digestive system for optimal nutrient absorption.
  • Your dog’s immune system is largely controlled by his microbiome. His microbiome is a combination of bacteria and other organisms. When there is enough beneficial bacteria to keep a balance and prevent harmful bacteria and other organisms from taking it over, your dog’s gut is the healthiest. A thriving gut flora means he’s able to digest the food he eats properly. It also means that his microbiome will be strong enough to withstand harmful effects if he gets into something he shouldn’t (like the baby’s diapers or the cat’s litter box). This also means there’s less gut fermentation and bad bacteria that smells and needs to be relieved through your dog’s flatulence. Pre- and probiotics added through supplementation of Bernie’s Perfect Poop can help keep his gut health in check.
  • You feed your dog to fuel his cells with nutrients. If your dog can’t easily break his food down, he’s not able to fully absorb all the nutrition he needs. Some of the unbroken-down food can be poorly digested and ferment in his gut. Not only is this not good for his health, but it’s also the number one reason dogs have flatulence–poor digestion of something they eat. Adding digestive enzymes from Bernie’s Perfect Poop will help your dog break his food down the second he starts chewing.
  • Bernie’s Perfect Poop is the perfect 4-in-1 combination of fiber, prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes. When your dog’s gut health is in check, it does what it is supposed to when it comes to digesting food and using it for nutritional absorption. If your dog has excess gas and keeps farting, he likely will benefit from the balancing act Perfect Poop creates in dog guts everywhere.

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I’ve just happily ordered my 2nd bag of Bernie’s Perfect Poop, & couldn’t possibly be more pleased. When we inherited our son’s large dog, he neglected to pass along the information that when the lovable furball farts it takes the paint off the walls and sets the curtains on fire. Seriously; if the military could harness the power of this gas, it would definitely be classified as a “Lethal Weapon Of Mass Destruction”. No matter what we tried, and we tried a LOT, by the time every evening rolled around he had somehow perked whatever he had for breakfast into his own personal variety of mustard gas to share with us. We figured we would give this a try. Amazingly to us, it started working right away, as in the very same night. Not only that, but he hasn’t even once cleared the room in the entire month since we have started adding it to his breakfast. Additionally, his solid “by-products” seem to be “healthy” looking, and he is full of pep and vigor. I would definitely recommend this to anybody else whom might be experiencing the same pet co-habitation difficulties, because this stuff really works! –D. Rose

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What is dog flatulence (Gas)?

Dog flatulence or gas isn’t much different than human gas. In technical terms, it’s the release of gases from your dog’s digestive system through his anus. In non-technical terms, those doggy toots are blasts of air from your dog’s rump, and while passing gas is normal, excessive gas or stinky gas that clears a room is not. It’s not only embarrassing for you, but it can be for your dog as well. Gases given off by the digestive process are not supposed to make you cry, nor are they supposed to cause your dog pain or suffering either.

Symptoms of flatulence in dogs include:

  • Gurgling stomachs
  • Stinky gas
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Pacing due to comfortability
  • Feeling like they have to poop all the time
  • Bloating or abdominal distension
  • Loose stool
  • Other gastrointestinal problems (including diarrhea, constipation and vomiting)

Common gas causes in dogs

Generally speaking, the causes of dog farts are very similar to those in humans. When your dog eats, bacteria in his gut break down the food into nutrients he can absorb. This process creates hydrogen sulfide as a by-product, and that hydrogen sulfide tends to smell. Gas collects in the digestive tract, and your dog breaking wind is the way he can release that gas build-up.

Possible causes of dog constipation Can Perfect Poop help?
Fermentation of food in large intestine Yes
Food intolerances Yes
Eating something inappropriate Yes
Table scraps Yes
Too many varbs Yes
Poor quality of dog food/processed food Yes
Diet change Yes
Side-effects of various conditions: constipation, gastroenteritis, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, DERD, ulcers and more Yes
Parasites Yes
Swallowing air Yes
Medications Yes
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If you treat your dog for any of these conditions and his dog farts still continue, you may want to check with your vet to see if there is an underlying medical condition or food sensitivity. While Perfect Poop does help with food sensitivities and intolerances, having your vet double-check is always a good idea, especially if your dog’s gas is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, lethargy and/or lack of appetite.


More information about dog gas

Fiber may help with dog farts

Fiber can make a huge difference in canine farts. Fiber is the key factor when it comes to making sure your dog’s digestive tract is healthy and balanced. Perfect Poop has both soluble and insoluble fiber to ensure food goes through at just the right speed. The soluble fiber (pumpkin and flaxseed) helps allow water to make his poop soft but large enough to go through his intestines while insoluble fiber (Miscanthus grass, pumpkin and flaxseed) helps bulk it up so it goes through at just the right pace. It can’t go through too quickly or too slowly or else your dog won’t get optimal nutrient absorption. Additionally, if the food isn’t broken down appropriately, there’s more room for fermentation. More fermentation means more gas in dogs.

Pre- and Probiotics may help with gas in dogs

Your dog’s microbiome is full of bacteria, viruses and other organisms. Some of the bacteria are harmful while other bacteria are highly beneficial. When your dog’s gut is balanced, that means there are enough beneficial bacteria present to ensure the harmful bacteria is kept to a minimum and doesn’t overwhelm your dog’s gut. Excess fermentation occurs when your dog’s gut is overwhelmed with bad bacteria, and smelly gas builds up. Inulin is a prebiotic that is also high in fiber. It helps reduce your dog’s gas because it moves through the small intestines fully intact, which means it can be used in your dog’s colon.
Inulin is a fertilizer for the helpful bacteria that live in your dog’s gut. It also slows your dog’s digestion to the appropriate speed so excess gas isn’t created. Because it helps your dog feel full, it may slow how quickly he eats down as well, and that may prevent him from swallowing too much air.
The prebiotics help feed the probiotics, or the helpful bacteria, which helps reduce the symptoms of dog flatulence. A balanced microbiome with a thriving community of probiotics is not a great breeding ground for fermentation that causes excess dog gas.
When you add the probiotics in Bernie’s Perfect Poop to each of your dog’s meals, adding premium pre- and probiotics to ensure he has the best dog gut health he can. This is what keeps that stinky gas at bay.

Enzymes may help with dog flatulence

Your dog’s body begins to make digestive enzymes every time he eats. The pancreas secretes them and when the food goes through, they help break it down for maximum nutrient absorption. Some dogs don’t produce enough enzymes to do this effectively, and ALL dogs can benefit from having additional digestive enzymes to break food down as well as it can be. When the food is broken down well, it’s more easily absorbed and there is less to ferment and create excess gasses. The digestive enzymes in Bernie’s Perfect Poop ensure food is broken down and absorbed as fully as it can be.


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Other ways to help

  • Feed high-quality food
  • Make sure dog food is not high in carbs or soy proteins
  • Avoid table scraps
  • Prevent dog from eating too quickly; divide their food into portions or use a dog bowl that’s designed to slow them down while eating
  • Add a pinch of parsley or ginger to their meal; this can help reduce digestive tract odor
  • Help your dog be less stressed/anxious
  • Help your dog get plenty of exercise
  • Keep your dog hydrated
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