How Do I Make My Dog’s Poop Smell Better?

by | Jan 7, 2020

All poop stinks! However, if your dog’s poop is the stinkiest at the dog park, it can cause an embarrassing situation. Unusually smelly dog poop is a sign your dog might be experiencing some digestive issues or health problems. Healthy dog poop should be solid but have a softer consistency and its odor should not be very strong.

Pinpointing the cause of your dog’s stinky and smelly stool

You love your little stink monster, but it’s time to help them feel better. Pinpointing the cause of stinky poop isn’t always easy, but it’s essential to keeping your four-legged friend healthy. Consider the list below to help guide you to the reason why your dog’s stool is stinky.

Common reasons your dog’s poop may smell bad

  • Poor or raw food diet
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Viral infection
  • Bacteria infection
  • Parasites
  • Worms
  • Pancreatitis (Pancreatic Disease)
  • Malabsorption syndrome
  • Colitis
  • Allergy to food or food intolerance

Three excellent ideas to help pet owners stop the stinky smell

1. Clean up your dog’s diet

Take a look at your dog’s overall diet. Does it include high-quality food including all the nutrients your pet needs, healthy treats and plenty of fresh water on a daily basis? Or, does it include a mixture of different commercial dog foods, table scraps left over from dinner and other human treats? Clean up your dog’s diet by providing a healthy and nutritional food that supports their overall well being.

2. Remove allergens from your dog’s food

Your little monster might be allergic to specific ingredients in the food they eat regularly. Grab the bag of dog food your dog is currently eating and read the ingredients. If you see ingredients such as grain, gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, wheat, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives their stinky stool might be linked to an allergy to one of these common ingredients. There are plenty of dog food brands available that don’t include these ingredients.

3. Talk to a veterinarian

Chances are an improvement in your little stink monsters diet will solve the issue. However, if you notice the foul odors continue and the dog also has other symptoms, in such cases you need to consult with a vet since the cause can originate from severe infections (a bacterial infection) or another health issue (such as an intestinal parasite).

Need tips for removing odors from your home or yard?

If you need some help to remove the odor from your home or yard until you figure out the causes, check out our tips to get rid of poop smell in the yard.

Take control of your dog’s stinky poop

Once you pinpoint the cause, it’s essential that you continue providing your pet with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Chances are you already feed your dog healthy food, so the next step is to add some beneficial supplements to maintain overall good health, especially for the dog’s digestive system.

Helpful digestive support supplements for dogs with stinky poop

You can stop stinky poop in its tracks with a high fiber formulation such as Bernie’s Perfect Poop. Bernie’s is an all-natural supplement that contains premium dietary fibers such as Miscanthus grass, pumpkin, and flax-seed. The combination of these essential ingredients supercharges your dog’s digestion leading to easier digestion. It also contains essential probiotics (the good and healthy bacteria in your dog’s digestive tract) which is known to help with digestion that can help with foul smelling. Your furry friend will not only feel better, but Bernie’s Perfect Poop supplement will stop the stinky poop for good!

Extremely stinky poop is a sign something isn’t quite right with your pet’s health. The most common reason is a poor diet that lacks fiber. You can depend on Bernie’s Perfect Poop to get the job done and help your dog’s poo smell better!

Bernie’s Thoughts on Smelly Poop

Hey guys! Bernie here to confess that my poop used to stink so bad you can smell it in the air from across the yard! This stinky poo made me feel embarrassed in front of my family and friends at the dog park. I think I actually had the worst smelling poop in my neighborhood. The smell was so bad I had to run away from the poop as soon as it left my body!

You should have seen my pawrents faces when they had to pick up my poop. They would scrunch their faces up so tight to prevent them from inhaling the overwhelming stink. My poor pawrents would gasp for air, and it made me sad to see them struggle. My pawrents decided to help me feel better by creating Bernie’s Perfect Poop to help stop my stinky stools from polluting the air and burning their nostrils. They even made the grass bit taste like cheddar cheese! I happily eat this yummy supplement every day in my meal. The best thing is, I don’t have stinky poop anymore!

Your stinky poop can go away too when you try Bernie’s Perfect Poop supplements!

“Poop Smarter, Not Harder” furry friends!

Until next time,
Bernie F.

Illustration of Bernie sitting and smiling.

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