Stinky Dog Farts: When Your Gassy Dog Makes You Cry

May 3, 2021

No, no one’s cutting onions (or watching The Hallmark Channel at Christmas).

But whew, boy.

Does your dog’s butt stink. Reeks, really.

“My dog’s butt stinks?” you ask?

Oh, come on. You know it does (or you wouldn’t even be reading this).

No one randomly Googles, “How to treat bad gas in dogs?” or “How do I stop my dog from farting so much?”

So we know your dog farts all the time, and we’re here to help.

My dog farts all the time: Does he hate me?

A popular book tells us all about how everyone poops (though not everyone poops perfectly).

But there’s no book out there that reads, “My dog farts all the time and I love having a gassy dog. It’s the best.

Because no one loves having a gassy dog. It’s not the best, and it’s also a sign that your dog’s gut health may be in trouble. Aside from Walter The Farting Dog saving the day with his gassy dog butt? A too-gassy dog probably is not the healthiest he can be.

In fact, your dog farting all the time is not because he hates you. Seriously, he couldn’t love his hoomans more. He can’t help his stinky dog butt. But you can!

Experts say the biggest reason for canine flatulence (the polite way to talk about your dog’s rancid air biscuits) is that they are digesting the food they’re eating poorly.

Yes, poor digestion causes dog farting. In a nutshell, your gassy dog and his stinky dog farts are silent but deadly because he’s not digesting his food well. Sure, sometimes dogs will be flatulent and a dog farting problem because they take in too much air or have an issue with milk or dairy. Sometimes they may get into the trash and cut the cheese a bit more than the average doggo.

But overwhelmingly, if your dog farts all the time and you just want to make dog farts not stink? It’s a digestion issue that you can help.

Why do dog farts stink so much?

Let’s just be honest. Farts happen. Like pooping, they’re your dog’s way of expelling excess. Excess air, in this case. Air that’s typically produced from the gasses given off by the bacteria in his digestive system, to be exact.

And that’s where the stinky-stanky part of dog farts comes in.

If your dog is not digesting their food appropriately, you’ll know it by the smell. The smell of their rears, that is. The really stinkiest dog farts are typically the result of the nasty bacteria that’s produced in your dog’s large intestine during the digestive process. The less your dog can digest his food, the more food particles that get to the colon. And once in the colon, the colonic bacteria ferment that food and create some pretty disgusting smells.

Where do those nasty smells go? Oh, we’re pretty sure you know.

Your dog rips a big old fart and that horrible smell makes you want to cry.

How can I stop my dog from farting so much?

The best news is that you can help  stop your dog from farting so much by helping improve his dog gut health and dog digestion. Even if you’re feeding him high-dollar food, there’s no guarantee he’s digesting it well. And if your dog keeps farting? That’s a sure sign.

Bernie’s Perfect Poop was created to battle the stinkiest dog farts. It’s a unique mix of premium fiber, pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes in a delicious flake recipe that dogs love.

Your dog’s gut will love it too because the fiber from the Miscanthus grass allows the food you feed to go through his gut at the right speed for maximum nutrient absorption. It also has xylooligosaccharides (XOS) and they feed the friendly bacteria in your dog’s large intestine.

Are you catching it yet? The stinky farts come because all the bad bacteria in your dog’s colon give off horrible gasses as the food ferments, but adding the XOS means you’re feeding the good bacteria in  his gut. Combine that with the pre- and probiotics Perfect Poop adds to your dog’s diet and it’s like you have colon warriors in your dog’s gut fighting the smelliest battle of their lives.

The digestive enzymes in Perfect Poop help because they start breaking down the food your dog eats the second he starts to chew. And when your dog’s food is broken down better from the start, there’s less to sit in the colon and get gross, ready to pass out some pretty gnarly bottom burps every chance he gets.

Trust us, that’s a win for everyone.

Save the nostrils: Treating bad gas in dogs with each bite

The key to treating bad gas in dogs is to ensure they have the healthiest dog gut. A dog with good dog gut health is one who doesn’t have a ton of excess foul air roaming around in his gut waiting to terrorize all those with noses.

And the best way to help your dog have the healthiest gut is to give him Bernie’s Perfect Poop. A few scoops a day with meals can help stop your dog from farting so much, and keep his dog gut health in tip-top condition. A dog with good dog gut health is a dog with a good immune system, and that’s better overall health for your dog.

So, save your nostrils and save your dog’s gut health. See how easy it is to be a superhero?

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