The Facts on Fiber for Dogs

Jun 21, 2021

Okay, sure. Bernie’s Perfect Poop is known for giving dogs…well, perfect poop. And who doesn’t want perfect poop? But many dog parents ask, “Why does my dog need fiber?”  or “Why is dog fiber a must for every day?” and we want to address those important questions. In fact, we address those questions regularly because we know that good health begins in the gut. So, why should you give your dog Bernie’s Perfect Poop every day? Because it’s full of high-quality dog fiber.

Why is fiber good for my dog?

Fiber is fabulous. Of course, like most things in life, too much of a great thing may not be so great.

But when it comes to dog fiber? There are many benefits of fiber for dogs.

The thing is, not all fiber is created equally, or even works the same in your dog’s body, so it’s important you make sure the fiber you’re giving does what you want it to.

At its basic level, dietary fiber is the part of edible plants that can’t be digested. It’s found the wall of a cell and animal cells don’t have walls. That means that fiber never comes from meat—just vegetables and grains. Dietary fibers are soluble and insoluble. Soluble obviously dissolves in water while insoluble doesn’t and they both have their place in your dog’s diet.

That’s why fiber can help prevent diarrhea AND constipation! Insoluble fiber absorbs water from outside of your dog’s colon and digestive tract as his meal’s passing through and bring it into your dog’s stool to make it flow nice and easy. It helps promote regular bowel movements and is a number one constipation battler. Here’s what’s awesome about (quality) fiber—it can also absorb extra water from inside your dog’s colon, thus stopping colon blow from happening every time your pup takes a poop. In essence, fiber is a stool stabilizer. It’s got this magic ability to make your dog’s runny poop more solid and your dog’s rock-hard turds more flowy, if you will. In other words, fiber can help make poop perfect.

Another reason fiber is great for dogs is that it can help your dog lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. When you add fiber to your dog’s food, it means you can give your dog fewer calories from food. Obviously, that’s good for weight loss, but it does so because when the fiber in your dog’s digestive system absorbs water, it’ll expand. And that’ll tell your dog, “Hey, Fido! Stop gorging yourself! Your belly is full!” Your dog will take in fewer calories (key for weight loss) but they’ll feel just as full. That’s a win in the weight loss department. Honestly, studies show that dogs fed high fiber diets lose more than five times than dogs with low fiber intake, so supplementing quality fiber really is important if you want your dog at a healthy weight.

But did you know that fiber can also reduce your dog’s risk of colon cancer? It’s true! If your dog has a good dog gut health, the probiotics and good bacteria in his gut help ferment fiber and create short chain fatty acids (SCFA). These SCFAs are pivotal for good gut health and overall immunity and protection. But there’s more. When your dog’s colon absorbs water, the fecal matter (waste from digestion) sort of gets pushed against and swells against his colon wall. This can make food go through his gut faster, and what that means is that your dog’s gut doesn’t become a holding place for that fecal matter that may hold cancer-causing substances. By making sure your dog’s food moves through his intestinal lining at an efficient speed to absorb nutrients but not to pollute, fiber helps reduce the risk of cancer in his gut. (Side note, this is true for dogs’ best friends, we humans, too!)

And since fiber is magic and can do more than one thing at one time, it’s important to know that fiber can also help create a barrier that will slow nutrient absorption for maximum potential and delay the time your dog’s stomach takes to empty. For dogs with diabetes or blood sugar issues? Fiber is pivotal for maintaining balance. Again, consider fiber the great stabilizer! As you can see, there are TONS of reasons fiber is great for your dog!

Why should I give my dog Bernie’s Perfect Poop every day?

The best reason to give your dog Bernie’s Perfect Poop every day is because not only does Bernie’s give your dog the perfect poop, but overall great dog gut health too. That’s because a main ingredient in Perfect Poop is Miscanthus grass. Miscanthus is an all-natural perennial grass that’s grown in the Midwest. It’s grain-free, gluten-free and non-GMO. It is mechanically processed, which means that there are no chemicals used in processing unlike other fiber products you may find in dog foods and supplements. It’s purposely grown for its fiber content and benefit—whereas many dog supplements and food use byproducts of plants as filler fiber.

It’s environmentally friendly because it grows as a perennial crop and it captures carbon in its root system. It doesn’t need any pesticides or herbicides to maintain strong stability but best? It’s a premium source of fiber for dogs with it containing about 84% dietary fiber.

But better, it’s joined by pumpkin and flaxseed. Pumpkin has long been known as a superfood for both humans and dogs. In your dog, it creates beneficial fatty acids that energize each of your dog’s cells. It stimulates intestinal sodium and water absorption so that your dog can absorb maximum nutrition and feed the beneficial bacteria in his gut. Flaxseed is one of those fibers we call adaptable, meaning it can firm your dog’s poop or help it absorb more water when he’s constipated. Additionally, though, flaxseed increases omega-3 fatty acids in your dog and that helps their coat, hair, skin and allergies! Flaxseeds have lignans that help boost your dog’s immune system and also help dogs who suffer from adrenal issues.

Just consider the premium fiber in Bernie’s a combination of good health in every bit of the delicious dried flakes your dog eats with each meal!

Good health begins in the gut

It’s true. Good dog gut health means good dog health, and while fiber may not be considered an essential nutrient? It’s clearly fantabulous when it comes to helping your dog’s overall health be better. That’s why we recommend Bernie’s Perfect Poop every day—whether your dog is having poop issues or not—because our focus is on the best dog gut health we can help your dog have. A key element of that is making sure he gets enough of the highest quality fiber in his diet each day and the easiest way to do that is adding Perfect Poop. Along with the fiber, your dog will get premium pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes that will help create the healthiest dog microbiome he can have.

And that won’t just mean perfect poop, but pretty near-perfect health too!

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