My Dog Won’t Poop! When Dog Constipation Gets Your Dog (Down But Not Out)

May 24, 2021

So your dog won’t poop. Your dog hasn’t pooped for 4 days and you’re worried. You’re asking yourself, “How do I make my dog poop?” and wondering if doggie enemas are a thing. (They are, but slow down! Let’s look for a window of pooportunity first!)

What is canine constipation?

Canine constipation is just what it sounds like: Your dog can’t poop. Or your dog won’t poop. Or your dog struggles to poop. And you don’t really know (or care about) the difference; you just want to make your dog poop.  Pooping is important for dogs and humans. If your dog can’t poop or is struggling to pass stool, he’s constipated. So, if it’s been a couple of days since your dog’s pooped and you’re wondering what’s got him fecally challenged, here’s some info to help!

Why is my dog constipated?

Typically, dogs poop about as many times as they eat. That’s not always the case; sometimes they poop smaller poops throughout the day, which can be normal too. But if your dog is not having a bowel movement, or he’s struggling when he poops, there’s likely a reason.

What are the biggest culprits of dog constipation? Insufficient fiber and dehydration.

Of course, there are other reasons your dog could be constipated: medical side effects, bowel obstruction, swollen anal sacs, and even anxiety. Sometimes there may be an enlarged prostate or kidney issue that constipates your dog.

But by and far, the most common reason a dog is constipated is that they’re not getting enough fiber and water in their diet.

How do I know if my dog is constipated?

Aside from the obvious–not seeing the same amount of doodie your dog does when he goes to do his duty,  you may also have a constipated dog if it looks like he’s struggling when he’s pooping. If he’s copping a handful of squats each poop break to try and get it all out, or his stool is more like rabbit turd than doggie, he can also be constipated. Heck, even if he goes every day, if his poop consistency isn’t nice and swirly like those fun little poop emojis we see dancing everywhere, he could still be constipated. And if he’s constipated, his gut’s not super happy either.

What should I do if my dog won’t poop?

We sure are glad you asked because we have the perfect answer. Actually, we have the perfect poop answer–as in Bernie’s Perfect Poop!

Dog parents like you created Bernie’s Perfect Poop to ensure their dog had…well, the perfect poop. Why is perfect poop important? Well, because a dog’s poop can really tell a lot about his overall health. You didn’t think your vet actually wanted you to bring poop samples just to make you work, did you? No…poop tells about your dog’s gut health and your dog’s gut health tells about his overall health.

When your dog’s digestive system is doing its job (to fuel every cell in his body and build a banging’ microbiome, of course!), your dog’s poop is the stuff Poopologists dream of. They’re able to break all the food down for maximum nutrient absorption, and they build thriving colonies of healthy and helpful bacteria in their guts. The end result? (See what we did there?) Perfect Poop.

So if your dog is NOT pooping, you need to ensure his digestive system is working at maximum efficiency. That’s just what Bernie’s Perfect Poop does.

Made with a premium fiber blend that helps your dog’s body move everything through his digestive system as it should. It helps bulk up stool to make it easier to pass through his intestines and it helps him absorb all the nutrients he should to fuel his body. The right fiber intake also fuels pre- and probiotics that balance his gut. Balanced microbiomes are what prevent blockages and harmful bacterial overgrowth that lead to hard-to-pass poops. The pre- and probiotics in Bernie’s Perfect Poop ensure your dog’s gut has thriving colonies of helpful bacteria and that makes for better overall health too.

Most importantly, when your dog’s gut is healthy, you’ll know because he’ll be the prized possessor of the perfect poop! Consistently and regularly, so no more worrying about how to make your dog poop!

When your dog is constipated, he’s not feeling his best. No dog parent wants that. The good news is that if you want to make your dog poop regularly, easily and perfectly, you can give him Bernie’s Perfect Poop to get the end job done. You can tell your dog’s constipation to take a permanent vacation, and you can kiss his (and your) poopxiety goodbye!

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