What Time of Day Should I Give My Dogs Probiotics?

Mar 7, 2022

You know that probiotics are good for your dog, and that good dog gut health is key for your dog’s overall health and vitality. But do you know what time of day you should give dogs probiotic supplements? Did you even know that there was a best time of day to give your dog probiotics? Just like in humans, there is, and if you’re asking, “What time of day should I give my dogs probiotics?” you’ve come to the right place!

Dog probiotics help dog gut health (and so much more)!

So, in case you haven’t heard, dog probiotics are good for good dog’s gut health! We’ve been learning more and more about what natural probiotics do for humans, and the benefits of probiotics for dogs are very similar. Research continues to support the benefits of probiotics for dogs, and anecdotally, we see it as our dogs are living their best lives (with the best poop too!) every day.

Probiotics for dogs are typically the same as the bacteria that naturally live in their digestive systems such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium animalis. They help your dog fight bacterial overgrowth, digest food better, absorb nutrition better, and regulate his immune system by producing short-chain fatty acids that prevent bad bacteria and potential pathogens from growing in their gut and wreaking havoc.  And those are just a few of the many amazing things dog probiotic supplements do for your best friend. Dog probiotics may help your dog when he’s suffering from constipation, bacterial imbalance stress, which may cause diarrheagasstanky dog breathacid reflux problems, leaky gut, skin issues, allergies and many more health issues!

What time of day should I give my dogs a probiotic supplement?

There’s some debate within the natural supplement community when it comes to the right moment for humans to take probiotic powders. Some experts believe that it’s extremely important for us to take human probiotics before breakfast, while others don’t necessarily believe it’s the time that matters, but the consistency.

And when it comes to answering the “What time should I give my dogs probiotic chews?” question for your furry family member, there’s even less research or general consensus.

That’s why at Bernie’s Perfect Poop, if you’re asking, “Should I give my dog probiotics daily?” (which we discussed here) and “What time of day should I give my dogs probiotic supplements?” we’ll answer with a blend of both schools of thought.

For starters, timing IS important for attaining a desirable intestinal microbial balance. But consistency is the key, and that is something that many dog owners tend to forget when they’re working on solving specific problems (like loose stool or dog diarrhea, bad breath or upset tummies) by supplementing probiotics. Yes, the probiotics supplementation makes a difference in dog’s digestion and stool quality (hey, it’s why we’re called PERFECT POOP!) but more–consistent probiotic supplementation makes a difference every day for a healthy gut and overall health.

Probiotics are good for your dog’s gut, as they help restoring positive gut bacteria, and when you supplement them, your goal is to improve their natural environment. This is your doggy’s small and large intestine, as that’s where all the magic happens when it comes to optimal nutrient absorption, immune building and cellular fueling for your pup and his organs. All pet owners should keep this in mind if they want to have healthy dogs with a properly functioning GI tract.

The thing is…to get where the magic happens, the beneficial bacteria needs to go through the stomach. Your doggy’s (and your) stomach is pretty acidic because it’s supposed to be where harmful bacteria and viruses get killed before they move further along in the digestive process. And for ordinary probiotics? That can be a problem because prolonged exposure to your dog’s stomach acid will eventually be poor news for them as well. In effect, you’ll spend a lot of money on what you thought it was healthy bacteria that doesn’t even make it where it needs to be in your dog’s body in order to support your dog’s immune system.

Most dogs have the least amount of acid in their stomach first thing in the morning. This is why many experts recommend humans take their probiotics first thing; the less stomach acid, the better the chance the probiotics will have of getting where they need to go.
That’s one of the number one reasons we recommend giving your furry friend Bernie’s Perfect Poop with breakfast. His digestive system will offer the least amount of resistance to getting the good stuff to his gut to strengthen it and boost nutrient absorption and ensure a healthy immune system.

The basic answer to “What time of day should I give my dogs probiotics,” then is in the morning.

But that’s when we’re talking about ordinary or typical probiotics, and there’s nothing ordinary or typical about Bernie’s Perfect Poop.

Bernie’s Perfect Poop: The perfect probiotics for dogs

The probiotic strains we have in Perfect Poop are Bacillus Subtilis and Bacillus Coagulans. Both of these live probiotic cultures were specifically chosen not just for their tremendous gut benefits for your pet’s health, but for their hardiness! They’re spore-forming live bacteria that can withstand the harsh stomach acids your puppy has, and so when you give them to your pet with breakfast, you’re just increasing the opportunity for maximum benefits for your dog’s health.

But as we said, it’s not just about the time of day you give your dogs probiotics, but the consistency in doing so. In fact, research for probiotics in humans suggests that it’s not really even about timing as much as it is consistency, and that’s why we recommend giving your doggy Perfect poop every day with each meal.

Because the best part about Perfect Poop is that while the benefits of dog probiotics for the gastrointestinal system are innumerable, Perfect Poop with each meal offers optimal nutrient absorption.  Not only are the probiotics we use hardy enough to withstand your dog’s harsh stomach environment, but we include digestive enzymes that work on breaking down their food for maximum digestion with their first bite.

That’s important because that means that your pup will absorb all the nutrition he should from the foods you give, and consistently giving him Perfect Poop is the easiest way to ensure he’s getting optimal nutrient absorption.

Can I give my dog human probiotics?

Yes, you can. However, even though dog specific bacteria might be found in combination with similar bacterial strains found in human supplements, they won’t provide the same benefits as a species specific supplement. Some human foods such as yogurt, kefir, or fermented vegetables may benefit your pup as they have live cultures (keep in mind that yogurt cultures are used for production so live cultures may not always be present in yogurt). However, only give your dog unsweetened, plain yogurt. Check the label to make sure it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners.

Meal time! That’s what time of day to give dogs probiotics!

Including beneficial microbes into your dog’s diet is essential for maintaining the health of the canine digestive system and promoting your furry friend’s overall health. When you add Bernie’s Perfect Poop to every meal, you’re helping your dog live his best life. The healthier your dog’s digestive system and gut are, the healthier he may be overall. So when you’re asking, “What time of day should I give my dogs probiotics?” the best answer is with every meal! You’re giving him the gift of good dog gut health when you do, and that’s one of the best gifts we can ever give our best friends!

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