Stinky Dog Breath: Why Does My Dog’s Breath Smell Like Poop?

May 10, 2021

You love your dog but GOOD GRIEF! His breath reeks and makes you wonder whose butt he’s been licking. (Spoiler: It’s his butt he’s been licking, duh!) Bad dog breath doesn’t have to be a given, though. If your dog’s breath smells like poop, there’s an underlying cause for that. Yes, it may be because he’s eating excrements (that’s a whole different story) but most likely? He’s not breaking his food down well enough and you’re dealing with some residual effects! If you’re wondering why your pet’s breath smells like poop, read on!

What is bad breath in dogs?

Let’s be real. Best friends as they may be, most dogs do gross things. They enjoy eating cat poop as if it’s a dessert, they have no issues going through days and days of trash for that leftover pizza crust and well–they lick their butts. How on earth is their breath supposed to smell? Dogsț bad breath, or canine halitosis, is a common complaint of dog owners and is at its core exactly what it says: when your dog’s breath smells really bad.

Why does my dog’s breath smell like poop?

Okay, let us repeat ourselves and remind you that your dog does lick his butt. You know that, right? And butt-licking does lead to breath smelling like…butt. More particularly, poo, if we’re getting to the down and dirty of it.

But the thing is–like all of us–our breath isn’t really based on so much of what we put into our mouths as much as it is how our mouths and our guts combat that. If your fluffy friend’s breath smells like excrements or your dog has fishy breath, it’s likely that his microbiome isn’t healthy and his dental hygiene is suffering.

Canine halitosis may also be be caused by some sugar imbalances or kidney/liver disease your dog is dealing with, but most of the time, if your dog’s mouth smells, it’s because they’re not digesting their food properly and they don’t have good dog gut health.

How can I help my dog’s breath to smell better?

If your four-legged friend is suffering from poor oral hygiene, he’s going to have bad breath. Pieces of food left behind will entice nasty-smelling bacteria to hit your dog’s gums and teeth up for a good time and the end result? Whew! Stinky dog breath!  It is important to have your dog’s teeth checked regularly as tartar build up can cause tooth decay or mouth infection to prevent foul breath and improve overall dental health of your pet. You can get your dog’s teeth brushed and cleaned professionally or also do it yourself by using a dog toothpaste. Dental chews and treats can also help with maintaining your dog’s dental care.

But if your dog’s gut isn’t healthy, his breath probably smells bad too. And that’s why you need to work on helping him have good dog gut health. The best way to do that is to give him Bernie’s Perfect Poop.

You may wonder how what comes out of the business end has anything to do with your pet’s mouth and that’s fair. But the truth is–what comes out of both ends really has to do more with his middle–his gut, if you will.

A dog with good dog gut health will have a healthy microbiome. That means his good bacteria to bad bacteria ratio in his gut is what it should be and the good bacteria thrive and keep nasty bad bacteria (that smell, by the way) out of his gut. Bernie’s Perfect Poop has the perfect combination of pre- and probiotics to keep your dog’s microbiome balanced and thriving with good bacteria that keep him healthy (and smelling better too!).

Not only that, the digestive enzymes in Perfect Poop will help your dog’s digestive tract break his food down better. When his food is broken down better from the start, there’s less worry about bad oral hygiene and less concern about his food leaking into his gut and creating a bad microbiome. A dog’s digestive system is pretty intricate and the better his food is broken down, the better he can absorb nutrients to fuel all the organs involved in his digestion. The healthier that digestive system? The better his health (and breath) is. And the more kisses you can give him without crying over how stinky his breath is. It’s important to take your pet to the vet for regular check ups. These “wellness exams” give you a chance to track your dog’s growth and development, and discuss his health problems and dietary habits with your vet.

Stinky dog breath: What goes in affects what comes out!

The reality is that a dog’s breath isn’t meant to smell like a rose garden, but it’s not supposed to smell like dookie breath either. If your dog’s breath smells more like mouth farts, maybe it’s time you check out how to help his breath and his gut be healthier. Good oral hygiene always makes a big difference, but in the case of supercalifragilisticexpihalitosis in your dog? Good dog gut health also plays a major role, and that’s one you can easily (and deliciously for your dog) treat!

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