How Long Does it Take for Probiotics to Work in Dogs?

Jun 1, 2022

Ruh-Roh! Rover’s tummy isn’t feeling great and you’ve given him probiotics to help get him back on track. But how long does it take for probiotics to work in dogs? When can your furry best friend expect some relief?

Hooman, help!

Your furry best friend is dealing with constipation, dog diarrhea (loose stool), vomiting, stinky farts or just a case of the ‘blahs’ and you want to help. You’ve been hearing about how probiotic supplements can make a difference in digestive issues, so you race to give your dog some. But how long does it take for probiotics to work in sick dogs? What do they even do? Well, hooman, they do a lot of great stuff and the good news is Fido should find relief rather quickly!

Why probiotics for dogs?

Science repeatedly finds that probiotic products are good for human gut health and it’s no surprise that they’re finding the same for dog gut health too!

Probiotics are good bacteria that live and thrive in your dog’s gut to protect him. They ward off harmful bacteria, virus and other ickies, while work with the rest of your dog’s body to ensure maximum nutrient absorption and optimal digestive health. Dog probiotic supplements have numerous health benefits: they can help strengthen your dog’s immune system, reducing allergic reactions, and controlling inflammation, and when your dog’s gut is full of these amazing colon warriors, they can help with symptoms of anxiety, allergies, IBS, sensitive stomach, bacterial imbalance, and so much more! Probiotics for human and dog gut health are not a super new concept, but still–there are several questions about dog probiotics and efficacy.

It’s important to supplement your dog with probiotics that are designed to do their best in HIS gut. Giving your dog human probiotics isn’t likely to hurt him, but it’s also not likely to help him. Even though some human foods such as yogurt or kefir might benefit some dogs, it is important to read the labels carefully and select the plain varieties that do not contain artificial sweeteners if you want to keep your dog healthy. However, all dog owners should know that dogs respond to probiotics especially designed for them, and not to human supplements.

And if you’re looking for how to stop that ‘gluck-gluck-gluck’ sound of vomit coming at 2 am, you’re definitely going to want to give him a probiotic supplement that was designed to help HIM!

What types of probiotics should I give my dog?

Probiotics for dogs come in many forms, just as they do for humans. Some healthy bacteria come in the form of pills or chews, others in the form of probiotic powders or pastes, and others still, like Bernie’s Perfect Poop, are bits and pieces. We prefer bits because they’re delicious AND they’re not messy!

There are several hundred different types of dogs’ probiotics. That’s a good thing since there’s such diversity in human and dog guts across this world.

But they’re not all created equally, or will offer the same benefits to your dogs. While some probiotics work, other just don’t. Too often, probiotic strains are not stable enough to withstand the high heat process used when formulating for dry dog food or supplements. Many live bacteria won’t even make it through your dog’s harsh stomach acids to grow and thrive in his intestines, so you waste pretty good money with no intestinal benefits.  Many dog owners don’t know that probiotics for dogs need to be hardy and spore-forming, and that’s just what we use in Bernie’s Perfect Poop! Before you purchase probiotics, make sure you know what are the best probiotic supplements for your dog’s digestive tract and a healthy immune system.

Bacillus coagulans and Bacillus Subtilis are the prime choices for dogs.  They are clinically proven to increase gut flora and support the immune response in animals and they’re hardy, spore-forming strains that make it through your dog’s digestive system. They’ve also been shown to help reduce antibiotic-induced dysbosis (yucky tummy due to antibiotics) and they’re a great choice for keeping your dog’s digestive health in check.

How long does it take for probiotics to work in dogs?

Generally speaking, you should probably notice an improvement in intestinal health once you start giving them dog probiotics. Obviously, different dogs and different dog guts will fully digest and absorb beneficial bacteria at different speeds, but likely, probiotics go to town to get rid of the bad bacteria and virus in your dog’s gut upon ingestion. Remember that the goal of probiotics in our body is to be part of a thriving gut community–full and flowing in your dog’s gut. Natural probiotics may take anywhere between four and seven days to start establishing that healthy gut community and killing off the bad bacteria and disturbances in their gut, so consistency is key. Seeing positive effects might take a few days longer than usual if your dog suffers from a chronic or severe health condition.

Even better for your pet’s health is not taking probiotics REactively, but PROactively.

Preventatively, probiotics added to your dog’s diet daily may help stop you from dealing with any of those digestive issues (intestinal inflammation, food allergies, loose stools, upset stomach, irritable bowel, as well as urinary tract infections) in the first place. Every day your dog’s digestive system is assaulted by everything from stuff in the ground he sniffs to antibiotics or poor diet habits or just getting into things he shouldn’t. Taking probiotics every day will help your dog have the healthiest dog microbiome he can have and help him have better overall immune health too. This means you won’t have to ask, “How long does it take probiotics to work in dogs?” because his gut will already be in great shape!

Give the perfect probiotics to dogs every day!

Bernie’s Perfect Poop has the best probiotics for dogs because we created it specifically for our dog Bernie! He and his sister Lady are bigger breeds and we wanted to do all we could to ensure their best health. We only wanted the best for them and began adding premium fiber, digestive enzymes and pre- and probiotics to each of their meals but that was expensive and frankly took a lot of work.

We knew there had to be a better way and there was! We began working with industry experts and created the most delicious combination of the best ingredients for our dogs. We source from the U.S., have extensively researched each ingredient we use and we want to build better gut health in every dog. Giving your dog Bernie’s Perfect Poop every day is the best way to do that–and you won’t have to wonder how long it takes for probiotics to work in dogs because your dog will already have the best gut health he can!

There are a lot of probiotics for dogs products on the market but few were formulated right out of the kitchen for real life dogs. We love Bernie and Lady and want the best for them–so we figured you’d want the best for your dog’s health too!

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