Dog Throwing Up White Foam: Should I Worry?

Jun 25, 2023

Have you ever found yourself saying or thinking, “My dog is throwing up white foam!” or “Why is my dog throwing up white foam?” Not only is it sort of gross, but it’s also kind of scary for you as a pet parent. If you want to know what to do when dogs throw up white foamy vomit, we’ve got the answers!

Is my dog throwing up white foam?

Sometimes it can look like our dogs are throwing up, but it’s really regurgitation and not actual vomit andd can even be the result of your dog coughing. If your dog is vomiting white foam, that may throw you because white foam throw up looks very different than what other dog vomit looks like. It really does look like the white foam that washes in when waves come on the beach shore.

Sometimes it has a little yellowish tint (maybe bile from an empty tummy), but it is best described as throw-up that looks like white foam. So if your dog is vomiting white foam, you want to know why and what you can do to help.

Why is my dog vomiting white foam?

If your dog is throwing up white foam, he likely has an upset stomach. Sometimes dogs vomit white foam because of something as simple as getting into something irritating their tummies–too much grass or mulch, too many treats, human foods, or some little toy your toddler left on the floor. When your dog is throwing up white foam because of eating grass or mulch, it’s because your dog’s gastric juices are trying to digest, but not super successfully. The gastric juices will swirl and stir in an effort to break what your dog ate down, but they just end up creating that white foam he eventually throws up. When your dog has excess gas in his tummy (because of poor digestion), he may also have that white foamy vomit come up. Indigestion with an empty stomach will cause your dog to throw up whatever is there—frothy foamy stuff made of stomach acids and juices. Your dog is just trying to do what nature has wired when they suffer from an upset stomach, and often when a dog throws up, their tummies feel better.

It may be a problem you need to investigate if your dog is throwing up white foam consistently or if it turns into multiple or acute vomiting episodes, though. He might be suffering from more serious medical conditions such as bacterial infection, kidney disease, blood sugar issues, or viruses that might be deadly especially for puppies and very young dogs.

The most common reasons vets see a dog vomiting white foam include:

My Dog is Throwing Up White Foam: Should I Worry?

If your dog vomits white foam, you may not need to do much of anything. If it’s just once, and he seems otherwise fine, he probably just ate a little something that didn’t agree with his tummy, got an upset stomach and he got it out.

But if your dog vomiting white foam continues to be an issue, you should see if any other symptoms go with the throwing up. If he seems like he’s not hungry, has abdominal pain, or is weak and tired, this may indicate he’s throwing up white foam for a reason you’ll want to investigate.

Consider holding back on a meal to see if your dog’s tummy just needs to take a break and settle. Sometimes if you withhold food, their stomach will have time to settle. If he continues to throw up white or yellow foam, and you see there are pale gums, there’s likely a more significant issue and you may want to call your vet promptly.

Kiss white foam dog vomit goodbye!

The easiest way to help your dog not vomit white foam throw up is to keep his stomach and intestines healthy. Good health starts in the gut, especially when your dog is vomiting white foam. A healthy gut will help your dog’s stomach be strong enough to stand up to irritants that would cause him to throw up white foam. When his microbiome is full of thriving bacteria that encourage and enhance digestion, digestive issues go away and so can white foamy vomit.

That’s one of the many reasons why we recommend Bernie’s Perfect Poop with every meal. It’s our unique blend of high-quality fiber, pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes and it’s the easiest, most delicious way to keep your dog’s gut health in check.

Bernie’s Perfect Poop begins working the second your dog takes a bite of his food. The Miscanthus grass bits help push your dog’s food through his system at just the right speed to ensure maximum nutrient absorption. The pre- and probiotics ensure the perfect balance of helpful bacteria in his gut. A healthy gut is full of thriving colonies of beneficial bacteria that strengthen your dog’s immune system and steel his stomach up to protect against irritants and infection. Digestive enzymes continue to work and break food down to fuel your dog’s best health helping to prevent acid reflux and dog vomits.

Giving your dog Bernie’s Perfect Poop with every meal gives him an advantage when it comes to gastric distress that can cause white foam vomit.

If you see your dog vomiting white foam, they may have an imbalance in their gut. Perfect Poop is the perfect way to bring balance back to your dog’s digestive tract and give them best microbiome he can have! Bye-bye, white foam throw-up and hello, great gut health!

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