Dog Raw Diets: Does A Dog Poop Less?

Nov 10, 2021

Raw food diets for dogs–some love them and some hate them (veterinarians are divided on the issue) but everyone who tries a raw food diet for dogs typically does so for one main reason: they’re looking for better health for their dogs. The proof of good dog gut health is in the poop, and so today we’re taking a look at how often raw food diet dogs poop, and what you can do to make sure your dog has the best gut health no matter what food he’s on.

To raw or not to raw?

This is a question that dog parents talk about with their veterinarians all the time. On one hand, many dog nutritionists and veterinarians advise and suggest raw food diets for dogs because it allows dogs to eat more as their ancestors did and protects their guts from some of the issues that come with today’s highly processed dry kibble.

On another, many nutritionists and vets don’t advocate for dog parents to feed dogs raw food diets, citing concerns about infectious disease, malnutrition and even death. In fact, a quick Internet search will show that most major canine organizations, including the AKC, the American Veterinary Medical Association and even the CDC discourage raw diets for dogs.

Just like every health decision for family members, the decision to feed your dog a raw diet or not is one to discuss with your veterinarian.

Why raw diets for dogs?

So why do so many dog parents want to feed their dogs raw diets? As we said, the main reason is for the health of their dog. Raw dog food diet advocates say that raw diets help dogs eat more like their ancestors did in the wild, and they have better overall health. Fresh whole foods are better than highly processed and packaged foods for humans, right? So goes the theory for many with their dog’s diet. More, many advocates believe that fresh, whole raw foods are better absorbed by dogs, and therefore fuel dogs more efficiently and better.

And while it makes sense, again, many veterinarians have concerns about raw food diets for dogs. They worry about infectious disease that could make your dog (or you) sick if the food isn’t handled well. They worry about making sure raw dog food diets have all the necessary vitamins and nutrients to appropriately fuel dogs, and prefer foods that are monitored to be sure they offer what dogs need.

Raw dog food diets and poop: How much does a raw diet fed dog

We say it all the time. You can tell a lot about your dog’s gut health by his poop. Many who feed their dogs raw dog food diets say the number one benefit of raw diets for dogs is the poop.

Rather, the lack of poop, if you will.

When food goes through your dog’s digestive system, it’s digested and absorbed. The more vitamins and nutrients that are absorbed to fuel your dog’s body, the less fecal matter (poop) there is to come out the back end. And what does come out is less noxious in smell and size because so much has already been absorbed.

So it’s like basic logic, right? Raw dog food diets mean there’s more nutrient absorption and less poop.

Except, not always.

Because as we’ve said, if your dog’s raw food diet doesn’t have all the vitamins and nutrients your dog needs to fuel his body, it doesn’t matter how much he absorbs. He still may suffer from malnutrition, and that can result in things like diarrhea, constipationallergic reactionleaky gut and more.

And that sort of defeats the whole purpose, doesn’t it?

Read how much a dog should poop to learn more about consistent and regular bowel movements.

Bernie’s Perfect Poop: Good dog gut health without the raw

Of course you want the best for your dog. But the best for your dog always comes back to the best gut health. As science continues to show the importance of gut health for not just dogs but their humans too, that’s what we focus on at Bernie’s Perfect Poop.

In fact, our sole goal in creating Perfect Poop was to optimize gut health in our dogs Bernie and Lady. They were both eating raw diets and honestly? One of our biggest motivations for finding the best fiber was to help our dogs have enough fiber to reduce some of the mess from the blood and guts of a raw meal. Not to mention, we wanted them to get the most from the food we gave, because doing so can help optimize their overall general health and immunity. We wanted to create something to help them have all the energy they need to live their best dog lives. And that’s what we want for your dogs too.

How do we do this?

We start premium fibers like Miscanthus grass, pumpkin and flax seed. Ensuring your dog’s fiber consumption means that you are helping his body regulate the digestive system. When your dog has a fiber-rich diet, he can sufficiently absorb all the essential nutrients from the food he’s eating. We combine soluble and insoluble fiber to move food through the digestive tract at just the right speed, and to help reduce issues with constipation and diarrhea.

The pre- and probiotics in Bernie’s Perfect Poop also help his gut health be the best it can be. Prebiotics are non-living fiber and they nourish the beneficial probiotics that are found in your dog’s gut. It’s like food for the probiotics, and a healthy canine microbiome is one where beneficial bacteria thrive and keep bad bacteria out of the digestive tract. This is also key for ensuring your dog absorbs all the nutrients he should from his food.

And when you add in the digestive enzymes we include in Bernie’s Perfect Poop, you are helping your dog digest his food as it should be for maximum nutrient absorption. When our dogs start eating, they begin creating digestive enzymes that will break their food down to be absorbed by their guts. Adding Bernie’s Perfect Poop to their food means you’re also adding additional and powerful digestive enzymes for maximum digestion. Our proprietary blend of Protease, Amylase, Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Lipase, Papain, and Bromelain help your dog break his food down to be absorbed and used by the different cells and organs of his body.

Which takes us back to one of the reasons people feed their dogs raw diets–smaller poops that smell less. When you supplement your dog’s diet with Bernie’s Perfect Poop, that’s what you can count on getting!

Bernie’s Perfect Poop: The best way to help your dog’s gut health

At the end of the day, we all love our dogs. Whether we feed them dry kibble, fresh foods, raw diets or combinations, we just want them to be their healthiest and happiest. That’s what drives us at Bernie’s Perfect Poop, and that’s why we do what we do.

Sure, we want less smelly and easier-to-pick-up poop. And we love better dog breath and fewer upset tummies.

But what we want most is what helps them have stronger immunity and happier outlooks on life. That good health starts in the gut, and starts with Bernie’s Perfect Poop!

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