Natural Ingredients That Promote Oral Health in Dogs

Jan 22, 2024

We all want the best for our furry friends, and that includes keeping their teeth and gums in tip-top shape. But instead of just encouraging you to brush their teeth to freshen their breath and keep tartar and plaque at bay, we want to help you keep their mouth healthy from the inside out. There are lots of natural ingredients for oral health in dogs that can make a world of difference not only in the cleanliness of their teeth and freshness of their breath but their overall health too!

Understanding A Dog’s Oral HealthAn adorable puppy has a toothbrush in his mouth to promote good oral health in dogs

At Bernie’s Best, we’re all about health and happiness for our best friends. When we created Bernie’s Charming Chompers, we wanted to give our dogs the best oral health we could. We wanted to do it with natural ingredients and we knew it was about more than just avoiding bad dog breath. We knew that by the age of three, most dogs have some evidence of periodontal disease, and we didn’t want that for our Bernie and Lady if we could avoid it.

Dental problems for a dog’s teeth include things like plaque, tartar, and gum disease as the usual suspects. They’re not just rough on your dog’s mouth and don’t keep your dog’s teeth clean, they can actually pave the way for bigger issues. In fact, poor dental health due to no pet dental care can set off a chain reaction, leading to heart, liver, and kidney problems. It’s all interconnected.

Here’s a cool fact: the type of food your dog eats and what goes in your dog’s body can influence their oral microbiota – the community of microorganisms living in their mouth. Some recent science suggests that dogs chowing down on dry food might have less plaque and a breath that’s a whole lot fresher. Why? Because dry food might help maintain a healthier balance of bacteria in their mouths​​. It’s based on the physics of dry kibble scraping away at your pet’s teeth as a sort of dental cleaning through eating.

But we also knew that gut health and oral hygiene and oral health in dogs are connected. And that’s where natural ingredients for natural dog dental care step in. It was about tipping the scales in favor of good bacteria for our dogs with ingredients that made sense for their guts and their mouths. Think of it as probiotics for your pup’s pearly whites while also working with the mechanics of scraping at tartar and plaque. We wanted to boost the good bacteria that help fight against disease in their gut and their mouth because it’s all about creating a balanced environment in a dog’s mouth and gut. When their gut health is solid, thanks to the right nutrients being absorbed, their oral health is on the up and up. So, we weren’t just talking about a one-off dental treat. We wanted a daily routine that supports their overall health, and included natural ingredients backed by science.

The Power of Natural Dog Dental Care Ingredients For Your Dog’s Dental Health

We know that nature packs a punch when it comes to maintaining your dog’s dental health, and it’s no surprise that science backs this up.

Probiotics and prebiotics are the staples of Bernie’s Best products and something really fascinating is that they’re not just for your gut! Research shows that oral probiotics can battle the harmful bacteria causing periodontal disease and improve bone density. They can also help freshen breath and reduce inflammation. Think of them as your dog’s dental defenders. And prebiotics? They’re the food for these probiotic warriors, and they help sustain your dog’s healthy oral microbiome​​.

Kelp is high in vitamins and minerals that promote strong teeth, reduce inflammation, and protect against periodontal disease. It’s like an oceanic superhero for your dog’s mouth​​.

Now, let’s talk about fatty acids. Omega-3s, found in fish oil and certain plant oils, are also unsung heroes of oral health, combating inflammation and supporting gum health. Plus, they’re great for overall well-being, from brain function to joint health​​.

Coconut oil deserves a shoutout too. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, studies have shown it can decrease plaque and gingivitis. Rubbing a bit of coconut oil on your dog’s gums could be a tropical treat for their teeth​​.

And don’t forget antioxidants. Foods rich in antioxidants, like berries and leafy greens, can help combat oxidative stress associated with dental diseases. Vitamins E and C are particularly good for maintaining healthy gums and preventing periodontal issues​​.

Enzymes also have a unique role in dental care. They break down the plaque, making it easier to brush away. Natural enzyme wipes for dogs can simplify your oral hygiene routine and are backed by the power of science to keep your dog’s teeth clean​​.

Aloe vera is another natural anti-inflammatory that’s been shown to be effective for gingivitis and reducing plaque when applied directly to the gums​​.

Last but certainly not least, green tea and honey can be brewed into a mouthwash that’s been shown to be effective against oral bacteria and can help rinse away plaque​​.

Each of these natural ingredients is a piece of a puzzle in your dog’s oral health routine. By understanding how natural dog dental care ingredients work and then utilizing them, you’re tapping into nature’s own pharmacy – one that’s been tried, tested, and given the scientific seal of approval for keeping your dog’s smile bright and healthy. And that’s just what we wanted to do when we created Bernie’s Charming Chompers!

Integrating Natural Solutions into Daily Dental Care

Natural ingredients can go a long way for good oral health in dogs

Caring for your dog’s teeth is a lot like caring for your own: it’s about more than just brushing. It’s a daily routine that works from the inside out. And with Bernie’s Charming Chompers, we’re all about blending nature’s best with your dog’s daily dental care routine. So how do you make natural dog dental care a seamless part of your dog’s routine? Easy!

1. Incorporating Natural Ingredients:

First off, let’s talk about some everyday natural ingredients that can boost your dog’s dental health. Things like coconut oil, which can be gently rubbed on the gums and teeth, can help fight bacteria. Kelp supplements are great too, providing minerals that strengthen teeth.

Then there’s the power of antioxidants. Foods like blueberries, which can be added to your dog’s meals, help fight the inflammation associated with dental diseases. Remember, moderation is key – too many fruits can lead to an upset stomach.

2. Homemade vs. Store-Bought:

There’s always a debate: homemade remedies or store-bought products? Well, each has its perks. Homemade remedies like aloe vera applied to the gums or a rinse made from diluted green tea and honey can be effective and budget-friendly. But, they require a bit of preparation.

On the flip side, we wanted to make cleaning your dog’s teeth and helping prevent dental disease easier, so we put ingredients together in Bernie’s Charming Chompers. They are scientifically formulated and come with the convenience of being ready to use and the best is that your dog thinks you’re giving it a daily treat!

3. A Balanced Approach:

The key to effective dental care is balance. This means combining diet, hygiene, and regular vet check-ups. Your dog’s diet should include healthy foods that will improve their dental health and their gut health. Regular brushing – yes, with a doggy toothbrush – remains essential. Vet visits can help identify issues before they become major problems. And a daily chew that works mechanically to scrape tartar buildup and plaque while also enriching the gut microbiome is a MUST!

4. Routine is King:

Finally, make it a routine. Consistency is what makes all the difference. Whether it’s giving Bernie’s Charming Chompers after their morning meal and doing a quick toothbrush session before bed, sticking to a regular schedule ensures your dog’s teeth get the care they need every day.

Remember, integrating natural solutions into your dog’s dental care routine doesn’t have to be complicated. We wanted to make keeping your dog’s smile bright and healthy the natural way easy, but more importantly, we wanted to help them be the healthiest they could be from the inside out! As we always say, healthy dogs are happy dogs!

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