How to Stop Your Dog From Eating Poop

May 21, 2020

Watching your dog eat their own poop, or worse, the poop of others is disgusting to see. Coprophagia, also known as poop eating, is natural for dogs that just gave birth to a litter of puppies. However, eating poop is usually the result of digestive issues such as pancreatitis, intestinal infection or malabsorption of nutrients.

Why do dogs eat their poop?

If your dog is eating their poop due to digestive issues it’s because they feel chronically hungry. Dogs have a natural instinct to eat their feces so they feel full and also to consume vitamins and minerals found in the poop. While it’s natural and common for dogs to eat their feces in the wild, it’s not normal for domestic dogs to continue this behavior. If your dog has Coprophagia, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian regarding the cause and treatment.

Diagnosis of coprophagia

Veterinarians often recommend improving your dog’s diet to help with their digestive system. Another helpful digestive tip is to include a fiber supplement such as Bernie’s Perfect Poop. This all-natural supplement helps eliminate diarrhea and constipation as well as enhances the immune system and digestive system. The ingredients include prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes and fiber which are essential ingredients for gut health and can help stop your dog from eating poop.

While fixing your dog’s digestive issues is an extremely important step to stopping your dog from eating their feces, some dogs might have another reason for viewing it as a delicacy. In 2012, a study presented at the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior annual conference revealed that:

  • One in four dogs were observed eating their feces at least once
  • One in six dogs were classified as serious feces eaters because they were caught eating feces five or more times

This study involved dogs that didn’t have digestive issues but still participated in the gross act of eating poop. It’s important to find the reason why your little poop eater is making a meal out of their poop. Coprophagia affects their overall digestive health and eating habits. The first step to good digestive health is a healthy diet that includes a fiber supplement for optimal gut health.

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Bernie’s Thoughts on Poop Eating

Hey guys! Bernie here to let you know eating poop isn’t as fun as we make it look. Sometimes we are just hungry and need to fill our belly with lots of stuff so we can feel full, happy and calm. And sometimes we just do it to make our pawrents gross-out!

Unfortunately, most of the time we aren’t feeling good in our tummies and we need help but don’t know how to ask. So, eating poop sounds like a great solution to our problem but it should also be a red flag for you pawrents! Poop eating means trouble and you need to help us.

My pawrents give me Bernie’s Perfect Poop to make sure my digestive health is working at its optimal level. They also do it because they never want to see me eat poop with the same gusto humans eat ice cream cones! Anyways, my pawrents sneak a grass bit into my food and I eat it up quickly! Sometimes the bits taste like cheddar cheese and other times they taste like chicken! Both flavors are delicious!

You can stop your dog from eating their feces with Bernie’s Perfect Poop!
And remember furry friends, health starts in the gut!

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