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What do I do if my dog experiences side effects after starting Bernie’s Perfect Poop?

When starting a new digestive supplement

Dogs may experience side effects when adjusting to a new digestive supplement. The most common side effects are loose stool and vomiting.

Initial side effects do not usually indicate that Perfect Poop isn’t the right fit for your dog. It may sound counterintuitive for things to get worse before they get better. However, we’d encourage you to stick with it. Many times, dogs who experience side effects are the ones who need Perfect Poop the most.

Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for the gut. When taken, they help to balance the gut and can replace bad bacteria with good. However, when they are first taken, they can cause side effects such as diarrhea. The new healthy bacteria compete for resources with unbalanced, bad bacteria. We can describe this process as a “war” between the good and bad bacteria. Like any war there is collateral damage. The collateral damage in this case is diarrhea.

In the short term, things may seem worse as the bad bacteria are being killed off, as they can release toxins as they die. Sometimes the toxins cause visual symptoms like a temporary skin rash. In the long run, things will get better as the good bacteria establish themselves. The diarrhea is a sign that the good bacteria are winning the “war” against the bad bacteria to rebalance the gut. If you stick with probiotics, the good bacteria will take over to improve conditions.

The fiber content in Perfect Poop complements the probiotics’ action. It sweeps through the GI tract to clear out remaining irritants. The fiber can help dogs recover from the probiotic side effects.

Check out our feeding guidelines and introduction tips here.

Not sure about how to give your dog Perfect Poop or the timing/schedule?

Please contact the Bernie’s Support team. Every dog is different, and we want to help. The support team will ask for additional information that will help us offer the best advice. Helpful details include: how much your dog weighs, how much of the product they’ve been getting per serving, and any other relevant background info.

Contacting your veterinarian

If you have any advanced concerns, please discontinue use and contact your veterinarian. The ingredients in our products are natural, but dogs have a wide variety of underlying medical concerns or sensitivities that may cause results to vary.

Satisfaction guarantee

If you’ve decided Perfect Poop isn’t the right fit for the member of your fur family, please let us know and we’ll refund your purchase.

Still have questions?

Call (800) 659-3795 or email us at help@bernies.com.

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