Dog Pooping Excessively: Make Diarrhea Go Away!

Apr 26, 2021

Let’s just be real for a minute.

When your dog has diarrhea, it’s just a crap situation for everyone. Pun totally intended.

Because when your dog has diarrhea, what else can you do but try and lighten the situation up some?

“How to help dog with diarrhea?” is basically what your worst Google nightmare is like, but it’s your actual life. And as much as you hate it when your dog has very smelly poop and it comes out like it’s a chocolate faucet?

Your dog hates it too. Your dog pooping excessively, especially when it just runs out of his butt explosively, is not the life he was dreaming of either. Think about it…is stinky poop healthy? Probably not. And when you’re desperate to make puppy poop solid? There are things you can do.

How much should my dog poop?

The easy answer to “How much should my dog poop” is that it depends on your dog. Well, maybe that’s not so easy an answer, then, since every dog is different. How much a dog should poop really depends on their size, weight, breed, activity level and diet.

But mostly, it depends on their gut, and good dog gut health is the key. A dog with good dog gut health will take in all the nutrition he should from the food he eats, and literally poop the leftover. Provided his dog gut is healthy, that should mirror somewhat with the number of daily meals he eats.

In no circumstance, however, should it happen that your dog pooping excessively is what you’d consider normal. It means something is not right in his gut, and that’s a sign something isn’t right with his overall health.

Not just very smelly poop

Sure, it makes you want to gag. No judging. Dog diarrhea stinks, and very smelly poop has that effect on us.

Worse than what it’s doing to your nostrils, though, is what it’s doing to your dog’s insides. When your dog has diarrhea, it’s most likely because he ate something he shouldn’t have. Think about it–how can those kitty litter tootsie rolls be GOOD for your dog? Or that styrofoam packaging the chicken you ate for dinner six nights ago came in? Dogs are not super picky when it comes to what they’ll put in their mouths, so sometimes that leads to some dog gut-busting happening.

But if it’s your dog pooping excessively, and diarrhea specifically? That could be anything from an infection or some anatomical issues or even poisoning. Sometimes it could be parasites and most often? It could be from leaky gut.

Leaky gut is serious and in leaky gut in dogs can bring on some major diarrhea episodes until you get to the butt-end of the problem.

How to make poop solid and stop pooping excessively

The most important thing you can do to help make poop solid for your dog and to get them to stop pooping excessively is work on their dog gut health. When you want to work on what comes out, you have to work on what is going in. Our dog’s digestive system is designed to digest foods, absorb minerals and nutrients and vitamins and to weed out all the harmful bacteria and toxins that make them sick and make their butts perform the Chocolate Soup Dance.

And how do you work on their dog gut health? Well, that’s the great news. Bernie’s Perfect Poop has already researched how and created the perfect supplement for perfect dog poop.

The Miscanthus grass in Perfect Poop supplies a premium fiber that bulks his stool up and absorbs the excess liquid in his colon. When his food digestion is slowed down (thanks to soluble fiber in Perfect Poop) and his poop is bulked up (thanks to the insoluble fiber), it no longer runs through him like poop juice.

Even better, the fiber ferments in your dog’s gut and that produces some pretty great fatty acids that help stop the runs in their tracks.

And even better than that is that while your dog’s digestion gets better and he’s able to absorb more nutrients from the food you’re feeding, giving him Bernie’s Perfect Poop helps his dog gut health be the best it can be. The pre- and probiotics in Bernie’s balance your dog’s gut and help your dog poop solid. It also helps dog poop be less smelly because it’s not overrun with all that bad bacteria that gives the ‘eww’ factor to every plop your dog drops. A balanced dog gut is one that has thriving colonies of healthy bacteria and that’s what Perfect Poop provides.

And a balanced dog gut means the end of a leaky dog butt.

When your dog is pooping a lot and it’s runny and the dog poop is smelly, it’s a sign that his dog gut health is out of balance. Adding Bernie’s Perfect Poop to his meals each day will help make dog poop solid, but also help smelly dog poop stink less. Mostly, giving him Perfect Poop will mean you’re working to better his dog gut health, and that’ll mean better health and immunity overall. That’s a winning combination in our book!

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