What to Give a Dog With an Upset Stomach?

Aug 14, 2022

Oh no! Fido isn’t feeling well, and he’s not even eating his food–which is his favorite pastime! You think his tummy is upset, so you wonder– “What do I give a dog with an upset stomach?” Good news, we’ve got the scoop!

If you’re feeling queasy, you likely take it easy on eating and look for something that settles your stomach. Sometimes, it’s the same for our best friends, and that may be why you see them not eating their meals or chewing on grass. Here’s some help with how to know if your dog has an upset stomach and what you can give a dog with an upset stomach to make him feel better.

What causes upset stomach in dogs?

Sometimes, dogs just get into stuff. They are obviously very sensory, with their noses and their mouths, and there’s lots that goes in their mouth that shouldn’t. If your dog starts to throw up or have diarrhea, he’s likely trying to get rid of something that’s messing his digestive system up. It’s what healthy dogs do, actually–they expel stuff that shouldn’t be there.

What would make a dog have an upset stomach?

Any of the following:

  • Eating something they shouldn’t have
  • Food insensitivity/intolerance
  • Viral or bacterial conditions
  • Unbalanced gut health
  • Inflammation/ Inflammatory Disease
  • Obstruction
  • Other diseases or conditions
  • Antibiotics

What are the symptoms of an upset stomach in dogs?

Most pet parents say the first thing they notice when they think their dog has an upset stomach is that he’s not eating. Most dogs are chow hounds, and they just don’t feel like eating. Y

You may also notice that he starts to munch on grass, and while salad is usually a good thing, he’s likely trying to settle his tummy on his own or even to make himself vomit so he can get whatever is bothering his tummy out. Other signs of an upset stomach in dogs include:

  • Apparent abdominal discomfort
  • Depression
  • Fatigue/exhaustion
  • Licking air or their lips a lot
  • Stretching
  • Pacing
  • Whining

If it ever seems your dog is uncomfortable and any of those symptoms consistently continue or worsen, you should call your veterinarian.
Particularly if you see blood or vomit in their stool, they grow weaker or even collapse, contact the vet. This can be a sign there is something more serious happening.

If you believe your dog may have consumed something poisonous, you can contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Hotline at 888-426-4435 (it’s fee-based).

Common treatments for upset stomach in dogs

We always advise you to contact your vet before you give your dog any type of treatment for specific issues that linger. But there are some things you can do if you think your dog just needs some time for his tummy to work itself out.

  • Consider Withholding / Adjusting Meals. We know, we know…it seems sad for your pup, but the truth is that if they’re trying to expel something that’s upsetting their stomach, keeping it clear of additional things to digest and work on can help that happen faster, and help them get back to normal. Or, consider a bland diet–minimal amounts of chicken and/or rice can be gentle on a tummy, and help fuel him too.
  • Keep Him Hydrated! It’s hard to keep a dog who doesn’t show interest in eating or drinking hydrated. But, pay close attention to how much he’s taking in because hydration is important–especially if they’re throwing up or having diarrhea! Ice chips are a great way to help keep them hydrated and if they’ll drink water, give it to them in small quantities so they don’t gulp and take in too much air. You could also consider bone broth, as it’s naturally good for them and also hydrates at the same time.
  • Help Him Have The Perfect Poop. How do you do that, you ask? Especially when he seems to have nothing but diarrhea or the puppy pukes? Give him Bernie’s Perfect Poop!

Perfect Poop was created because we’re dog parents ourselves! We know that good gut health every day is key to keeping our dogs Bernie and Lady happy and healthy overall.

We combined the best fiber, pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes into two delicious formulas and give it to our dogs every day. It keeps their dog microbiomes balanced, which can be one of the leading causes of a dog’s upset stomach.

Better, because giving dogs more fiber to help digestive issues is often one of the first things a vet will recommend, giving your dog Perfect Poop when his tummy is upset can help because that’s one of our main ingredients. We combine Miscanthus grass, pumpkin and flax seed in edible grass flakes so your dog can have the high-quality fiber intake he needs to help settle his tummy.

Giving your dog Bernie’s Perfect Poop with each meal may help ward off those upset tummies in the first place!

As we always say…the best defense is a good offense, and a better diet leads to better life!

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