Responsible Pet Ownership Day: How to Be the Best Dog Parent

Sep 20, 2021

The third Saturday in September is known as “Responsible Pet Ownership Day.” This weekend, many spent their day loving on their doggos, just like they do every other day of the year. But responsible pet ownership is important, and we thought we’d offer a few tips on how to be the best dog parent you can be. We know many of you may have become first-time dog parents in the last year or so, and thought these tips would be especially helpful.

The good news about responsible pet ownership is that the most important thing you need is love! With those adorable puppy dog eyes your dog gives you? That’s what you have in abundance!

How to be the best dog parent: It all starts with love

Like we said, you already do the most important thing! You love your dog sooooo much. We know, we know, he or she just lights up your whole world and you clearly have the best boy or girl ever.

That love is what motivates you to want him to be his happiest and healthiest too. They say the only problem with dogs is that they don’t live long enough, and that is one hundred percent true.

Still, while we have them, there are a few other things that help us be responsible pet parents.


Our pets need it. Even the ‘low-energy’ pets need to get their hearts pumping and some body parts moving. Whether it’s a game of fetch every day, hikes for miles or even some gentle tug-of-war with a favorite toy, keeping your dog’s body healthy is just as important as it is yours.

Proper vet care

We understand that vet care can be costly. They have the expertise that keeps our furry best friends around longer, after all. But it’s necessary, so be sure to establish a relationship with a vet nearby. Consider pet insurance, as no pet parent wants to be in a situation where they have to make decisions solely based on the affordability of the procedure. These days, there are plenty of insurance plans that can fit most budgets.


Yes, even if Fifi will only stay on the armchair in your bedroom–it’s important to socialize dogs. They’re social creatures, after all, and they enjoy socialization. Consider finding a dog park nearby, or a training center that can help give you some basic tips as well as some interaction with other people, animals and environments. This helps them be less fearful of life in general, and more well-adjusted. Plus, you can make some new like-minded friends too, and that’s always a bonus!

Keep them guessing

Okay, maybe not guessing, but help them to not be bored. You can’t entertain them all day long, but you can give them well-designed and eco-friendly toys and products that can stimulate their minds and senses. They enjoy being entertained, that’s true, but it’s also good for their growth and their development. Giving them an enriching environment will be good for their brains and their mental health too.

Keep them organized

Dogs are creatures of habit. Don’t believe us? Think about what your dog does daily when it’s dinner time? Or when you’re about to go into your bedroom for the night? They likely have a routine of their own that jives with yours. It’s because they like that consistent routine, and responsible pet parenting includes helping ensure their meals, breaks and playtime are on a similar schedule. Plus, it helps you to have your dog on a schedule. When your dog is ready for a potty break right AFTER you wake up, you may be giving yourself some extra sleep time! And you may also break a begging habit if they can count on meals at regular times too. Be sure to feed them BEFORE you sit to dinner to help avert begging as well.

Groom as needed

Some dogs really are low-maintenance and need a good bath/nail clipping every so often and others are pretty high-maintenance and need much more daily attention. It’s important to keep them groomed as they need to be for their coats and fur to protect and not cause bigger problems due to matting. Just like in humans, a dog’s skin is an important organ. Responsible dog parents make sure that skin and coat are as taken care of as they can be. We get that bath time may not be your dog’s favorite time. Consider giving treats or something they enjoy while bathing to help them have a more positive association.

Let them be known

It is SO important to ensure that if something should happen and your dog gets separated from you, there’s a way to reconnect. Nylon Collars with reflective threading help them be seen if they’re out running roads. Collars also can have your contact information embroidered, or even offer a website where you can find all the pertinent info. Microchipping is recommended but just as important as microchipping is ensuring you keep the information up-to-date. No one wants to think about what happens if their dog should get lost, but taking the preemptive steps just in case is responsible pet ownership.

Fuel them well

We are we eat, or so the saying goes. And that can also be said for our dogs. It’s important to feed a quality food that will offer them maximum nutrient absorption. The important thing to know, though, is that no matter what you feed them, poor gut health will likely prevent maximum nutrient absorption. Luckily, there’s a way to help them have the healthiest guts they can.

Bernie’s Perfect Poop: There’s more to life than pooping?

Okay, okay. Pooping is a pretty important part of life!

For a dog, it’s a REALLY important part of life. A dog’s poop can tell you a lot about how their overall health is doing because it is really a reflection of what’s going on in their gut.

Good health starts in the gut. It’s that way for humans and for dogs, and if your dog isn’t pooping the perfect poop, it’s likely there is a gut health issue. Even if you’re feeding your dog a high-dollar food, if your dog’s gut health isn’t balanced, he simply won’t be able to absorb all the nutrition he can from it. When food travels through your dog’s digestive system, it’s broken down so that the vitamins and minerals can be absorbed and fuel your dog. When your dog absorbs all he’s supposed to from his food properly, he’ll have the fuel and good dog gut health he needs to have strong immunity and lots of energy.

If there’s a problem with your dog’s digestive system, food just won’t be broken down appropriately. That may result in conditions like constipation, diarrheadysbiosis (leaky gut), stinky gasbad breath and so much more. Worst of all, your dog won’t be getting all the nutrition he should from his food. The good news is that you can help your dog have good dog gut health!

That’s what Bernie’s Perfect Poop is all about. With enough high-quality fiber, pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes to effectively and efficiently break your dog’s food down as it travels through his intestines, he’ll be able to absorb all the nutrition he should. His poop will move through him at a speed that allows maximum absorption, and will form at a consistency that makes it easy to poop out and easy for you to pick up! As a responsible dog owner, always scoop it up as it can have a drastic effect on the environment!

The end result (see what we did there?) of good dog gut health is perfect poop!

And so while we DO want perfect poop–the bigger picture we want is a healthy gut for our dogs. It can mean better overall health and immunity for our best friends. Perfect poop just lets us know we’re doing a great job as responsible pet parents, and helping our dog’s overall health be the best it can be. There are so many facets when it comes to how to be the best dog parent. Our main goal is to keep them healthy and happy right?

So love them, protect them, enrich their lives and be sure to give them Perfect Poop with every meal. The tail wags and slobbery kisses you’ll get in return will be so worth it!

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