How Do I Make My Dog’s Poop Easier to Pick Up?

May 5, 2019

Gross! There’s nothing worse than picking up hot steamy soft dog poop! As a dog owner, you might be challenged to clean up after your dog when their stool comes out soft and smushy. The first thought is to focus on getting the poop back to a normal texture that is simple and easy to pick up.

Dog poop that has a soft consistency is a sign your dog’s digestive system is problematic. It’s essential you find out the reason your dog is leaving soft stools all over the yard.

Common reasons your dog’s poop is difficult to pick up

There are many reasons why your dog might be passing soft stools. The list below will help guide you to the possible reason your dog is passing stools that are difficult to pick up.

  • Sudden changes to diet
  • Viral infection
  • Low dietary fiber
  • Bacterial infection (presence of harmful bacteria in dog’s bowel)
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Tumors
  • Toxins
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS)
  • Intestinal tract obstruction
  • Food intolerance causing digestive discomfort
  • Weak immune system
  • Kidney and liver disease

Pinpointing the cause of your dog’s soft poop

Your first goal is to pinpoint what has gone wrong with your dog, whether it has to do with dog foods or other causes that might be affecting your dog’s intestinal flora and normal bowel movements. Then you want to find ways to fix the issue, so your dog’s poop is more firm and easier to pick up.

3 excellent ideas to achieve firmer dog stools:

  • Improve their diet – Your dog’s food is one of the most common causes of soft poop. Allergies to food ingredients like grain, gluten, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives can be the source of the soft stool of your dog. Improving your dog’s diet to include healthy food and treats plus plenty of water is the first step towards creating a healthier digestive system for your dog.
  • Inspect their poop – This task might be disgusting to most pet parents, but since you already pick up their poop daily it’s quite easy to notice if there’s something different about the texture or smell.
  • Consult with a veterinarian – If you aren’t able to make your dog’s poop firmer by improving their diet, removing allergens and providing with plenty of fresh water, you need to consult with a veterinarian for further assistance.

Taking control of making your dog’s stool firmer

Your dog’s food is the main contributor to softly textured dog poop. As a dog owner, you can take control of the issue by making sure you give your dog high-quality dog food and treats. Once you find the right diet for your dog it’s essential you stick to it to help your dog maintain a healthy digestive system.

Helpful digestive support supplements for dogs with soft poop

Adding a high fiber formulation supplement like Bernie’s Perfect Poop to your dog’s daily meal will help improve the texture of your dog’s poop and make it easier to pick up. Bernie’s is an all-natural supplement that contains premium dietary fibers such as pumpkin, flax-seed, and Miscanthus grass. These ingredients plus the prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes in Bernie’s Perfect Poop supplement contain good bacteria that aid digestion and help your dog process food better, and ultimately result in firmer dog stools.

Consistently soft stools and a drop in dog’s body weight are signs your dog is experiencing issues with its digestive tract. They may be having dog diarrhea or another issue with the canine digestive system. You can depend on Bernie’s Perfect Poop to help your dog feel better and create firmer stool that is easier to pick up!

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Bernie’s Thoughts on Mushy Poop

Hey guys! There was a time in my exciting little life that I had soft mushy poop. I thought it was normal for it to be mushy and boy did I have fun watching my pawrents struggle to pick it up everyday. Sometimes I would jump around laughing just watching them pick it up. I thought it was a fun game, but my pawrents took the situation more seriously.

My pawrents are the best because they never go mad at me; they just focused on how to make me feel better. So, one day I was surprised to find out they created a yummy little grass bit that tastes like cheddar cheese just for me! They even named the all-natural supplement after me! So, now I consider myself a superstar because I share it with all of my friends! The supplement added fiber to my diet, and now I have the healthiest and firmest poop my pawrents have ever seen!

Your poop can get firmer too when you try Bernie’s Perfect Poop supplements!

“Poop Smarter, Not Harder” my furry friends!

Until next time,
Bernie F.

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