How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly

May 16, 2022

He’s circling. He’s pacing. He’s sniffing. He’s circling some more. But he just won’t poop! If you’re having dog constipation issues and want to know how to make a dog poop quickly, here’s the scoop on how to shorten the potty break!

Just go! My dog won’t poop!

We know…it’s frustrating when you know your doggo has to drop a deuce but for whatever reason, he’s not. He’s making all the right moves and you know he’s gotta go. So why isn’t he?

First, think about how you feel when YOU’RE rushed to do the doody.

No one really likes it, actually, and your dog isn’t any different. One of the easiest ways to help your constipated dog poop is make sure he’s got the time he needs to do the dog stuff that dogs do. You know, like checking their pee-mail and marking their territory so intruder squirrels know who’s boss! All pet parents should know this.

Seriously though. Give your furry friend ample time. Too often, we, dog owners may be in a hurry and our dogs just need us to be a bit more patient. They’re at our mercy, after all, when it comes to relieving themselves, so give them AND you the time to make the magic happen.

Sometimes, though…because of your dogs’ daily diet, they are constipated.

And if you’re dealing with puppy constipation, you may need to work a bit harder to learn how to make a dog poop quickly–or even make a dog poop at all! Sometimes, you may even need to ask for veterinary advice.

Here are a few tips, though, to encourage pooping, when desperate times call for decisive actions.

1) Rub the butt-ah (baby wipe method)

Okay, cheesy reference, and since we’re talking about your doggo’s nether regions, sort of a little weird too, but…if your doggo is constipated, sometimes some stimulation of your pet’s anus can help get things moving. He may wonder what the heck you’re doing, and we recommend disposable gloves and a clean wash cloth or even some hypoallergenic dog wipes for your dog’s comfort and hygiene safety. It doesn’t need to be much, just some gentle, circular wiping of his exit chute may be the massage he needs to get things going.

2) Rub the belly!

Speaking of massage, you know how doctors recommend you give little hoomans belly massages and do ‘bicycle kicks’ with them to stimulate bowel movements when they won’t go poop? (Trust us, they do recommend this!)

The same manual stimulation method can be recommended for our furry babies too. This might help relieve your pup’s constipation.

3) Play fetch!

Often, dogs who are constipated can benefit from some exercise to get thing in the old colon back on track. If your furry friend loves chasing the ball or frisbee, give him a good workout in doing so, as that’ll help elongate his digestive tract as he takes strides. You might even find he’ll be running, stop, take the dump, and then go on about his business as if pooping mid-throw was his job. We call that success!!

4) Fix the problem from the start

This is our favorite and most recommended way to help your constipated dog poop fast every time. When we want our pup to drop a deuce quickly, we shouldn’t be looking for him to be saving us any time in our schedule (see above for making sure your pet has plenty of time for bathroom breaks).

But pooping quickly means that his feces typically slide right on out of the poop chute with ease and that’s because his digestive system is doing its job.

Pet owners should know that constipation in dogs  can be caused by lots of different things but when your doggy is constipated, it means his gut health is not optimal.

The best solution for gut health?

The number one way to ensure the best gut health for your canine companion is to make sure he’s got enough high quality fiber, pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes going through his digestive system.

Conveniently, that’s just what Bernie’s Perfect Poop was designed to offer!

What your dog eats is really important for his overall health. Are you feeding him prescription dog food that includes high-quality active ingredients, or just regular canned dog food ? Once you include more fiber and more valuable nutrients into your dog’s diet, you can forget about dog’s constipation. You will no longer have to use other stool softeners, baby wipes to gently wipe your dog’s bum, or massage your pet’s belly in a circular motion to induce regular bowel movements.

Perfect Poop is made with a high-quality, eco-friendly fiber that allows dog food to move through his digestive system at just the right speed for maximum nutrient absorption.

This fiber also fuels the important pre- and probiotics that balance his gut. When your doggy’s microbiome is balanced, it helps prevent intestinal blockages or compaction in dogs, and can prevent the harmful bacterial overgrowth that brings about canine constipation.

Bernie’s Perfect Poop supplements with pre- and probiotics as well to make sure happy and thriving colonies of good bacteria abound, and when that happens, the waste from your dog’s food can’t help but be excreted tout de suite (which means like yesterday)!

You see, if you want to make dogs poop quickly, you just need to keep their gut health  in check. Then he’ll be able to take the fuel from the dog food you give him and get rid of the waste in a timely fashion. This doesn’t just make his (and your) life easier; it also helps his immune system be its strongest, and that means he lives his best, happiest life!

For most dogs, a healthy gut means a healthy butt, and that’s what you get when you feed your doggo Bernie’s Perfect Poop with each meal!

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