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How Long Does it Take a Dog to Digest Food?

How Long Does it Take a Dog to Digest Food?

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Malabsorption In Dogs: What You Should Know About Nutrient Absorption

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How to Help Irritable Bowel Syndrome In Dogs

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Food Allergies in Dogs: What Does the Gut Have to Do With It?

Aug 1, 2020

Does your dog love eating their current food but suffer from a variety of symptoms including frequent ear infections and excessive scratching? If so, your dog might be experiencing an allergic reaction to their food. Sensitivity to food is a rising concern with pet parents since it’s becoming more common as the years’ progress. If your dog suffers from food allergies, the following information will help you learn more about it and how you can help your precious pet!

Allergy symptoms in dogs

Dogs that experience food sensitivity and allergic reactions often suffer from one or more of the following symptoms:

• Hives
• Itchiness
• Inflamed skin
• Swelling of the earflaps, eyelids, ears, lips, and face
• Red irritated skin
• Itchy ears
• Vomiting
• Sneezing
• Diarrhea
• Constant licking
• Chronic ear infections
• Runny eyes

What is a food allergy?

Food allergies are the immune system overreacting to an invading protein that is being consumed via food. Most pet owners understand protein from animal sources but don’t realize proteins are found in other ingredients such as vegetables and grains.

Your dog’s body is set up to protect him from potential allergens by using the gastrointestinal system which includes the intestines, stomach, and mouth. The immune system is centered in the gastrointestinal tract and is 70% of the entire immune system. A healthy gut will keep your dog’s immune system in a healthy state which supports overall good health.

How to help your dog with food allergies

You need to pinpoint the exact ingredient your dog is allergic to and avoid giving them this food. An excellent way to determine the allergen is to visit the veterinarian and ask them to conduct an examination on your dog. Remember to bring your dog’s current food bag for the veterinarian to see the ingredients.

Most veterinarians can pinpoint a specific ingredient or a few that could be causing the food allergy. This will make it easy for you to find food that doesn’t include harmful ingredients.

Always read the ingredients printed on side of dog food and treat bags. When choosing new dog food for your pet, consider organic all-natural options to help reduce the risk of exposure to unnecessary ingredients and preservatives.

Since the gut is responsible for 70% of the immune system, it’s also important to include an all-natural high-fiber supplement such as Bernie’s Perfect Poop to your dog’s complete and balanced diet. Bernie’s includes enzymes, prebiotics, fiber, probiotics, pumpkin, flaxseed, and miscanthus grass that supercharge your dog’s digestion which can alleviate dog allergies! The good news is, Bernie’s is flavored with chicken fat not protein so unlike other dog food with chicken, it won’t trigger your dog’s allergies.

Bernie’s Thoughts on Food Allergies

Bernie here to tell my furry friends that food allergies can be solved easily and quickly. The first thing you need to do is tell your pawrents to help you, you just need to itch and scratch your ears and skin a lot to get their attention. Once your pawrents smell the infectious odor coming from your cute little ears they will be alerted that something is wrong.

Get ready because your pawrents are going to change your food and it’s going to taste different but you are going to feel so much better. If your owners are as awesome as my pawrents, they will add a tasty little grass bit to your diet that tastes like cheddar cheese! Yum! Yum! Yum! This delicious treat is actually a fiber supplement that keeps your tummy feeling great! You can get started feeling better when you try Bernie’s Perfect Poop!

Hope all of your tummy troubles and allergies go away soon! And remember furry friends, health starts in the gut!

Until next time,
Bernie F.

Illustration of Bernie sitting and smiling.

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