4 New Year’s Resolutions Dog Parents Should Keep

Jan 6, 2021

It’s a NEW YEAR! That’s right…we’ve said, “Goodbye!” to 2020 and are looking forward to 2021 being a year of renewal and better days.

But if you’re like us, you always start a new year thinking you’re going to do great things and then by February? Womp, womp. We get it.

And after 2020? We totally understand!

That’s why we think 2020 is even more of a reason to work to make 2021 spectacular, and we think a few ‘resolutions’ may help. Now, don’t get freaked about the word ‘resolution.’ It really just means ‘a firm decision to do something.’ We’re all about ‘firm’ here–it IS a quality of perfect poop! But we also understand sometimes life just makes it hard, so these are resolutions we can all feel good about. They won’t even feel like resolutions–more like loving your pet even more (is that even possible?).

This year, I resolve to: Keep my dog at a healthy weight

We know, we know. Those puppy dog eyes. And it was the holidays. And 2020. But…we also know that according to The Association For Pet Obesity Prevention, nearly 60% of dogs in America are considered to be overweight or obese. This is a tremendous problem, as obesity not only makes it hard for them to live their best lives, but it directly impacts their immunity and longevity.

Feed good food, low calorie treats with no artificial ingredients or extra sugars and salts, and learn to measure the food you feed to be sure you’re not overfeeding.
If you DO have a dog who’s a bit on the ‘fluffy’ side, Bernie’s is amazing for helping them shed the weight and keep it off.

I also resolve to: Exercise my dog at least 5 times a week

If your dog IS fluffy, and needs to shed a few (no judging, we all indulged over the holidays after this year), exercise will be a factor in helping.

But it’s not just about weight loss. Exercise for your dog does just what it does for you–releases endorphins (feel-good hormones), helps build natural immunity by exposure and keeps our hearts healthy and happy. Sure, it burns calories too, but exercising at least five times a week is also about bonding with your pup. It doesn’t even have to make YOU break a sweat. Sometimes, just a few rounds of frisbee for 10 or 15 minutes is GOLD to your dog. If it’s cold and miserable, play hide and seek in your house or invest in some cold-weather gear and brave it together. It’s not just about the health benefit as much as it is also about the mental benefit, and you’ll find you both look forward to your time together.

I will also resolve to: Clean my dog’s belongings more often

We would NEVER point fingers (unless we pointed at ourselves, because we’re just regular old hoomans ourselves!) but….think about the last time you washed your dog’s bed? Or their food bowl? Or their water bowl? Their lovie? Their food mat? It’s okay, don’t think too long because if you’re like most pet parents? It’s not as recent as it most likely should have been. It’s okay; that’s what a new year is for, right? For 2021, resolve to make sure your dog’s food and water bowl are cleaned after each meal–it prevents bad bacteria from invading their bodies. Thankfully, Bernie’s does a great job of battling bad gut bacteria, but all we can do to keep the ickies away helps. Plus, your dog deserves a clean bed and collar, doesn’t he? Just pick a day of the week to be ‘wash day’ and get it all done in one load. You’ll be surprised at how much less fur you may see floating around too!

In 2021, I will also resolve to: Make sure my dog has his health covered

We love them so much. Their only problem is they don’t live long enough.
So take this year to be firm in keeping them as healthy as they can be. We know it’s hard (and often expensive) to get to the vet, but annual checks are important to prevent issues from developing to the point you have no options. Regular wellness check looks out for issues with your dog’s teeth, eyes, ears and more.

But there’s a lot YOU can do to keep their health covered too, and keep them out of the vet less. Make sure they’re getting enough water each day. Be sure to give quality food. And be sure to supplement appropriately to ensure their best health.

Good health begins in the gut. Plain and simple. More and more research continues to prove this point, and ensuring your dog has the best nutrition absorption and gut health is the number one way to keep them healthy and happy. Giving your dog Bernie’s every day can help improve their immunity and ward off icky bacteria and viruses that can make them sick. It’s as simple as including with every meal and something your dog will be able to thank you for with each bite.

See, resolutions that you can not only keep easily but that are win-wins for you and your dog. 2020 took a lot out of all of us, but adding a few of these resolutions can help 2021 be nothing but spectacular!

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