10 Signs My Dog Needs More Fiber

May 7, 2023

Eating meals may be the highlight of your dog’s day, but paying attention to fiber-rich foods isn’t on the top of their important list. Unfortunately, most dogs don’t get enough dietary fiber in their diet. Adding more fiber to your dog’s food will improve your dog’s digestive system, while also helping improve your dog’s health and immunity overall.

Every dog needs fiber–but not all fiber is the same.

Not only does the fiber quality for dogs matter when you’re trying to clean their gut health up, but the type of fiber does too. Whether it’s soluble fiber or insoluble fiber, you want to be sure that all the fiber is quality. High fiber dog foods may tout themselves as good for your dog’s gut health, but even for dogs with high fiber diets, the sources of fiber and quality matter.

Most pet parents think a high fiber dog food is all a dog needs to make sure they have the prober fiber intake, but the truth is that even high fiber dog foods may have lower-quality fiber that doesn’t do much more than go through your dog’s digestive system. Dogs that eat a diet low in fiber or low in quality fiber often suffer from a variety of health problems that are specifically related to their digestive system. Fiber supplementation with a quality soluble and insoluble fiber product can help prevent conditions like constipation, diabetes mellitus, and diarrhea. When you add fiber to your dog’s diet, you can also help with their weight loss and management.

Common signs your dog needs fiber

There are many signs your dog may not be eating enough fiber-rich foods and may benefit from fiber supplements.

My dog has irregular bowel movements.

If your dog experiences irregular bowel movements or struggles with constipation or diarrhea, it could be a sign of insufficient digestible fiber. Fiber for dogs helps regulate the digestive system and promotes healthy, regular bowel movements.

My dog struggles with weight management issues.

Obesity or weight management problems in dogs can sometimes be linked to a lack of fiber in their diet. Foods rich in fiber can help your dog feel fuller for longer, and this helps with weight control by minimizing their appetite and reducing overeating.

My dog has excessive gas.

Excessive gas or flatulence in dogs can be miserable for you and your dog. Too much fiber that’s not quality can lead to gas in dogs, but a fiber deficiency can also lead to flatulence. When your dog has quality dietary fiber as part of their regular diet, you can help regulate digestion and reduce gas in dogs.

My dog has loose stools.

If your best friend has loose or runny stools, they may not be getting enough fiber. How much fiber for dogs is necessary depends on each dog, but generally speaking, adjusting soluble fiber and insoluble fiber for dogs can help in the formation of well-formed, firm stools….what we like to call the Perfect Poop!

My dog has anal gland issues.

Dogs with insufficient fiber in their diets may experience anal gland problems. As we’ve said, fiber helps to bulk up your dog’s stool and that helps their anal glands express as they’re going potty. This can reduce the risk of blockage and infection.

My dog has a poor skin or coat.

A lack of fiber in your dog’s diet can impact their skin and coat health. That’s why vets are always recommending high fiber foods for dogs–fiber rich vegetables can help with the nutrient absorption they need to maintain their shiny, healthy coats.

My dog seems to have no energy.

A dog’s energy levels can be influenced by their diet. Insufficient dietary fiber can lead to a lack of energy and vitality. Fiber for dogs helps regulate their blood sugar levels, which can help provide a steady release of energy throughout their day.

My dog throws up a lot.

Digestive issues, including frequent vomiting, can be a sign that your dog’s diet lacks adequate fiber. Increasing fiber content can help promote healthy digestion and reduce instances of vomiting. Sometimes this is as simple as increasing the fiber in dog food, but likely you’ll still want to give them a fiber boost with a quality supplemental fiber.

My dog has issues with dental health.

Fiber-rich foods can contribute to maintaining your dog’s dental health. Chewing on fiber-rich treats or incorporating fibrous foods into their diet can help reduce plaque and tartar build-up, supporting healthy teeth and gums. One GREAT way to add fiber to your dog’s diet AND help their teeth be sparkly clean is our new dental treat, Charming Chompers! Designed to help your dog’s dental health by working from the inside out, you’ll not find better tasting fiber for dogs!

My dog takes forever to poop.

If your dog experiences slow digestion or upset tummies regularly, it could be due to a lack of fiber. Adding Fiber helps regulate their digestive system, and this will help keep their tummies comfortable and their pooping schedule more regular.

Excellent ideas to help add more fiber to your dog’s diet:

  • Improve your dog’s diet – Review your dog’s diet by writing down everything your dog eats in one day. If you feed your dog a commercial dog, food read the label carefully to determine how much crude fiber is included in the ingredients.  Choosing a dog food that contains enough soluble fibers and insoluble fibers is essential to supporting your dog’s overall health and especially their digestive system. If your dog eats other fiber rich vegetables with meals, that’s a great start, but often, quality fiber supplements for dogs add in even more benefit.
  • Add a supplement – Dogs that don’t get enough fiber in their diet through their food source can highly benefit from a supplement. Consider adding a fiber supplement to your dog’s diet to help them maintain a healthy digestive system.

Taking care of your dog’s fiber needs

Bernie’s Perfect Poop was created to help improve our own dog’s diet. We knew gut health was important, and we were having a hard time finding quality fiber for dogs, as well as clean sources of fiber. It was also hard to judge how much fiber we needed to add so we got together with canine experts to create Bernie’s Perfect Poop!

With Perfect Poop, we weren’t just adding fiber, but we were adding additional quality ingredients that help gut health be optimal. Bernie’s Perfect Poop is an all-natural supplement that contains premium dietary fibers including, pumpkin, flaxseed and Miscanthus grass. These ingredients work together and supercharge the digestive system allowing your dog to experience easier digestion. But combined with pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes, your dog will feel their best all the time. After all, healthier diets mean happier dogs!

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