How Can I Get My Dog to Lose Weight?

Mar 11, 2019

Did your dog just steal another french fry off your plate? Too many snacks, people food or overeating can lead to obesity in dogs. If the veterinarian has alerted you to the fact your dog is looking a bit chunky for his breed, it’s time to take control.

Surprisingly, 50% of the dog population in the United States is obese. Your dog might look adorable with a bit of weight on him, but it could negatively affect his health in the long run.

Health problems your dog can experience from being overweight

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Arthritis
  • Joint pain

Signs your dog is overweight

  • Difficulty in walking
  • No waistline
  • Need for a larger collar
  • Unable to feel your dogs ribs while petting
  • Your dog moves slower than usual
  • The desire to sleep more often
  • Unusual anger or aggressive behavior
  • Shortness of breath

Weight management for obese dogs

As a pet parent, you might feel overwhelmed and responsible for your dog’s weight problems. Don’t worry; you aren’t alone! Many pet parents are in the same position you are, and the best thing about this situation is there is something you can do about it!

Managing your dog’s weight is easier than you think! The first thing you can do is check with the veterinarian to assure your dog is healthy enough for moderate exercise. Then, it’s time to put a spark in your dog’s step by implementing some fun activities for your little “chunky” to do!

Here are some great ideas to get your dog moving:

  • Walking – This is the easiest option since you can take your dog for a walk anytime. It’s best to build up to longer walks over some time. You will know when you have gone too far when your cute little “chunky” has decided to take a nap on the sidewalk, and you need to carry him home. For this reason, it’s always best to build up slowly as your dog’s health improves.
  • Playing in the yard – If you are one of the lucky pet parents that have a fenced-in yard it’s time to have some fun! Play a game of fetch with your dog or turn the sprinklers on during hot weather days and run around with your dog cooling off in the water. This activity is also an excellent idea to include the children in this fun event. Avoid letting your dog exercise outside alone since he’s used to being a couch potato and won’t feel motivated to have fun on his own. If left alone, chances are you might find him wandering around the yard in a daze looking for the bowl of popcorn, the sofa, and the remote control to watch Netflix.
  • Swimming – Do you have a pool or live near a lake, beach or pond? Many dog breeds naturally enjoy water and swimming. Since your dog is a bit overweight and might have a difficult time swimming, it’s best to put a doggie life vest on him for added safety. Imagine how cute your little “chunky” is going to look waddling around in a swim vest! Surely the vision is cute and funny!

Taking control of your dog’s diet and digestive health

Your veterinarian may recommend a healthy diet suited to your dog’s needs. Usually, this includes providing your dog with plenty of fresh water, nutritious food, and appropriate serving sizes. It might include a healthy treat like carrots, so your dog doesn’t feel deprived.

Helpful digestive support supplements for overweight dogs

You can help your dog lose weight by including more fiber into their diet. A simple and quick way to do this is to add a fiber supplement such as Bernie’s Perfect Poop to their daily meal. Bernie’s Perfect Poop contains all-natural miscanthus grass, pumpkin and flax-seed fibers that will help your dog lose weight. Furthermore, the prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes in Bernie’s will supercharge your dog’s digestive tract and help him/her feel great!

Since your dog is overweight, chances are that he also releases some extraordinary farts that can knock you out! These stinky bombs are a sign your dog needs to improve their digestive system big time, and Bernie’s Perfect Poop can get the job done!

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Bernie’s Thoughts on Weight Loss

Hey guys! As you may have seen from my photos, I’m a super huggable 125 pound chunk of fluff. I’ll admit it, I have about five more pounds to lose, but at least I’m getting there the easy way. . . by supplementing my meals with super charged fiber and NOT by having my walkies extended a few extra miles each day. Longer walks? No thanks! My breed was designed for short strong bursts of muscle strength to pull carts, like a donkey only more attractive to look at. Yes, I am like a pretty donkey, only I have better looking haunches.

Anyways, increasing fiber in my diet was my pawrents best decision yet – especially since Perfect Poop tastes like Cheddar Cheese! Another fiber fat-shredding secret? The more fiber in your diet, the more water you drink, the more water you drink the more weight you lose (and your breath smells better for smooches with the family). What’s not to love about this plan?! I’m shedding pounds by eating fiber that tastes like cheese and have the same amount of time dedicated to naps each day.

​Poop smarter, not harder furry friends!

​Until next time,

Bernie F.

Illustration of Bernie sitting and smiling.

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