Yuck! What to Do About Dirty Dog Breath

Feb 21, 2022

Ewwww….that dog breath is no joke! There’s a reason there’s tons of stuff out there about how to handle dog bad breath, and because no one wants those stinky snouts breathing that doggo breath on us. But is there more to bad dog breath than just a stank you hate? There sure is, and we’ll tell you why you want to help battle bad dog breath.

Lots of dog owners figure that dog bad breath is just part of the gig as a dog pawrent. They don’t make those jokes about bad breath being as bad as the dog’s for nothing.

And sometimes, you may just think the dog bad breath is one of those things that comes with them getting older, but the truth is…bad dog breath can be a sign of something as simple as they ate something nasty or something as serious as disease. You’ll want to know the difference and how you can battle that dirty dog breath for your best friend.

Causes of bad breath in dogs

Right of the bat, most dog parents say they do *not* regularly brush their dog’s teeth. And we humans know that can be a serious thing. If you’re not getting that plaque, tartar and bacteria off your dog’s teeth after meals, it can just stink. But it can also cause some irritation in their gums and that can lead to gingivitis.

Gingivitis is inflammation of the tissue that surrounds your dog’s teeth. Additionally, your dog could have food get stuck in between his teeth and that can cause inflammation and buildup of nasty bacteria that smell.

But sometimes that foul odor comes for other reasons. If the inflammation in your dog’s mouth is severe, tissue can be destroyed to the point that bacteria from it can enter his bloodstream and spread to other parts of his body.

If your dog has diabetes, kidney disease or liver disease, you may find his breath is exceptionally icky. This is why it’s always recommended to check with your vet if your dog’s bad breath persists even after you treat with brushing or freshening naturally with carrots or parsley.

And if your dog’s gut health is poor, that could be the reason his breath smells so bad. Gut health and oral health are directly connected in humans and in dogs, and if there’s lots of nasty bacteria in your dog’s gut, you will likely know about it from the resulting smelly gas. When that gas is absorbed in his bloodstream, you can typically smell it in his exhale and wheeewwweee…you remember that he *does* lick his butt on a pretty regular basis (check out this article if your dog’s breath smells like poop).

How Bernie’s Perfect Poop can help dog halitosis

While we can’t really stop them from licking their rear-ends, we CAN do a lot to help our dogs have good gut health. Good gut health is key for your dog having overall better health, and keeping their bad breath at bay. When their guts are healthier, they aren’t as prone to bad breath.

It’s the quality ingredients in Perfect Poop that make a difference. Fiber helps balance his microbiome by ensuring all the food they eat moves through his digestive tract as it should, and that prevents bacteria from building up and stinking. Premium fiber helps prevent diarrheaconstipation and slow digestion, and it also keeps your dog’s gut ready to fight any offensive bacteria that could contribute to their doggo halitosis.

The prebiotics and probiotics in Perfect Poop help balance the bacteria in your dog’s digestive tract and that helps keep icky bacteria from smelling up the place. Inulin feeds the good bacteria in your dog’s lower digestive tract and this keeps a thriving and happy microbiome going. Healthy bacteria supplementation can crowd out the stinky bacteria and help reduce those smells from their butts and their mouths.

Perfect Poop also has digestive enzymes that help with dog halitosis by breaking down his food with every bite. The more broken down the food, the easier it is to digest (and the less there is left on their teeth to cause irritation and inflammation).

All of those ingredients combined work to not only battle dog bad breath but help improve gut health too. Experts agree; healthy gut microbiomes can make a huge difference in your dog’s bad breath.

So if your dog’s breath makes you want to turn your tail and run, add Bernie’s Perfect Poop to every meal. Then you can tell your pup to pucker up!

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