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Ahhhchoo! Are Dog Allergies Rubbing You the Wrong Way?

Apr 18, 2022

Ahhhchoo!! It’s not just you rubbing your eyes and feeling itchy and scratchy this spring. It’s your pet too, as experts agree that dog allergies are a serious concern. Read on to find out how you can tell if your dog has allergies and how you can help them this season!

Can dogs have allergies?

Heck ya, they can. Just like humans, if you’re suffering from allergies due to lots of pollen from all the blooming things, it’s likely your dog is too. Dogs and humans share a lot in common, and one of the things they share is similar reaction to pollen and environmental allergens in the air–things like trees and grasses. For dogs, this can be pretty serious because it’s hard to avoid allergens since they’re always on their paws. That they love to roll and frolic in the grass doesn’t make things any easier on them allergy-wise. And if your dog is suffering from allergies, you’ll know!

Symptoms of dog allergies

Does your dog do a lot of licking? Like it’s his job? (Sort of it is; that’s also how they clean themselves, but we’re talking a LOT.)

How about scratching? Is that collar with all its tags going bonkers all throughout the day because he’s scratching every time he turns his tail?

What about his paws? Is he licking and gnawing on them like he’s got peanut butter stuck in between the pads and he’s desperate to get it out?

Yep, it’s very likely he has allergies and is struggling with them. You may also see him cough and sneeze some too-just like humans, that’s a dog’s way of expelling the pollen and other environmental allergens that are driving him bonkers.

It’s important to treat allergy symptoms, particularly the licking and chewing, because that’s how hot spots can form and those are not fun for our best friends!

My dog has allergies! What can I do?

The good news is that there’s lots of stuff you can do at home for your dog (check out these home remedies for seasonal dog allergies), and much of it is natural and doesn’t require them to have to take antihistamines or cortisone shots (which is often a suggestion from many veterinarians). And if your dog is ridiculously miserable, we always recommend following your vet’s advice to help them live their best lives.

But there’s a lot of stuff you can do yourself! One of the things holistic pet specialists recommend is ensuring paws are always clean. There are a handful of awesome brands out there (we like PawZ SaniPaw spray or wipes because it’s super easy to use each time you come in the house) and they make a big difference in both allergens you bring in and reducing other nasties your doggo will find on his feet.

You can also give your dog baths more regularly (or again, use wipes more often during the season) so that they’re not as exposed to as much pollen. This is good for us hoomans too, especially because snuggling our best friends during pollen season can mean more exposure for us as well. Also check out our article about how to help dog seasonal allergies to learn more.

Some dogs even take allergy shots–it’s like immunotherapy to help their bodies get more and more used to the allergens so they don’t affect them as much. Allergy shots for dogs are typically specific for each dog and your vet would have to test him and then have the correct serums created.

But the easiest way you can naturally battle dog allergies is to give them Bernie’s Perfect Poop with every meal!

You see, allergy reactions are overreactions of our (and our dogs’) immune systems. They see allergens as foreign invaders (and they are) and we go into a reaction where we emit histamine to battle them. (That’s why many vets will recommend antihistamines for pets during allergy seasons.)

The thing is, though, if your dog’s gut is in good shape, his immune system will be too, and won’t be so sensitive to every little thing coming around. Your dog’s gut is full of bacteria, and the more good bacteria your dog’s gut has, the healthier he is and the stronger his immune system is.

So guess what supports the best gut health? You know it–Bernie’s Perfect Poop.

When you give your dog Perfect Poop with every meal, you’re helping build his gut health and prevent bad bacteria from taking over. Bad bacteria does a great job of weakening your dog’s immune system, making him more prone to overreact when something like pollen hits his system, and that’s when you’ll see the strongest allergy reactions.

Bernie’s Perfect Poop For Dog allergies?

Yep. We’re not just about making sure your dog has the best poo on the block (though we do take pride in that)! Perfect Poop really works in your dog’s gut, internally, to help build good dog gut health from the inside out. Adding premium fiber, pre and probiotics to your dog’s meals ensures that there’s a healthy balance of bacteria in his gut and his immune system won’t overreact to allergens (and cause him to scratch his fur off all the time). Perfect Poop fuels your dog to make him his strongest by ensuring all the food you feed him is absorbed appropriately and he gets optimal nutrition. These nutrients fuel every cell of his body, and help his gut prevent the need for excess histamine when fighting off allergens from grass, trees, pollens and even food. Science continually shows the connection between good gut health and allergy symptoms (in dogs and humans!) and that’s why we recommend Bernie’s Perfect Poop with every meal–especially during this season!

Bernie’s Thoughts on Dog Allergies

Hi folks!

It’s me, Bernie!

Lemme just say that I try to be a pretty positive guy, but it’s HARD when all you’re doing is scratching, licking and chewing the day away.

That’s how I was before my pawrents created Perfect Poop for me.

Yeah, they wanted me to have better poop because it was easier for them to pick up, but mostly, they wanted me to have better health!

Good health begins in the gut, and the great ingredients in Perfect Poop are what keeps me in great shape and keeps my allergy symptoms a thing of the past!

Wishing your dog no more itchies, scratchies or biteys–
Bernie F.
Chief Dog Officer

Illustration of Bernie sitting and smiling.

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