Signs of Overweight and Obese Dogs and How to Resolve Using Fiber

Feb 7, 2020

Your little fur baby might look cute all chubbed out and porky, but it’s bad for their health. A survey taken by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention revealed that more than half the dogs in the United States are obese or overweight. Is your dog overweight or obese? If your dog’s weight is 15% or more above their ideal weight they are considered to be overweight while dogs that weight 30% or more above their ideal weight is considered to be obese

Health issues caused by dog obesity

Serious health issues can develop due to obesity. Dogs that are obese or overweight can suffer from the following ailments:

  • Respiratory issues
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cancer
  • Orthopedic issues
  • Shorter life span

Here are three excellent ways to help your dog lose weight:

  1. Exercise – As a pet parent, you want to help keep your dog healthy and reduce their weight. An excellent way to maintain a healthy weight is to keep your dog active by making daily walks and exercise part of their regular routine.
  2. Decrease caloric intake – A common reason dogs become overweight is due to consuming too much food per day. As a pet parent, it’s enjoyable to give your dog treats or a little extra food because they seem like there are always hungry. However, these added portions often contribute to obesity. Decrease caloric food intake to help your dog lose weight. Providing healthier treats is also an excellent way to provide nutritional balance with low calories.
  3. Make activities fun – Play a game of fetch with your dog in the yard to encourage them to run around. Or, take them hiking or to the dog park a few times a week so they naturally run along to keep up with you during the hike or other dogs at the park.

Helpful fiber supplements to help your dog lose weight

A healthy diet and regular exercise help your dog maintain their weight but a fiber supplement is a cherry on top that promotes overall good health and well being. You can help your dog lose weight and have overall good health by including an all-natural high fiber supplement when you try Bernie’s Perfect Poop! It’s a grain-free and gluten-free supplement that includes natural fibers including Miscanthus Grass, Pumpkin, Flaxseed and Inulin. Plus it naturally supercharges your dog’s digestive system for optimum health benefits. Bernie’s Perfect Poop is the perfect addition to your dog’s weight loss treatments!

Helpful digestive support supplements for dogs with diarrhea

The great news is, you can stop your dog’s diarrhea with a high fiber supplement such as Bernie’s Perfect Poop. It’s an all natural supplement for dogs that contains pumpkin, flax seed, and Miscanthus grass. These combined ingredients support a healthy digestive system that helps prevent diarrhea. It also includes healthy probiotics, enzymes and prebiotics that can help heal gut conditions. Bernie’s Perfect Poop supplement is created to help stop diarrhea and prevent it in the future.

Frequent diarrhea is a sign something is wrong with your dog’s digestive system. A healthy diet and an all natural fiber supplement will keep your dog’s system in good working order. Bernie’s Perfect Poop supplement gets the job done and helps get rid of diarrhea.

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Bernie’s Weight Loss Thoughts

Hey guys! Bernie here to confess I used to be a real porker back in the day! Yes. I loved my yummy food and could eat all day if you let me. My pawrents noticed I was slowing down a bit and not able to keep up with the family during our fun days at the beach and hiking. So, they decided to take control and help me lose weight by creating Bernie’s Perfect Poop supplement.

My pawrents sure do know me well because they knew I wouldn’t eat just any supplement so they made my special treat taste like delicious cheddar cheese! I get to eat it once a day along with one of my meals. I look forward to it and try to eat it first because it tastes so amazing!

The all-natural supplement has helped me lose weight and I’m proud to say I’m maintaining a super huggable 125 pounds! Bernie’s Perfect Poop also cured all of my digestive problems and my stinky poops too!

You can lose weight and cure your tummy troubles too when you try Bernie’s Perfect Poop!

Poop smarter, not harder furry friends!

Until next time,
Bernie F.

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