May Is National Pet Month Day: 18 Ways To Celebrate

May 5, 2024

National Pet Month rolls around every May, and gives us a wonderful reason to celebrate the incredible bond we share with our furry best friends. It all started as a heartfelt initiative to shine a spotlight on the joys and responsibilities of dog ownership, and to bring about awareness of the undeniably positive impact dogs have on our lives. Whether it’s throwing a spotlight on the needs of rescue dogs or just reminding us to appreciate our dogs a little extra, this month can be all about strengthening our connection with our dogs and promoting better care for them across the board. Here are 18 ways to celebrate your dog this National Pet Month!

Ways To Celebrate National Pet Month With Your Dog

  1. Make DIY Gourmet Dog Treats

Level up your dog’s snack time up by creating gourmet dog treats at home. Experiment with recipes that include wholesome ingredients like lean meats, vegetables, and grains. For instance, bake salmon and dill biscuits or craft sweet potato and turkey jerky. These treats not only offer a tasty treat but are great, healthy, preservative-free snacks. Some of our favorite recipes can be found here!

  1. Interactive Puzzle ToysPhoto: Photo_ A dog plays with a treat puzzle in the living room.

Challenge Fido’s mind with advanced puzzle toys that require problem-solving skills to unlock tasty treats. These toys come in various difficulty levels, so start simple and gradually introduce more complex puzzles. This activity strengthens their cognitive abilities, and as we always say, “A dog who isn’t bored isn’t getting into trouble!”

  1. Homemade Agility CoursePhoto: A Golden Retriever participates in an indoor agility course.

Build a custom agility course using household things like broom handles for jumps and blankets over chairs to create tunnels. Guide your dog through the course with treats and lots of praise. This not only helps in physical exercise but also improves their obedience and training skills. Plus, it’s super fun for you both–take a video so you can share it!

  1. Dog-Friendly Movie NightPhoto: A family is in bed eating popcorn and watching a movie.

Organize a special movie night for you and your dog with films like “Homeward Bound” or “The Secret Life of Pets.” Yes, dogs can (and many do!) watch television! Create a comfy space with blankets and pillows in your favorite room, and don’t forget a dog-friendly movie snack like popcorn without salt or butter.

  1. Canine Massage Therapy

Learn massage techniques specifically suited for dogs to help relax their muscles, improve circulation, and reduce stress. Focus on gentle strokes from head to tail, and use soothing motions around their ears and paws. This can be particularly beneficial for older dogs or those with joint issues. Watch those eyes just sparkle at how good it feels!

  1. Create a Doggy Time Capsule

Put together a time capsule with your dog’s favorite small toy, a current photo of you two together, and a letter written to your future selves. Really, it could be anything you want to remember! Bury it in your yard or keep it somewhere safe to open years later. It’s a unique way to capture memories of your life together. Many pet parents do this every year, and then when it’s time for their friend to cross the Rainbow Bridge, you have precious memories.

  1. Create a Doggy Scavenger Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt in your backyard or a safe indoor area. Hide your dog’s favorite treats or toys around and enjoy the fun as they sniff them out. This not only entertains but also stimulates their natural hunting instincts.

  1. Custom Pet Portrait

Commission a custom portrait of your dog from a local artist or through an online service. You can choose the style, whether it’s modern, abstract, or classic, making it a timeless piece of art that celebrates your pet. There are so many ways to bring personalized pet art into your home, and who doesn’t love their best friend’s furry face on the walls?

  1. Host a Dog Art SessionPhoto: A dog is about to get into an art project with a palette and paint brushes.

Or, how about creating your OWN doggy art? Buy some non-toxic paints and a large canvas. Let your dog walk through the paint and onto the canvas to create a masterpiece. This is a fun way to capture your dog’s paw prints in a memorable and colorful way.

  1. Specialized Dog Spa Day

Arrange a spa day with pet-specific treatments like aromatherapy baths, pawdicures, and gentle ear cleanings. This not only pampers your pet but also promotes their overall hygiene and health.

  1. Breakfast With Barks

Organize a “Breakfast With Barks” event by inviting friends and their dogs over for a morning of fun and food. Serve dog-friendly treats and human snacks, and provide plenty of toys and comfortable spaces for the dogs to play and relax. It’s a great way to socialize–for you and your dog!

12. Pup’s Day Out

Take your dog on a day trip to a pet-friendly location, such as a beach or hiking trail. The new environment is exciting and enriching for them.

  1. GPS AdventurePhoto: A White German Shepherd sits at the bough of a boat on the river.

Or, if you’re adventurous, equip your dog with a GPS tracker and go on an adventure day where you follow your dog wherever they choose to go. This can lead to unexpected places and gives your dog a chance to lead the way, exploring freely, but also at the same time, under your very careful watch!

14. Doga (Dog Yoga)Photo: A woman does yoga with her Boxer in the living room.

Participate in a dog yoga session together. This can be a relaxing experience for both you and your pet, strengthening your bond and providing physical activity. They don’t call it “Downward Dog” for nothing!

15. Night at a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Book a night at a pet-friendly hotel and spoil your dog with a new environment filled with cuddles and relaxation.

16. Enjoy A Water Play Day

May is likely bringing some warmer weather for you and your dog. Set up a kiddie pool in your backyard and fill it with water toys. A splash day is perfect, even for those who aren’t super swimmers. It may take a bit for them to enjoy, but that’s okay because you can have fun splashing together to get your feet (and paws) wet!

17. Pet-Friendly VolunteeringPhoto: Volunteers help other dogs as they hold their pugs.

Volunteer together at a local animal shelter or another pet-friendly charity event. It’s a rewarding experience that helps others.

18. Support a Canine Charity

Make a donation to a canine charity in your dog’s name. Supporting causes that help other dogs is a wonderful tribute. It’s a great way to end a month full of celebrating your best friend!

We love and adore our dogs all year long, but this National Pet Month, take some time to really celebrate your dog and bond even more!


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