Can Bernie’s Perfect Poop Help Stop Dog Diarrhea AND Dog Constipation?

Oct 10, 2022

Wait a minute…how can a dog suffer from dog diarrhea if he’s also suffering from dog constipation? How can a product even help them both? Those are great questions, and if you want to know if Bernie’s Perfect Poop can help stop dog diarrhea and dog constipation, the answer is, “It sure can!”

We know, we know…it sounds almost counterintuitive. When your dog has diarrhea, his butt runs like a chocolate fondue tower. When he’s constipated, you can’t even believe the size of those anaconda poops he finally gets out of his rear end. They’re completely opposite conditions but one product is supposed to help with both?

Sure is, and it’s Bernie’s Perfect Poop.

How can one product help dog diarrhea AND dog constipation?

When we’re talking about the Perfect Poop–not too runny and not hard as a rock–the magic behind it (literally) actually comes from your dog’s gut. When your dog has diarrhea, that is a sign that his gut is not happy. The same goes for when he’s stopped up–his gut health is not in check, and the result is poops that are hard and painful. Bernie’s Perfect Poop isn’t made for any one specific condition; instead, it was created to ensure the best dog gut health. The ingredients we chose are quality ingredients recommended by experts to ensure gut health–and when your dog’s gut is healthy, his poop is just.right.

Or, as we like to say, perfect.

How can Bernie’s Perfect Poop help diarrhea in dogs?

Perfect Poop is called Perfect Poop for a reason! The ingredient combination was purposed to help treat various digestive issues–diarrhea and constipation are just a couple of them.

Fibers are either soluble or insoluble (one dissolves in water and one doesn’t) and including both types of fiber can help both diarrhea AND constipation!

Because Perfect Poop has premium Miscanthus grass, pumpkin and flaxseed as its fibers (solubles and insolubles), they’re able to do different things. Inulin is also a prebiotic fiber that can help by gelling up your dog’s stool as it goes through and making it easier to move from one part of his digestive system to the other. Miscanthus grass is insoluble, and can firm up loose stool by bulking it up through the digestive tract.

Fiber absorbs water–think of it like a sponge that goes through your dog’s digestive tract and helps pull moisture from outside your dog’s colon and into his stool as it moves through. This is how it helps constipation–creating just the right consistency to move smoothly through his digestive tract.

But, it also has the ability to absorb excess water from inside his colon–which is what typically results in runny stools–and firm it up. Fiber is basically nature’s poop normalizer (it’s only from vegetables or grains, never meat) and it can (almost magically!) firm up or soften a stool as it goes through your dog’s digestive tract.

How do probiotics help stop dog diarrhea and dog constipation?

Studies show that probiotics help diarrhea by strengthening gut health and ensuring quality nutrient absorption as food goes through your dog’s digestive tract.  Additionally, probiotics help keep your dog’s gut lining strong and healthy and this can prevent the effects of disruption from things like viruses and antibiotics. When your dog’s gut is full of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) it can better fight off the effects.

Consequently, probiotics can also help prevent dog constipation by helping soften the stool as it goes through your dog’s colon. A flourishing colony of probiotics means that your dog’s food doesn’t sit in his gut forever, and goes through at a speed that allows for proper nutrient absorption as well as frequent bowel movements that reduce constipation.

Again, the key to stopping digestive issues like diarrhea OR constipation remain in the gut’s health. Dogs who have thriving and healthy microbiomes don’t suffer from things like colitis, diarrhea, leaky gut or constipation.

Bernie’s Perfect Poop really offers dogs the perfect poop!

When you give your dog Bernie’s Perfect Poop with each meal, you are helping strengthen his gut health. His gut health is what determines whether stool moves through his intestines too quickly (diarrhea) or not quickly enough (constipation) and makes it just right. Call Perfect Poop the Goldilocks of supplements, if you will, as it works to give the perfect poop consistency with every bite.

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