Best Ways to Entertain Dogs on Cold Days

Jan 17, 2022

If you’re one of those lucky ducks who lives in a place where the weather is always pretty great and amiable for outdoor exercise all the time…how nice! It must be a ‘ruff’ life! Just kidding, although just sort of. For many of us, though, the weather outside is pretty frightful and neither your dog nor you really want to go out in it. Here are some great ways to entertain dogs on cold days–stay warm, friends!

If you live in an area with seasons, it may just be unavoidable. The winters are long and they’re often cold and icy–not the kind of weather that’s conducive to those good old games of frisbee or ball-chasing.

But it’s important to keep your dogs entertained and exercised (mentally and physically), even in the cold weather. So, we’ve got some great suggestions for how you can do just that!

Consider a doggy playdate

Obviously, if the weather outside is so bad that it’s not safe to drive or go out, we’d recommend holding off. But, if you’re in a neighborhood where you could get to another dog friend’s home, or even in a living situation where you could just head upstairs to your neighbor and your dogs could hang out, do so! It’s good socialization for the dogs, who are just as happy to play grab-butt inside as out, as long as they’re with their friend and you, their hooman are near. It’s also good for YOU as sometimes, cold weather days are so miserable you just want to snuggle up in bed and not come out. We get it, but it’s better for you and your dog to have time together and keep the blood moving!

Make it a spa day

Okay, so maybe you don’t want to get out in that mess and make your already dirty dog dirtier. This could be a great time to offer a spa day! Give Fifi a bath, clean her ears out, cut/trim her nails, brush her teeth and give her a good brush down and grooming. Dogs love massage, so make it a real treat for her, and a bonding experience for you both!


This is a great time to actually play with your dog. And, if you’re like a lot of us dog parents, you probably have a few toys hanging out in some closet that you could pull out. You want to rotate toys anyway for their stimulation, so this is the perfect time to bring out new toys (or dig to the bottom of the toy bin!) and play with them. If you really want to help stimulate their minds on a cold day, consider puzzles that offer treats as rewards. Check out some of our favorites hereherehere, and here! Just remember that treat/food dispensing toys DO add calories so consider low-calorie treats.

Some other fun you can consider is playing the ‘cup’ game–where you put a treat under a cup and then you shuffle the cups around to let your dog ‘find’ the treat. We bet you’d be surprised at how good they’ll be at it!

Or consider Hide-n-Seek!! You can have your dog stay, then run and hide and see if he can find you! Have a sweet little treat waiting and watch him get super excited (while he’s getting mental stimulation and physical exercise).

If it’s really icky outside and you have the time on your hands, consider a doggy obstacle course! Use what you have in your house and create a fun and exciting way for them to scrounge around and find treats! You can really have a ball in this–creating it and encouraging your best friend!

Just take the plunge

Another option on a cold and icky day is to go with it! That’s right! Put on your warmest, most protective gear (consider this and this for your dog) and make snowflakes out of that snow! So many dogs LOVE the snow–their zoomies in it pretty much prove that–and there’s nothing like getting out and getting some fresh air with your best pal.

No matter the weather outside, make sure you’re taking care of your dog’s insides! Traditionally, the winter season is one of colds and flu for humans. But did you know that cold weather can be problematic for dogs too? A dog’s respiratory system is what keeps him warm. Just like in humans, when the air is cold, your dog’s bronchial tube can constrict. This is how both humans and dogs can end up with colds that even turn into pneumonia.  So it’s super important that you do all you can to keep your dog’s immune system in the best shape it can be.

That’s where Bernie’s Perfect Poop comes in! With the perfect combination of premium fiber, pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes, your dog’s gut health will be optimally functioning. Up to 70% of a dog’s immunity is connected to the health of his gut, and Perfect Poop ensures the best gut health for your dog. With each bite, he’ll be digesting the food you give him to get optimal nutrition that fuels his cells and keeps his gut health strong.

So be sure to give your dog Perfect Poop with every meal–winter, spring, summer and fall. His immune system will thank you, and he’ll be around for all the indoor or outdoor fun you want to have! Check out more tips to enhance you pup’s immune system.

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