Bernie’s Best Launches Bernie’s Perfect Poop at Global Pet Expo 2019

by | May 11, 2019

Ultimate Digestion Support for Dogs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Austin, Texas | March 2019] Bernie’s Best, makers of natural digestion support supplements for dogs, is proud to announce the launch of Bernie’s Perfect Poop™ at the Global Pet Expo 2019 in Orlando, FL.  Bernie’s Perfect Poop™ is a revolutionary blend of sun-cured miscanthus grass & other healthy fibers, prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes; flavored with natural cheddar cheese and easily served on top of your dog’s current meals. The proprietary formula is unique and novel in that it provides an optimal combination of digestive support ingredients, whereas previously consumers had to buy and mix multiple separate supplements for the same effect.  The formula was specifically designed for dogs to support healthy digestion, enhance immune system health and improve the absorption of nutrients and stool quality.

Bernie’s Best was founded by Jim & Christie Finnigan to address the need for a safe, comprehensive and healthy digestion support product line for dogs.  Countless hours of research and development in our kitchen and with third party Ph.D. researchers went into creating the optimal formulation of natural fibers, prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes that promotes healthy digestion, the foundation of a healthier dog.  “We set out to create the best supplement possible that addresses the common needs of our dog Bernie and the problems we as pet parents had with existing products.  We are thrilled to finally share Bernie’s so that all dog owners and dogs can benefit.“ said Company President, Jim Finnigan. “We were tired of having to buy separate, messy and bulky supplements for Bernie and set out to create a product that’s easy to use, tastes great (to dogs) and most importantly promotes a healthier, happier dog. We are extremely proud to announce our new product at Global Pet Expo 2019.”

Finnigan added “We’ve sourced the highest quality ingredients from tested and trusted suppliers to create a digestion support product our customers can be 100% confident in.  Our primary ingredient (sun cured miscanthus fiber) is relatively new to the market, but has shown amazing results in university studies.  It’s also extremely high in insoluble fiber, environmentally friendly, naturally processed, and grown by local Midwest farmers.  Sun cured miscanthus grass (M-Fiber™), is supplied by Renew Biomass.  “Renew produces the industry’s best insoluble fiber available in the pet market today.” Dustin Dover, COO of Renew Biomass, stated “We are extremely happy to work with innovative companies such as Bernie’s Best and assist them in formulating the highest quality pet food products utilizing M-Fiber™ as the all-natural, non-GMO fiber solution.”

Bernie’s Perfect Poop™ comes as easy to serve grass bits, is produced in the USA using current good manufacturing practices (GMP) and is sold in BPA-Free resealable 12.8 oz (363 g) pouches.  All ingredients are sourced to be all-natural, non-GMO, grain-free, and gluten-free.  Distribution and sales partnership opportunities available, please visit us at BOOTH #6375 to speak with our team.

Bernie’s Best LLC is headquartered in Austin, TX and works with accredited suppliers throughout the US to produce the very best in ultimate digestion support products for dogs. The company’s namesake and motivation is Bernie, a 3-year-old Bernese Mountain dog, who enjoys long hikes in the woods, quiet naps and being the center of family affection.

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