Why Dogs Fart So Much (And How You Can Treat It)

Mar 20, 2023

An embarrassing, yet quite common health problem in dogs is flatulence. Not only do dog farts make the air unbreathable sometimes, but it can also create abdominal discomfort and bloating. In the following article, we will discuss some common causes of gas in dogs, preventive measures and digestion supplements. Farting in dogs is a perfectly normal occurrence resulting from the digestive process. But sometimes, this gassy natural phenomenon is enough to make your eyes water and seek a solution. But why does my dog fart so much? Before treating or preventing this smelly condition, you need to identify why your dog farts so much.

Here are the 7 most frequent causes why your dog farts:

  • Diet is the most common cause of dog gas: Low-quality dog food, dried food diets, as well as milky or dairy products and soy products can significantly increase gas production during the digestion process.
  • Excessive dog farts can be a genetic trait: Some dog breeds have a genetic predisposition to gassy digestion. Generally, dogs with flat faces, such as bulldogs, pugs, and boxers, tend to swallow too much more air while eating. The air that comes in, must go out.
  • Dogs can have food intolerance too: When fed a difficult to digest substance, the production of gas will substantially increase. Our beloved pets can be lactose intolerant or gluten intolerant, just like humans.
  • Too much gas can signal a clinical condition or a disease: Unfortunately, there can be underlying causes that trigger abundant gas passing in dogs (some kind of gastrointestinal disease). The health problems that can make your dog’s tummy babble include inflammatory bowel disease, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, tumors, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, intestinal parasites, enteritis, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. If you suspect one of these conditions, be sure to speak with your vet.
  • Gulping on food may result in bloat, excessive gas buildup, and in the worst-case scenario a life-threatening situation: Dogs love their food. But too much love hurts. Sometimes our furry companions dig in their food bowl like there is no tomorrow, swallowing unchewed food and lots of air. Try placing a toy in your dog’s food bowl or divide the portion into smaller ones using a muffin baking tray. This will slow down the eating process and will prevent dog farts.
  • Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle will make your dog a biohazard: If your dog is carrying excessive weight due to lack of activity and extreme food intake, dog farts will increase in frequency.
  • Your dog is not capable of absorbing all the vital nutrients from his food and this makes him gassy: Intestinal Malabsorption is usually accompanied by weight loss, diarrhea, rumbling and gurgling stomach (upset stomach), chronic flatulence, depression, low energy levels, vomiting, and shabby haircoat. If your dog experiences any of the symptoms above, you should visit your vet as soon as possible.

If other unusual symptoms accompany the symphony of smelly farts your dog plays, visit your veterinarian for a professional diagnosis. Now that causes of dog’s flatulence were revealed, we need to work on prevention. Simple adjustments in your dog’s daily routine can make a huge difference in clearing the air.

Here are 7 simple solutions to stop dog farts:

  1. Blend your dog’s food. By switching from solid to liquid food, you will make sure your dog stops swallowing unchewed food. This new diet will improve digestion and will prevent vomiting, bloating and gas problems.
  2. Add moisture to a dry food diet. Incorporate a little chicken or vegetable stock in your dog meal will prevent digestion problems and dog farts.
  3. Prevent your dog from eating too fast. To prevent air ingestion during a meal, make sure you slow down your dog in bolting the food. You can accomplish that by investing in a special food bowl, or by simply placing a tennis ball, or your pet’s favorite toy, on top of the food.
  4. Try a change in diet. Try to cut down the following ingredients from your dog’s diet: table scraps, dairy products, sugary foods, and high-fat aliments. Besides doing that, switch to higher-quality dog food.
  5. Increase your dog’s activity level. More exercise and longer walks will make your pet happier, healthier, and it will reduce dog’s gas to a proper quantity.
  6. Reduce your dog’s food portions. If your dog is overweight, try to be more careful about the amounts of food they eat. Be stricter about what and how much you feed your dog to encourage weight loss.
  7. Consider adding supplements to your dog’s diet. Sometimes your furry friend needs just a little help to properly digest and absorb all nutrients from his food. To help, consider adding a fiber, probiotic, prebiotic and/or digestive enzymes supplement to your dog’s meal. Bernie’s Perfect Poop is a great option since it combines all 4 of these great digestion aids. Bernie’s Perfect Poop can help improve your dog’s digestion, prevent bloating and put an end to excessive canine flatulence. It also helps reduce stool odor, stinky breath and helps your pet stay healthy. You can easily serve Perfect Poop by sprinkling it on top of your dog’s daily meal for a gas-free environment.

Wrapping things up

Our fluffy companions can sometimes metamorphose into gaseous nebulae, embarrass us in front of our guests, and pollute the air excessively. Often the excessive gas results from our negligence. We feed the dogs inappropriate amounts or not the right type of food (human foods, spicy foods). To avoid the unpleasant phenomenon of dog farting, you should make some changes in their diet as well as their activity level. If you feed your pet healthy dog food, but the dog farting still persists, visit your veterinarian for further investigation and treatment of any possible underlying health condition. For a holistic all natural approach for resolving farts in your furry pal, here are some more benefits to using Bernie’s Perfect Poop as a topper digestive supplement with your dogs meals. Bernie’s high fiber grass bits are easy to give your dog and save you from dealing with all those messy powders that just stick to the bowl. The grass bits can be given to your pet as a tasty treat or included in one of your dog’s meals. We proudly stand behind our product and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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