What to Give My Dog for Constipation?

Nov 21, 2022

Pooping is important. It’s how the body keeps the digestive tract clean and empties wastes and toxins from food after all nutrition is absorbed. But if your dog won’t go poop, that’s a problem. You’re not alone if you’re asking, “What to give my dog for constipation,” and luckily, you’ve come to the right place!

What is it like when my dog is constipated?

Well, to be honest, not much. Canine constipation is a condition where your dog can’t (or won’t) poop. It can even be if he struggles to poop and interestingly, your dog may be constipated if his poop is hard and rock-like.

It’s true; your dog can be constipated even if he does poop because constipation in dogs has a lot to do with consistency of poop as well. If your dog’s poop is hard or rock-like as it exits, he is probably constipated. If he struggles to poop or can’t / won’t go, he’s constipated.

Why do dogs get constipated?

There could be lots of reasons your dog is constipated. A typical dog will poop as many times as he eats. Some dogs will have smaller poops throughout the day, and that’s normal too.

But, a dog who is struggling with pooping or not having a canine bowel movement means he’s probably constipated.

The biggest factors behind dog constipation are dehydration and insufficient fiber.

There are plenty of other reasons your dog is constipated, of course. He may be dealing with the effects of medicine or some sort of bowel obstruction or his anal sacs could be swollen. He may have other issues internally that are preventing him from pooping.

But overwhelmingly, the biggest reasons dogs have constipation are that they’re not getting enough water or fiber in their diets. Dogs should drink about an ounce of fluid per pound they weigh A DAY to keep well-hydrated.

How can I tell if my dog is constipated?

Most dog pawrents can tell pretty easily if their dog is constipated because they just won’t go poop. If you realize your dog has missed bowel movements, you can safely assume he’s constipated and you’re asking, “What to give my dog for constipation?”

But, if you’re seeing him struggle, even if he poops, he’s likely constipated. There’s a reason those swirly poop emojis are swirly and smiling. Pooping shouldn’t be a struggle for dogs, and the output shouldn’t be like rocks. More importantly, if your dog isn’t pooping regularly or with a healthy consistency, it’s a good sign there’s something not right in his gut. This can also be a sign that he’s not absorbing all he should from the food you’re feeding.

What to give my dog for constipation then?

Luckily, that’s just what we specialize in!

The whole meaning behind the name Bernie’s Perfect Poop was because that’s what we strive for! We created Perfect Poop to make sure our own dogs, Bernie and Lady, had the perfect poop because we know that poop tells a lot about your dog.

Poop tells about your dog’s gut health and his overall health too. A healthy dog digestive system will fuel all of his body with nutrition and help him get rid of wastes and toxins in his body. When his microbiome is healthy, he’ll be able to break food down for optimal nutrient absorption and build flourishing colonies of helpful bacteria in their guts.

That’s the key to perfect pooping, and the mentality behind Perfect Poop’s ingredients.

We combined a premium fiber that ensures he has just the right amount of water flowing through his digestive tract to keep his gut flowing like it should, and it also fuels the pre- and probiotics in his gut to help them become the dominating forces.

A balanced microbiome that is happily full of helpful bacteria (probiotics) is one that’s able to fight off blockages and harmful bacteria overgrowth that often causes constipation (and other GI issues).

We add pre- and probiotics to Perfect Poop as well as digestive enzymes to increase nutrient absorption and help strengthen overall gut health and immunity.

But the best byproduct is some pretty perfect poop, if we say so ourselves.

If you’re wondering what to give your dog for constipation, we’ve made the answer really easy and delicious.

Bernie’s Perfect Poop can help keep your best fur friend regular and make those poops slide on out with ease. And you can be proud of yourself for helping build the best dog gut on the block in the process.

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Bernie’s Notes on Constipation

Hi friends!

It’s me, Bernie!

It’s tough on us dogs when we can’t poop; we know it’s tough for you too because you love us so much.

The best news, though, is that my pawrents took care of the poop problem when they created Perfect Poop! It’s got all the fiber, pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes my gut needs to be healthy.

And it makes poop pretty dog-goned easy to scoop at the same time!

No more worrying about what to give dogs for constipation–just give them Perfect Poop!

All the best for a happy pooping,
Bernie F.
Chief Dog Officer

Illustration of Bernie sitting and smiling.

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