Keep the Good Times Rolling! What Can You Do With Your Dog in Fall?

Oct 3, 2022

Fall is really settling in, and before the winter comes and keeps us more indoors, it’s time to take advantage of all you can do with your best friend! What can you do with your dog in fall? Have tons of fun, of course!

Though we’re not sure how it’s happened so quickly, the ‘Ber (September-December) months are here and in full force. For many of our Perfect Poop family, leaves are changing and the air is definitely a bit nippier than it was just a few weeks ago.

And for many of us, that also means even colder, messier winter days are to come. It’s often hard to stay in a fitness routine during the winter just due to the weather, but the good news is that when you’re looking for what you can do with your dog in fall, there are tons of great things that can help him get fit before winter hits!

Walking: The easiest way to enjoy the season

While many dogs love a good jog or run (and experts recommend both if you’re up to it and your dog’s up to it), the easiest way to enjoy a beautiful fall day with your dog is to simply walk. When you take your dog for a walk, you both gain something. Observing nature around you, exploring new trails and paths and socializing with other people and pets you may see on your walk allows your dog to exercise his mind as well as his body. Structured yards where your dog can do his business and explore are great, but walking every day (or several times a day if you’re up to it) not only helps him keep fit (which has its own health benefits) but stimulates his mind. It allows him (and you) to get rid of some of the excess energy he may have from the day, and it likely helps you both sleep better at night.

And who doesn’t love the beautiful fall leaves?

Play! Take advantage of the beautiful weather!

Most dogs LOVE to play. They like to play fetch or chase or hide-n-go seek. They like to jump at butterflies and dig through seven layers of your front yard looking for treasure. The good news is that the fall is a wonderful time to do this with your dog.

Too often, the summer months can be beautiful and full of fun water activities, but too dog-goned hot for many pooches. Fall typically brings the perfect temps for the best play time with their pawrents, and dogs can’t get enough. Especially since not too long from now, there’s likely going to be far less outdoor play, take advantage of all the glorious fall play days you can.

Explore: It’s good for pets and their hoomans

We humans tend to be creatures of habit, and our dogs often follow suit. But, exploration of new places is good mentally for both of us. Sometimes getting out of our own little town and exploring that nature trail or dog park in another can be an opportunity to expand your dog’s horizons.

Fall typically starts the ‘holiday’ season with tons of pumpkin patches, festivals and outside opportunities, and more and more of them are becoming dog-friendly. The best part about this is that outdoor exploration in fall with dogs can help them stay fit and with healthy weights, as well as happier with healthier minds.

At Perfect Poop, that’s what we’re all about.

Bernie’s Perfect Poop: Good brain health in every season

Our dogs aren’t human, no, but they don’t get out and about like we do. They are not always privy to the mental stimulation and interaction of busy days that we are, and for many dogs, their mood can depend on what we’re doing with them. While the fall is a great time of year to do lots of mentally stimulating and healthy activities with your best buddy, Bernie’s Perfect Poop is a great way to ensure their mental health in every season.

Mental health is dependent on mental stimulation and exercise in dogs, but it’s also tightly connected to good dog gut health too. The brain relies on many neurotransmitters for better mental health (dopamine, serotonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid) are also made in the gut, often called a second brain.If your dog is absorbing the nutrients in his food efficiently, he’s better able to produce those ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitters, and Perfect Poop can make this magic happen.

With quality fiber, the good bacteria in his gut (probiotics) are fed well, and nutrient absorption is at a maximum. Adding additional prebiotics (Inulin and xylooligosaccharides) and probiotics to his gut helps him have a flourishing colony of beneficial bacteria, and that helps his brain and mental health be better too. Even better, that fiber and pre- and probiotics can help keep gastrointestinal issues like leaky gut, diarrhea and irritable bowel symptoms away too.

The truth is that Bernie’s Perfect Poop was designed to help create the perfect poop, of course…but at a deeper level, to ensure overall health in your dog. Adding Perfect Poop to each meal helps your dog have the best dog gut health he can, and that’s a goal every day of the year.

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