Why is Homeopathic Care for Dogs Important?

Jul 19, 2019

Does your little love bug freak out every time you take them to the veterinarian? Chances are you can cure many of your dog’s ailments at home with homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is a holistic approach to healing that involves natural substances to stimulate the natural healing process.

How homeopathic care can improve your dog’s health

Homeopathic care uses natural minerals, plants, vitamins, and oils to stimulate the body to heal itself by boosting the immune system. The all-natural homeopathic remedies are created to suit the needs of dogs and have been proven to be an effective form of medicine when used correctly.

4 Benefits of Homeopathy for Dogs

  1. Fewer side effects compared to standard conventional medicines
  2. Naturally treats a variety of health conditions and ailments
  3. Works with the body’s natural immune system to encourage overall good health
  4. Highly effective for treating and preventing conditions without prescription drugs that can be costly

Here are some excellent tips to help your dog’s breath smell better:

  • Borax – This remedy is excellent for soothing and calming dogs that suffer from anxiety. It is especially helpful for dogs that fear loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms.
  • Arnica – Dogs that suffer from general pain from arthritis and injuries will benefit from this homeopathic remedy. It’s best known and used to successfully treat musculoskeletal injuries and reduce general pain.
  • Silica – This homeopathy remedy is used to treat abscesses, sinusitis and is also highly effective for removing foreign bodies from the skin such as splinters and thorns.

Taking Control of Your Dog’s Health with Homeopathy Remedies

You can take control of your dog’s health with homeopathy remedies. It’s easy to administer and comes in a variety of different forms such as powder, tablets, pellets, and liquid. A holistic veterinarian can provide you with the exact dosage needed for your dog’s current weight and health status.

Helpful all-natural support supplements for overall good health

You can improve your dog’s overall health with homeopathy remedies and an all-natural supplement such as Bernie’s Perfect Poop. Your dog’s digestive system is a key part of your dog’s body that helps them maintain overall good health.

Bernie’s all-natural supplement features high-quality ingredients such as Miscanthus grass, flax-seed, and pumpkin. We also included probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes to enhance your dogs gut microbiome for the long haul. This powerful combination of ingredients works together to supercharge your dog’s digestion and boost the immune system! You can depend on Bernie’s Perfect Poop to strengthen the immune system overall, improve their digestion absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in their food, and maintain overall good health with energy!

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Bernie’s Thoughts on Homeopathy

Hey guys! Bernie here to confess that I don’t like going to the veterinarian! I feel scared of those cold metal tables and I don’t always know what’s going to happen to me while I’m at the office. It’s a super scary situation that I would rather run away from!

The great news is, my pawrents noticed I was scared and realized that if I was in better health they wouldn’t need to take me to the vet-doc as often. So, they created this awesome yummy cheddar cheese treat for me to help my immune and digestive system stay in tip-top shape! This tasty grass bit is filled with natural ingredients that make me feel energized, keeps my poops normal and makes me feel energetic and flirtatious!

You can feel great too when you try Bernie’s Perfect Poop supplements!

“Poop Smarter, Not Harder” furry friends!

“Poop Smarter, Not Harder” furry friends.

In good health,
Bernie F.

Illustration of Bernie sitting and smiling.

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