Is the green tea in Marvelous Mobility decaffeinated?

The green tea in Bernie’s Marvelous Mobility has less than 0.4% caffeine by weight in accordance with the FDA’s standard for decaffeinated green tea. This is achieved using a nontoxic process called supercritical fluid extraction which uses CO2 to safely remove 98-99% of the caffeine found in natural green tea leaves.

According to the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists, caffeine can be toxic to dogs when ingested in sufficient amounts. For example, a dog weighing one to ten pounds would need to consume more than 3 oz of caffeinated tea (which contains 9 mg of caffeine).

By comparison, one jar of Marvelous Mobility chews contains 10 mg of decaffeinated Green Tea Extract. This means at most, each jar contains 0.04 mg of caffeine.

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