Why is Pumpkin Good for My Dog?

Nov 14, 2022

It’s the time of year where pumpkin pie abounds and you may wonder if pumpkin is good for dogs. Pumpkin IS a superfood for dogs, but it may not be the best thing to give your dog this Thanksgiving!

Is pumpkin good for my dog?

Yes! Pumpkin is a superfood for dogs. Not only does it have lots of micronutrients and soluble fiber that help your dog’s digestive system and overall health, but it’s also pretty tasty to doggos too.

It’s known to be a natural way to soothe a dog’s stomach, too, and that’s one of the reasons veterinarians will often suggest it when your dog is suffering from diarrhea. It helps to remove excess water in your dog’s digestive system, and that helps firm up his poop consistency.

What else can pumpkin do for dogs?

Because pumpkin also has prebiotic properties, it’s great food for the beneficial bacteria in your dog’s digestive stystm. This means that your dog’s microbiome may flourish better, and it can help ward off overgrowth of bad bacteria.

Pumpkin being rich in Vitamin A helps your dog’s brain and eye development and being rich in beta carotene, potassium and Vitamin E means your dog has access to super important antioxidants that keep free radicals at bay. This may be beneficial in the prevention of abnormal cell growths and cancers for dogs. It also keeps your dog’s heart health in shape because his organs will work more functionally overall and tax his cardio system less.

Pumpkin is full of iron that helps your dog’s hemoglobins stay as they should and carotenoids that help his skin health and eye function.

And in addition to the soluble fiber regulating diarrhea and constipation, it can also help with weight control because it’s low in calories but helps your dog feel fuller longer.

So can my dog have pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving?

In a word? NO!

There’s a big difference between fresh pumpkin and canned pumpkin that’s typically used in making pumpkin pie. Canned pumpkin may have more nutrients than fresh because fresh has a higher water content BUT it also often has spices like nutmeg, additives, fillers and cinnamon. Cinnamon can bring on bouts of vomiting or diarrhea and can even cause low blood sugar and liver issues in dogs.

Pumpkin pies often have nutmeg (so do other Thanksgiving faves like Apple and Sweet Potato) and that has a toxin called myristicin. This can cause seizures, high blood pressure or disorientation in dogs. Sometimes pumpkin pie filling also has xylitol, which can be deadly for dogs.

It’s just a good idea to keep pumpkin pie away from dogs.

Is pumpkin good for dogs every day?

As we’ve said, pumpkin is great for dogs, and even every day. But, delivery matters. Too much can give them gastric distress as their digestive systems adjust to the extra fiber. Added sugars aren’t great for them either, and canned can get costly and hard to be consistent with.

That’s why Perfect Poop is a fantastic way for your dog to get the health benefits from pumpkin with each meal. We’ve formulated both recipes of Perfect Poop to offer the superpower of pumpkin in a nutritious and delicious way that brings health benefits in every bite.

And, when combined with other premium fiber like Miscanthus grass and flaxseed, as well as digestive enzymes and pre- and probiotics, your dog reaps the benefits of good gut health. Good gut health goes hand-in-hand with good overall health, and there’s no easier way to get that for your dog than a few scoops of Perfect Poop a day.

So keep the pumpkin pie for yourself, but make sure your furry best friend has Perfect Poop this holiday season and all year too!

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