What Does Healthy Dog Poop Look and Smell Like?

Feb 1, 2020

Taking control of your dog’s smelly poop

As a pet parent, you have probably almost thrown up from the horrific smell of your dog’s poop in your yard or home. While you are grossing out at the smell or the mushy sight of the poop, keep in mind that it’s a sign your dog needs to improve their digestive health. You can make a difference with a supplement that supports digestive health.

Helpful digestive support supplements for dog’s with smelly poop

You can put a stop to your dog’s smelly poop with a high fiber formula supplement such as Bernie’s Perfect Poop. It’s an all natural supplement and contains beneficial dietary fibers such as flaxseed, pumpkin, and Miscanthus grass which supercharges your dog’s digestive system. This natural supplement will make a huge difference and finally stop your dog’s stinky poop forever!

Harsh smelling dog poop is often a symptom of a low fiber diet but you can depend on Bernie’s Perfect Poop to get the job done and stop your dog’s poop from smelling so rancid!

Being a pet parent isn’t always easy, especially when you add the task of smelling and looking at your little poop monsters feces! Sometimes that smell can really make turn your stomach into knots. All poop smells but when it’s super bad it’s a sign your dog’s digestive tract needs help.

What should dog poop look or smell like?

Your dog’s poop should have a solid consistency that is easy to pick up without leaving residue behind. The smell should be tolerable while at the same time not enjoyable. Any poop that contains blood or mucus and has a foul odor should be inspected more closely.

Common reasons your dog’s poop stinks bad

  • Food allergies
  • Poor diet
  • Unwanted Gut Bacteria Strains
  • Lack of fiber in the diet
  • Food Allergies
  • Worms
  • Colitis
  • Viral Infection
  • Pancreatitis
  • Parasites
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Incomplete Digestion

Here are three excellent ideas to help your dog’s poop smell better:

  1. Visit the veterinarian – It’s best to get a professional opinion to help rule out any underlying illness or disease that could be causing the stinky poop.
  2. Fix your dog’s diet – Your dog’s overall well being depends on the nutrition they receive from the diet you feed them regularly. Avoid feeding your dog unhealthy human food, treats with unhealthy ingredients and anything that contains grain or gluten.
  3. Add fiber to their diet – Fiber is a vital part of your dog’s diet and when they don’t get enough they can experience anything from constipation to clogged anal glands that you will need to express. So always make sure your dog is getting enough fiber in their diet to meet their nutritional needs. An excellent way to ensure your dog has fiber is to implement supplements into their regular regimen.
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Bernie’s Thoughts About Stinky Poop

Hey guys! Bernie here to let you know I had the smelliest and mushiest poop in my neighborhood. It was so bad I think my neighbors could smell it from far away! My pawrents weren’t too happy about cleaning up after me either.

My pawrents got so sick smelling my poop they decided to help me get better so I never poop like that ever again! One day I was chowing down on my usually delicious dinner meal and POW! I got a blast of cheddar cheese flavor that was AMAZING! I noticed after ate that yummy surprise for a few days I started feeling better and my poop wasn’t so stinky anymore! I was so proud to have better-smelling poop! Even my pawrents were happy about not having to inhale nasty poop smells anymore! But, secretly I think they love me no matter how stinky my poop smells. That little cheddar cheese grass bit changed my life and it’s all because of my pawrents!

Your poop can smell and look better too when you try Bernie’s Perfect Poop!

Poop smarter, not harder furry friends!

Until next time,
Bernie F.

Illustration of Bernie sitting and smiling.

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