How to Get Rid of the Dog Poop Smell in the Yard

Nov 29, 2021

Sheeeeewwwweeee!! It’s the smell that makes your eyes water and your toes curl. But it doesn’t have to burn your nostril hairs! If your dog’s poop makes you want to want to gag from the smell, here’s help! We’ve got some great ways to help dog owners clear out dog poop smell in the yard.

It’s one of the perks of letting your doggy outside in the yard–they go poop! But, dog poop smells, right? And if pet waste adds up, it makes the yard smell even more. But no worries; if you want to help remove dog poop odor in the yard, there are several things you can do.

Scoop that dog poop!

Sounds kind of basic, but it’s true. If you want to get rid of the dog poop smell in your yard, pick up the dog poop when your doggy goes and keep your yard clean! Pet owners should know that when you leave dog poop, the yard smells even worse. Especially if the weather is warm. It’s a myth that dog poop will fertilize soil (some people believe dog poop works like a cow manure when it comes to fertilizing your yard). In fact, leaving dog poop on the ground can even infect the soil and get others (humans and dogs and other animals alike) sick. Feces are full of bacteria and viruses that can permeate and create a problem if left there, so just scoop them asap. Whether you wear gloves during the cleaning process, turn the bag inside out or use a pooper scooper, getting it off the ground as soon as you can will always help eliminate dog waste odors in the yard.

Where, oh where can that pile of feces go?

(PS, that’s best read while you have the tune of “Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?”)

Once you’ve picked up the poop, there are a couple of different things you can do to get rid of dog poop smell in the yard. Some prefer to pick up poo in a plastic bag and then throw the bag in the trash. The thing is, the dog poop smell leaves the yard but makes your trash can smell like nightmare. Again, this is especially true in a hot climate. Plus, if you keep your trash can in a designated area near your house, you’ll still likely feel the odor. If your trash is picked up pretty consistently with few days in between pickups, it may be okay. Otherwise, if you want to keep dog poop smells out of the yard, you’ll want to do something different.

One way to instantly dispose of dog feces and get rid of the dog poop smell in the yard is to flush it down the toilet. Yep, you read that right. You can use toilet paper (or flushable dog poop bags) to pick it up and then put it right down the throne you use. Pet odor instantly is gone!

If taking it through your house to get it to your commode is not a super appealing option, there’s always having an outdoor disposal system. Many pet parents have in-ground waste disposal systems that act similarly to a septic tank. It breaks feces down in the soil. The Doggie Dooley is a great and environmentally safe way to get rid of dog poop and dog poop smell in the yard.

To keep your backyard smelling good, you can also use a deodorizing spray for outdoor use. Garden lime spray can be used to help dissolve dog poop and eliminate bad smells. It can be placed on the affected area in the yard and it only takes a few days for this to happen.

Train your dog where you want him to go

Another option for helping to get rid of bad smell in the yard is teaching your doggy to poop in a certain place in the yard each time. Of course, this depends on how large your yard is as a smaller yard still may have the dog poop smell waft here and there. But, if your yard is moderately or larger sized, with some purposed training, you can keep your yard cleaner and smelling fresh with some strategic “toilet” positioning.

What makes my dog’s poop smell so bad in the first place?

Sure, dog poop stinks. It’s waste product, after all.

But it shouldn’t make your skin crawl and your eyes run every time your pet drops a load. What makes dog poop smell? Several things, actually.

When your pup’s diet is changed suddenly, his gut may have a hard time digesting the new food.

Or, if he eats something inappropriate for him, he can also suffer from digestive distress. He may end up with diarrhea, vomiting, constipation or general stomach pain.

He could also be struggling with parasites, virus or bacteria, and they’re taking a toll in his stool. Many gastrointestinal disorders end up making your dog’s stool reek.

Get rid of dog poop smell: Good dog gut health is the key

If your pet suffers from smelly dog poop, he doesn’t have to.  If it really stinks or smells so strongly that your whole yard turns into an odiferous danger zone, it’s time to look at his gut health.

To ensure your pet’s health, look at his diet. Even if you’re feeding him high-quality food, if he’s not digesting it well, he’s prone to having really stinky stool. Dogs need high quality fiber to keep their digestive tract clean and the food that goes through it moving at the right speed. Your doggy needs a good combination of soluble and insoluble fiber to help prevent constipation and diarrhea–two conditions that can make the end result super stinky.

He also needs a healthy gut flora. When your pet’s microbiome is full of thriving bacteria, you can help him eliminate many of the gastrointestinal issues that cause his stool to reek. Probiotics are good bacteria in your pet’s gut. When there are enough good bacteria in your dog’s gut to keep bad bacteria at bay, his gas and stool won’t be as smelly. It’s often bad bacteria overgrowth that produces excessive reek and stink.

The best way to get rid of dog poop smell is to help your pup’s gut be as healthy as it can be. Supplementing his diet with Bernie’s Perfect Poop is the easiest (and most delicious) way to do this.

Perfect Poop has premium dietary fibers like Miscanthus grass, pumpkin, and flax-seed. The combination of these  ingredients supercharges your dog’s digestion leading to easier digestion. Perfect Poop also has pre- and probiotics that feed and grow the helpful bacteria in your dog’s gut and this helps their digestion. Better digestion helps with that foul-smelling stool, and that helps get rid of the dog poop smell in your yard!

Super stinky poop isn’t good anywhere, but it’s a sign there’s something isn’t quite right with your dog’s health. Adding Bernie’s Perfect Poop can help you kiss that poopy smell goodbye!

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