How Can Bernie’s Perfect Poop Help Stop Dog Diarrhea?

by | Sep 26, 2022

Oh, no! It’s colon blow and your poor pup is as miserable as that mess looks. It’s never a good time when you’re dealing with dog diarrhea. Good news! Bernie’s Perfect Poop may not just stop dog diarrhea, but help improve his overall gut health and keep the diarrhea at bay for good!

It’s almost a given–dogs get the Hershey Squirts from time to time. For some dogs, it seems like a lot of the time.

When your dog has diarrhea, that is a sign that his gut is not happy. Whether it’s something he ate or a virus or parasite or just nervousness from those holiday fireworks, no one likes dog diarrhea–least of all your dog. So how can Bernie’s Perfect Poop help dog diarrhea? We’re glad you asked!

Why does my dog have diarrhea?

There are tons of reasons your dog has diarrhea. These can include a food intolerance, getting into the trash, food allergies, parasites like Giardia, antibiotics, Leaky Gut, excessive anxiety and more. Our dog’s gut health is key to so much, so when it’s out of whack, his rump may let us know.

Why is diarrhea in dogs so dangerous?

Honestly? It’s really not uncommon for dogs to have a bout of diarrhea here or there (unless they’re on Perfect Poop regularly!). Most of the time, the diarrhea will resolve itself and your dog typically acts fine otherwise. Your vet will likely recommend a bland diet for a couple of days and he’ll get back to his normal self.

But if dog diarrhea won’t stop, it can be very dangerous because he can become dehydrated. Dogs with tummies that feel icky don’t typically drink lots of fluids and that’s hard on his liver, heart and kidneys. Dogs need water even more than humans do, so you want to make sure that he stays well-hydrated to replace the fluids he loses in watery stools.

How can Bernie’s Perfect Poop help diarrhea in dogs?

Perfect Poop is called Perfect Poop for a reason! It’s a combination of premium ingredients that allow your dog to have maximum gut health and poop the perfect consistency for pooping and scooping.

Fiber is one of the best ways to help battle dog diarrhea because it can bulk his stool up as it moves through the digestive tract. The Miscanthus grass in Perfect Poop is a mostly insoluble fiber that will bulk his poop up and give it a firmer shape. Additionally, Perfect Poop has pumpkin and flaxseed (soluble and insoluble fibers) that help bulk the poop but also help slow down digestion so your dog can absorb all the vitamins and nutrients he should. Perfect Poop’s fiber also lowers the pH level in your dog’s gut so it’s a great starter for beneficial bacteria (probiotics) to grow and help your dog’s gut health.

And then there are the prebiotics and probiotics in Perfect Poop–think of them as key supplements for your dog’s gut to be its best. The probiotics we use are hardy, spore-forming strands that can stand up to your dog’s harsh stomach environment, which means they make it to the gut where they can settle in and grow. But also as important to those beneficial bacteria being there and warding off gut reactions that make your dog’s poop less than perfect. We know that having good probiotics means they need food–and that’s what the prebiotics in Perfect Poop do! We use inulin and XOS (xylooligosaccharides) as our key prebiotics and they keep the good bacteria growing and flourishing. Dog guts that have thriving microbiomes don’t have colitis, leaky gut or diarrhea.

In essence, the healthier his gut, the better your dog’s digestion will be and the better able he’ll be to create the perfect poop.

How may Bernie’s Perfect Poop help keep diarrhea in dogs away?

Bernie’s Perfect Poop is the stuff dream dog guts and butts are made of. The quality fibers, pre- and probiotics in Perfect Poop help keep your dog’s gut a flourishing microbiome of health and vitality. The easiest way to prevent diarrhea in dogs is to ensure your dog’s gut is as healthy as it can be, and you can do that by giving Perfect Poop with each meal. When you do, you can be sure he’s getting the best ingredients to help him absorb all the nutrition he should, but you’re also working on ensuring his poop is the perfect consistency.

And since our guess is you’re the one picking it up, you and your dog will BOTH be happy to have no more doggy diarrhea!

Bernie’s Notes on Diarrhea

Hi Folks!

It’s me, Bernie!

We’re friends, right?
So let’s just admit it. Doggy diarrhea is literal crap and we hate it.

That’s why I’m so glad my pawrents give me Perfect Poop every day. All the good ingredients mean that my butt doesn’t run like a faucet and that happy wag in my tail? It stays nice and dry (and not smelly)!

That’s what all dogs deserve, and you can make happen with Perfect Poop!

Wishing your dog the dryest butt ever,Bernie F.
Chief Dog Officer

Illustration of Bernie sitting and smiling.

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