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Help! My Dog is Throwing up Clear Liquid

Nov 7, 2022

Dog throw-up isn’t the most fun, but it’s even weirder when your dog is throwing up clear liquid and you don’t know why. Here are some reasons that your dog is throwing up clear liquid and how you can help!

Why does my dog throw up?

When we think of reasons a dog is throwing up, the obvious first start is that there’s something not quite right about his tummy.

Chances are, that’s exactly what’s going on, and if your dog is throwing up clear liquid, it’s likely because he may have an empty stomach, or is just regurgitating some water he may have drunk too quickly.But, there may be other reasons your dog is throwing up, or throwing up clear liquid in general that you’ll want to check out.

A seemingly obvious reason your dog is throwing up clear liquid

If your dog is throwing up clear liquid, it could be as simple as him not having anything to eat in the last 6-12 hours. Dogs will sometimes throw clear liquid up if they have an empty, rumbling tummy. You may even see a twinge of yellow (bile) or some foam. This could be a sign for your vet that he’s not eaten because he’s nauseated, but it also could just be a situational condition.

If there’s foam, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s cause for major alarm. Foam in dog vomit is just their vomit coming in contact with the air, and could come from them retching a bit to get it up.

Think of it sort of like a soda being shaken right before you open it–that’s similar to what is happening when your dog is retching, but again, the presence alone doesn’t have to cause concern as long as that’s that.

Just as easy and obvious a possible answer for your dog’s clear liquid throw-up is that it’s really just regurgitated water–maybe he drank it too quickly.

What  else causes a dog to throw up clear liquid?

Most often, your dog’s vomiting because there is something going on in his digestive system. That’s easy. But the most common cause of digestive disruption is dietary indiscretion in dogs. When your dog eats anything that upsets his tummy–be it a toy soldier he found in the playroom or some fatty dinner scraps–his gut microbiome may be thrown out of whack and he can not only vomit clear liquid but also have diarrhea or constipation.

Additionally, there is such a thing as acid reflux in dogs. Just like when you have a bit of heartburn, your dog may too.

That feeling of ‘swallowing a bit of throw up in your mouth’ is basically the clear liquid (with a bit of yellow) that your dog is throwing up, and it’s for the same reason–irritation in his stomach or esophagus that leads to nausea and/or vomit, even if just a bit.

Your dog could also be suffering from bacterial infection or even blockage that’s causing his stomach to be empty, and this could lead to him being nauseated to the point of throwing up clear liquid.

When should you talk to your vet about clear throw up?

Essentially, anything that affects his gut–infection, GI conditions, new food, etc.– can affect how he’s feeling and whether or not he throws up clear liquid. That’s why it’s sometimes hard to decide if there’s a serious issue and he needs to see the vet, or if he’s just gotten into something at the dog park and his body needs to deal with it. We always recommend checking with your vet if vomiting continues and or there’s any chance of blockage or infection, say from another dog at the dog park or even getting into bad food in the trash can.

Dogs can dehydrate very quickly, so it’s a good idea to watch your dog closely in the hours after he throws up clear liquid and take notes in case you need to share with the vet.

Prevention is key!

As we’ve said, most times, your dog throwing up clear liquid is a sign of something going on in his belly. His digestive system is hardy, but also persnickety if the right gut flora balance doesn’t exist, and that’s where Bernie’s Perfect Poop can make a big difference! When your dog’s gut health is such that he’s able to fend off attacks from virus or infection or indiscretions he may come across, he’s less likely to have a nauseated stomach (which can lead to not eating and leaving him with an empty tummy).

Perfect Poop is the easiest way to help keep your dog’s gut healthy–fortifying with premium fiber, pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes that will allow for maximum nutrient absorption and the most flourishing dog microbiome. And, a healthy gut means he’ll be nauseated less, and eat more heartily–which can help stop him from throwing up clear liquid in the first place!

Bernie’s Notes on Throwing up Clear Liquid

Hi friends!

It’s me, Bernie!

Most of us dogs are chow-hounds, and that’s no secret!

So when we don’t eat, it’s probably because something is making our tummies feel icky. That’s when we are more likely to throw up clear liquid, but Perfect Poop can help by making sure our gut fights off the ick!

The best part is that it’s a delicious way to keep our gut healthy, and the easiest way to make sure we’re not throwing up clear liquid (or anything else, for that matter).

After all, better diets mean better lives, right?!

All the best for a happy tummy,
Bernie F.
Chief Dog Officer

Illustration of Bernie sitting and smiling.

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